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Hands off my link! Get your own :-P ;-D

DISCLAIMER: I am a fictional roleplay character.

My original existence is based on a TMI character for which credit goes to Cassie Clare.

Credit for the fact that I am not nearly as dead in our AU as the Jonathan Wayland of the books, goes to TPL, also known as The Poly Lama, she is one of the authors of our Alternate Universe.

Hey People! A Bit About Me

Full Name: Jonathan Robert Morningwood

Everyone Except for my Parents Call Me: J.R.

Age: 32 Description: Still hot ;-)

Info: I lead with my Seraph blades whereas Sera leads with her stele.

Ami leads with kindness and Jonah leads with authority.

Those are my spouses and if you haven't heard of them, you will soon.

Just because I'm the quiet one, doesn't mean I'm any less fun.

Jonah is my Parabatai, my husband and my brother-in-law.

Amelia (Ami) is my sister, my wife and the mother of our daughter Deirdre.

Seraphina is my wife and the mother of Lethe, Eden, Elara, Trident, Trinity & Tristan.

Jonah also has a son Alduin from an evil greater demon Hecate. Hecate is dead now.

Jonah, Ami and Sera along with all our kids are the most important people in my life.

The majority of my extended family are the Lightwood-Waylands.

I am the oldest sibling, Ami is in the middle the rest of us are Alec, Izzy, Max and Rufus.

Our parents are Robert, Michael, Maryse & Amatis in no particular order.

We have a ton of nieces and nephews and a lot of in laws and other extended family.

I am around a fair bit. You can usually find me out at our place, Waylands Manor.

Sometimes I'm in town at my general store, Odds and Sods but I hardly ever. I have good employees.

I have a history of mental illness. I am better now since I integrated but I struggled for several years with DID.

Some of my former personalities did terrible things. The emotional wounds from that time are still healing.

PM me about whatever you want to. Or don't, I'm a pretty laid back guy.

Did I mention Jonah and Sera rule a realm of hell? Idk if you think that's a big deal but it is for us I guess.

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Hellooo! I live in an alternate universe. I'm a fictional character. In my world, the real Jonathan Wayland (that's me) never died and I go by J.R. :-) My wife, Seraphina has a forum called The Circle's Clave (sorry, I promised her a shout out) so anyway, go there for info. Cuz all my poetry will be about the people and the stuff that happens in our world. Please R&R thanks! ;-)
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