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Congratulations, you are now reading Genya's Profile version 2.0. Feel privileged.

Or not, but I really wish you would.

I am currently an unemployed college student, living off of ramen and peanut butter (not all at once, mind you). My day is usually occupied by online roleplay, writing various fanfictions, annoying people I like, mocking people I despise and drawing stuff at random. If I get lucky, I may enjoy some videogame entertainment along the lines of Soul Calibur, CastleVania or Shin Megami Tensei. If I am extremely lucky, my friends pile into my car and we hit an arcade to flail our arms madly to upbeat technoish songs. When the masses get lucky, I post something funny on my blog or finally get around to uploading a new piece of fanfiction, possibly a pretty picture or two.

And now, for the obligatory list of Things I Like.

Gaming: CastleVania (series), Soul Calibur (series), Final Fantasy (series), NFS: Underground Rivals, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
Reading: C.S. Lewis (mostly Narnia), Hideyuki Kikiuchi (that dude behind Vampire Hunter D), Anne McCaffrey, D&D tomes, Stephen King (mainly Dark Tower series)
Tunes: Rock, techno, classical
Films: Vampire Hunter D, VHD: Bloodlust, Van Helsing, V for Vendetta, Blazing Saddles, Dogma, The Last Unicorn, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Princess Bride, pretty much anything with Johnny Depp
Television: Boston Legal, Cops, almost anything on adult swim, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Family Guy, American Dad
Anime: Hellsing, ExcelSaga, Gundam Wing, Ghost in the Shell (of all sorts), anything by Miyazaki, light 'n' fluffy yaoi
Manga: Hellsing, ExcelSaga, Demon Diary, Deathnote, Get Backers, light 'n' fluffy yaoi
Critters: Ladybugs, butterflies, kitty cats, fishies, bats
Commestibles: Pizza, Chinese, spaghetti, cheese, strawberry banana yogurt, Goldfish, turkey 'n' cheese sammiches, broccoli, fish
Fluids: Cola-type beverages, Mountain Dew (anything but Code Red), iced tea, green tea, apple juice
Colors: Blue, black, silver, dark purples or reds
Pants: Man pants, especially of the jean variety

And now, for the obligatory list of Things I Think Suck.

Gaming: The CastleVania Adventure, Vampire Hunter D (sorry D, you suck as polygons), puzzle games
Reading: Anne Rice, most anything assigned during lit courses
Tunes: Rap, virtually all country, standards (except for Sinatra), polka
Films: Fight Club, Matrix: Reloaded, that Fantastic Four flick that came out a while ago
Television: SpongeBob (the sponge of satan), The War at Home, The Boondocks
Anime: Anything involving Dragonballs, 4Kids dubs (original is fine, dub is bad)
Manga: I have yet to read one I didn't like
Critters: Spiders
Commestibles: Mexican food (me no likey burrito), anything with an overabundance of peppers and/or garlic, barbeque
Fluids: Flavored colas, cherry flavored beverages, Dr. Pepper (and the various off-brands thereof), pear-flavored white tea, cranberry juice
Colors: Anything bright 'n' cheery, brown
Pants: Tight pants, buttless chaps

And here's some news.

I suck and forgot I was writing fanfiction. I think I'm gonna get back in on it and finish up the Soul Calibur one, then maybe release a more serious (seriously) CastleVania piece. Don't laugh too hard at it, it's a shy boy and might go dashing back into his closet if you do.

By the way, I have an official artist to do work for this fic. Since she so kindly plugged my work on her site, I shall thusly deliver a delightfully shameless plug (shameless because I have nothing to be ashamed about, she's amazing). Go on and check her work out at:

REMEMBER: I haven't drawn anything for this fic. Every piece of art has been done by Reifnir. I had someone credit me for the art, and I just want everyone to know that I can't draw like she can to save my life.

If you wish to recieve pointless updates regarding my pointless stuff, send me an e-mail ( and I'll get back to ya on it.

Or you can just talk to me. I'm so very, very lonely.

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