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Author has written 8 stories for Zorro, ER, Titanic, Horatio Hornblower, and Hellraiser.

June 2012: Long break unless you count the update on Titanic YE3. I'm getting back to the stories, bear with me. Next on update will be David's Star 2, Hornblower the Duel Spoof, (chapter 8 will be deleted and replaced since it was not part of the original story though the arrangement with Simpson will remain) And FYI, Cassi is back to the skunk striped hair, as will be noted in the next chapter of The Duel. I will also be continuing on YE3 to finish it and Breaktime Spoof 7 because I want Peter Vincent from the new Fright Night movie in with my horror characters. (4 words: David Tennant tight leather) what can I say? The Doctor was really hot. Anyhow, all for now. For updates on the regular spoofs, check the group site, below and it's also on Facebook. --cas

June 2011: As you've seen I'm playing with new characters. I had bronchitis back in April and it hung around until May. For a while I was so miserable I spent days watching horror movies just to see people more miserable than me. Sven and I were both horror fans way back when we were still writing together. We'd discussed doing a Youth Elixir fic with horror characters...the plan was eventually scrapped when Sven quit. Sooo, while this isn't a youth elixir story, it WILL likely come down to involving water balloons with youth elixir... Wait and see just how much of the mess sparks the Evil Director's need for amusement and vengance. There may be a third team forming in there somewhere. ;)

For those wondering, I have completely recovered and finallyquit coughing. Though in the aftermath, I've lost weight and now have abs of steel. (you cough for a month and see what it does to you) So anyone who wants to know how I got into such great shape, I don't recommend trying that method. While the end effect isn't too bad, the virus itself will make you wish you were dead.

In other story news, the next chapter of David's Star 2 is done and in the editing process. It will be posted as soon as I'm sure I won't change it. Breaktime 7's next chapter is still in progress. It will be next. --Cassi

March 2011: For those looking for updates on older fics, you're in luck. I'm reading back through Titanic (YE3) and I'll be correcting and changing a few details in the story. (And I'm going to try to add some more to it, though without Sven will prove harder but we'll see what we can do) the story has to be broken up into separate wordpads per chapter and then re-edited for posting. I'll put an announcement as chaps are replaced. (and most extras --like insanity breaks-- will have to be cut as per rules of this site but I promise I'll keep all warning labels)

The Spoof of the Duel: working on it. Really. David's Star2: next chapter is complete, though i have to decide if theres anything i want to change before i post it. Debbie, I got your fic. I'll get on the editing as soon as i can. I'm gonna go over the first few chaps of Titanic YE in editing and grammar and do some re-posting and i'm going to try to add a new chapter before weeks end. In case you're wondering, I'm bringing in my other Assistant and a few of his friends from the Indy and Renown. ;) So they're gonna get to see where my other Assistant Director, "Mr. Lights" came from. Besides, they were in YE2 it's only fair they be in the third one. (And Whiplash gave such a wonderful addition to the confusion, we decided to add Mr. Hornblower just for the heck of it-- so we'll have Horold Lowe triplets)

There IS a 4th Youth Elixir fic btw that will take place in Battlestar Galactica to bring in some new sucker--I mean actors who are also to appear in the actual spoof of Titanic and others. YE4 is where we finally pay off Dr. Doom by letting him kill 4 people. So it's a split purpose story. This fic is posted on the message board in the Group site below. As are the original versions chaps of The Duel Spoof.

I may eventually post YE4 here, but we'll see how far I can get with the 3rd one first. Thanks to my readers and reviewers for your motivation and for pestering me to finish this mess even without Sven. Though the recently promoted EvilSpoofAuthorBecca and EvilSpoofAuthorAmanda have been a great help and are supplying some motivation.


In the spoof news, I now have a pic of the knife featured in the Duel Spoof. It's on my facebook. Yes, it was a Christmas present (one of my favorites) Very nice. Anyhow, that's all the update I've got for now. --Cassi (and if you wanna add me on facebook just tell me who you are and that you came from here--because there's more pix of that knife than just my profile pic)

Spoofauthor News//

I'm afraid Sven has quit spoofwriting, possibly permanent. It's not easy for me to continue without her, but I have been writing a few things, including parts of the spoofs. Bare with me, I'm working on it. They will not be posted here, as per the Script format rule...I hate those new rules. But they will be posted on the Group site, and Becca, my very wonderful friend and modorator, has now started an Archive for posting spoofs.

The link for that archive which includes ALL the regular spoofs, including the uncompleted ones, you'll find on Becca's page here. (in my Fav Authors under "Insane Dragoness" and also the link to the archive is posted in the links section on the group site as well.

For those who wonder what some of my people look like there is a gallery of our drawings and pix. You can find drawings of Cassie of Neverland, as well as the cover drawing for Wrath of the Wolfgirl at the following link. Drawings for the story "David's Star" are also in one of the galleries on the left side of your screen on this page and for extra funnies on Hornblower, Titanic, Battlestar Galactica, several Marvel movies, and various other pics from movies and TV shows, check out the "Captioned Pix" album. It'll be worth your time, because believe me, we had some great fun with some of these pix. ;)


Listed below is the link to the Group site for the EvilSpoofAuthor spoof series:

Also, below that is my Facebook address. As there are so many on there with my same name, I decided it would be easier to just say which one I am. ;)


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