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Clez: Well, it seems I'm going first. Thoz is a bit shy. Don't know why. We all know what she's - like me - like when it comes to angst. We created this joint account cuz we're working on a collaboration story right now. Tossing it back and forth, brainstorming, and generally taking it in turns to be mean to characters *laughs* You know us *winks* I'm going to go poke her to come and write her bio now >_> Mwahahaha... *slinks off sinisterly*

Sethoz: *is poked* Well, I'm the other one in this angst pair and as Clez mentioned we are indeed working on a collaboration. Shockingly enough for us two, it's an LXG story. *winks* bet anyone who knows us is surprised... Our collaboration is coming along slowly, as we try and work out how best to be mean to our characters, you never know it might get posted sometime. *looks around in sinister manner* Well, I'm off to lurk in the shadows again. Bwhahahahaha...