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Hm. I hate this part. I tend to leave it blank. What to say? Well my name is Sue. I live in the middle USA with my husband and sons. I' a writer by trade (though none have been published) and tend to write more romance stories than anything else. I hate writing action, even though I force myself, which is why you won't necessarily find my work listed as 'action'...

I've been told that my writing is decent. I don't really believe the hype. I can't see that much about my writing that is 'different' or special, but I do try. For those of you who read my work, then you have my heartfelt gratitude, whether you leave a review or not.

As a general note, I do read my reviews. I do think about what people have to say about my writing. That doesn't mean I'll take someone's advice. That also doesn't mean that I'll deviate from my preset plot. It does mean that I care about the people who read my work and who take the time to let me know they're reading. I don't get paid for writing fanfictions. I don't want to be. They are and always have been completely a labor of love for me. Reviews, to me, are more worthwhile than money. Every review means something to me. Many reviewers have given me strength and renewed my determination to continue when I'd rather just yank every written word off the internet. It might surprise some that I do keep emails, too. I wouldn't have it any other way.

On a side note, I know many readers are wondering why they can't find the fic I mentioned at the end of Metamorphosis. I did upload the first chapter. I was also immediately FLAMED for writing another bleeping InuYasha/Kagome fic. I was flamed for writing a CANON pairing. In all the nonsense, something always gets lost. In this, it has been the desire to post stories. I cannot tell how many times I've come so close to yanking every bit of fanfiction I've ever posted because, damn it, it isn't enjoyable for me anymore. I've been threatened, harassed, stalked, dealt crap left and right over things that aren't even RELATED to my stories. When it gets to the point that my CHILDREN were threatened, that's when I drew the line. That is why Torrent and a few other stories were pulled off this site. I thought the bullcrap would end when I pulled my fictions off Adultfanfiction and Anime Spiral, but really it hasn't. At this time, I'm leaning toward leaving fanfiction completely when the Purity stories are done. I won't stop writing. I love writing. But when it gets to the point of shedding tears before I upload a chapter, anticipating what ration of crap I'll get this time? When I cannot walk in and buy anime at the normal store because the last time I did that, I actually got 'recognized' and harrassed? Get a grip. This is only fanfiction, and I'm only human, and honestly, I've about had enough.

I hesitate to do this BUT ... This is a link to the BETA email account which means that I see nothing that is emailed there. Feel free to try it, if you must.

Feel free to join us on the message boards!

Sueric's Fanfictions Message Board

LEMONS ARE LISTED ON MEDIA MINER FICS. HERE'S THE LINK FOR MY FICS. NOTE: You have to either be logged in or adjust the search function to include X rated fics or you will not see them by default. If you have trouble staying logged into Media Miner, try logging in, then hold down the CTRL button and hit REFRESH. This works to reload the page while ignoring the cached memory of your internet browser. This trick works well to view new reviews, to show you as being logged in to review, and to show new chapters that aren't showing up, too.

Media Miner Author Page

My new website set up to archive fictions as well as fanarts. Now available, all completed Purities in PDF format for free download:

Sueric's Fanfictions

You can find my original stories for purchase here . . . .

Sueric's Originals

The fics:

Stories available in PDF format are linked directly to my website.

-The Guardian Only available on my website in PDF format. Complete

Purity Complete

-Enervate: Complete. Oneshot. Story of the prince and the woman in the moon. Posted under pseudonym.

-Purity Oneshot: The Most Formidable Foe Complete

-Out of Time Complete

-Torrent Complete

Chronicles Complete

-Chronicles One Shots, including InuYasha's Birthday and A Chronicles Christmas Complete

Metamorphosis Complete

-Purity One Shots Current Project Continuation/Sequel

Purity 2: Defiance Complete 3/9/05

Purity 3: Forever Complete 5/29/05

-Purity 4: Justification Completed; can be found in its entirety on Media Miner.

-Purity: Revolution Completed; One-shot can be read on Media Miner or downloaded from my website in PDF format. Purity 4 Prequel

-Purity Onehot: A Very Purity Christmas Complete

-Purity Oneshot: Guerilla Warfare Complete

-Purity 5: Phantasm Complete 4/21/2006. Can be read in its entirety on Media Miner. PDF available on website.

-Purity 6: Shameless Complete 7/14/2006. Can be read in its entirety on Media Miner. PDF available on website.

-A Purity Short: The Fairy Tale Complete 8/26/2006. Can be read in its entirety on Media Miner. PDF available on website.

-Purity 7: Avouchment Complete 4/27/2008. Can be read in its entirety on Media Miner. PDF available on website.

-Purity 8: Vendetta Complete 9/1/2008. Can be read in its entirety on Media Miner. PDF available on website.

-Purity 9: Subterfuge Current project.

-Purity Oneshot: Potentate Complete. Can be read in its entirety on Media Miner.

-Desideratum Current Project

The Quest for the Second Bath Complete

-Mortality Complete; Can be read in it's entirety on Media Miner or my website.

-Denotes fics only hosted on Media Miner in whole or in part. Completed fics available in PDF format from my website are linked to the pages where the PDFs are housed. Incomplete fictions or fictions not yet PDF'ed are linked to Media Miner where the lemon chapters are housed.

Note: As Purity was started well before the manga scroll Wind, I have decided to leave the fic as is. Quite frankly, I was shocked and stunned at that scroll, and this is my way of honoring a character that really should have lived on.

Enervate is the story of the woman in the moon and the man who spent his life searching for her. Posted only on Media Miner; winner of the 2005 Summer Stars minific contest. Posted under a pseudonym.

Purity Oneshot: The Most Formidable Foe ... InuYasha faces down his toughest adversary yet ... a ... bicycle ...? Fits into the Purity timeline between Purity and Purity 2: Defiance. It is completed.

Next up is Out of Time, a love story/action story that focuses on InuYasha-Kagome and Miroku-Sango. Completed . . . Side note: The epilogue was started WELL in advance to any actual reviews being posted. That said, it wasn't 'fanservice' that prompted it. It was because, IMO, OoT was far too light hearted to suffer the end it had before the epilogue.

Torrent is basically, the anti-Purity, the other end of the spectrum, of what could come of the feelings that Kagome has from time to time, that she is nothing more than a shadow of Kikyou. This one is completed.

One Shot Toga Fics (Purity): I've had an astounding number of requests for a Toga-based fic, and in order to do this, I'm enlisting some fellow writers to pen out one shots of Toga being Toga to serve as the basis for the character later on. While the basic premise of the story is formed in my head, I need the help of other talented writers to flesh this boy out. So if anyone has any ideas for a one shot based on the cutie, let me know!

Spring Rain is a oneshot based on my concept for Miroku and Sango's first real kiss . . . Completed

Now Chronicles, and it is (surprise, surprise) another take on InuYasha and Kagome . . . Also known as BERTHA it's HUGE! Won Best Comedy/Best Romance/Best of the Best (Top Honors) on Media Miner in the annual Big Ass Fanfiction Contest 2004. LoL!

Metamorphosis, and it is yet ANOTHER InuYasha and Kagome fic . . . eventually I may tire of this pairing...Just completed, if anyone REALLY wants to know ... IF I had written the baby's sex at the end of the epilogue, they had triplets ... two daughters and a son ...

Purity 2: Defiance is Toga's story . . . All grown up and ready to go! Let's see what the boy's doing, shall we? Completed on March 9, 2005.

Purity 3: Forever is Ryomaru's story ... and he's just badness, personified... lol. Completed May 29, 2005.

Purity 4: Justification deals with Kichiro and Belle/Gin and Cain ... It's really interesting to write a dual romance. The challenge is awesome.

Purity: Revolution is the story of Sebastian and Daniella, Cain's parents. It delves into what happened to them and what happens to a youkai who loses his mate. Oneshot.

Purity: Guerrilla Warfare deals with the relationship between Bas and Evan, Cain's two sons. Oneshot.

Purity 5: Phantasm deals with Sebastian "Bas" Zelig and his quest to bring a murder to justice... or will he? Complete 4/21/2006.

Purity 6: Shameless is Jillian's story. Gin and Cain's only daughter is looking for love ... but will she find it? Complete 7/14/2006.

A Purity Short: The Fairy Tale is Morio and Meara's story. What’s worse than a lovestruck hanyou? A lovestruck hanyou who is also tone deaf … So how will he win the woman of his dreams when she’s decided that he’s just not her type? The old fashioned way, of course--by following her around like a little lost puppy … It should only run 10-15 chapters, so it isn't really a main story. Completed 8/26/2006.

Purity 7: Avouchment is Isabelle and Griffin's story. Past. Present. Future. A lifetime of subversion. A future in peril. Secrets better left buried return to haunt a wounded soul. To look to the future, one must face the sins of the past.

Purity 8: Vendetta is Samantha's story. Youkai have kept their existence a secret for hundreds of years, but in the blink of an eye, their worst fears are confirmed ... Complete 9/1/2008.

Purity 9: Subterfuge is Evan's story ... Jaded rock star or just a little misunderstood? Meet the rebel son of Cain and Gin Zelig: a notorious rock star who lives by the motto: bad is better, but when one bad decision leads to a fortuitous meeting, how will his life ever be the same?

Purity: Potentate covers the story of one wild night and is set to take place during Purity 9: Subterfuge, but as this does not actually pertain to the two main characters of that story, it had to be told in a oneshot . . . Written for Melzilla's birthday.

The Quest for the Second Bath is a oneshot written with love for Sari15, my beta and friend!

Desideratum is my secondary project at the moment, and I'll update it when I feel like it.

Mortality is my take on the Sesshoumaru/Kagome pairing... heh heh heh ... Oneshot.

More Purity Oneshots can be found on Media Miner or on my website. Also a chronological breakdown of the Purity stories can be found on my website, too.

I hope you enjoy, and my betas love to hear feedback on the progression of the stories ...

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