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A tawny young griffin the size of a golden retriever trots into a room where a computer and an office chair sit in a corner. He jumps into the chair, spins around a few times, then stares at the computer a moment before placing a foot on the mouse and logging onto He opens up the Settings page, looks it over, then shrugs, takes his foot off the mouse, extends a talon, and begins typing with it.

Name: Iorek

Gender: Male

Occupation: Muse

Personality: Courageous, clever, strong, swift, gorgeous, and modest. (The last one was a joke) Too serious and over-protective at times. Doesn’t care much for people.

Hobbies: flying, stalking, lying in sunlight, riding in car, and watching things

Favorite Show: I show no interest in that brain-washing box and have more valuable ways to spend my time.

Favorite Books: His Dark Materials (the source of my name), INKHEART, Hexwood, Crack in the Line.

Favorite Music: Spirit soundtrack, Electra soundtrack

Pet Peeve: anything disturbing my flight or nap

Iorek nods, satisfied. Then he cocks his head, feeling that there is something missing. He remembers it would be a good idea to include the author and continues typing.

Name: Griffin kid

Gender: Female

Occupation: Author

Personality: Tolerant, quiet, smart, stubborn, and awkward. Loves to read. So shy it’s not even funny. Doesn’t like talking because she’s not go at it. Brain thinks faster than her mouth, but when she’s in a bad mood it’s the other way around.

Hobbies: reading, walking, riding in car, and net-surfing

Favorite Shows: Xiaolin Showdown, Will and Grace, and Whose Line is it Anyway?

Favorite Books: INKHEART, The Night I Disappeared, Inside Out, A Northern Light, Tomorrow Maybe, The Boy From the Basment, Can't Get There From Here, Mondays Are Red, On the Fringe, What Happened To Lani Garver, Luna, The Lovely Bones, Define 'Normal', Cut- Who am I kidding, there’s way too many to list!

Favorite Music: Fallen, All That We Let In

Pet Peeve: clothes shopping, anything disturbing her from a good book

Iorek nods again and puts the profile up. Then he wonders if he should have asked Griffin kid if she wanted to add or subtract anything from it before he submitted it. Her voice calls to him. ‘Iorek! Are you ready to go yet?’ Iorek shrugs, deciding he will tell her later, then flies out of his chair and out the door.

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