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Wow, I didn't realise how completely out of date my profile is. Its practically redundant, so I thought I'd write a new one.

My name is Alex/Alix (still haven't completely decided, and I'm forever changing it, so the / is there for when I change my mind again. Currently its Alex, in case you'e interested.) I'm an eighteen-year old girl in my first year of university.

I hail from the North East of England and go to university there too, in a city about and hour or so from my hometown. It's called Newcastle and I love it. I love a lot of things actually, such as writing, reading, drawing and singing (out of tune) in the shower. I'm a pessimist though so I also dislike a lot of stuff, such as white bread, bacon and my bed at university (it's just so not comfortable.)

I love writing fan fiction, and at the moment I seem to be in a One Tree Hill kind of mood. I have one completed story and two in progress, and seeing as I don't really like to talk about myself, I'll talk about them instead.


My baby! I love this story because it was the first one ever that I finished. It didn't finish quite how I intended it to start, but I like the way it turned out anyway. I loved being able to get inside each character's head and see things from their POV, it really helped me right them. Set in an AU high school, NALEY, BRUCAS and JEYTON.

Little White Lies

The sequel to Twisted, and another one told in first person. I actually prefer to write like that, but I'll give them all a go anyway. Set in the characters college years after the events of Twisted. NALEY, BRUCAS and JEYTON also. Currently on Hiatus while I search inside myself for some inspiration. I know where I want it to go, but there's a few obstacles to get past that I can't quite bring myself to write.

The Con

My latest OTH and NALEY offering. I love the storyline tothis simply because it is a morphed version of Heartbreakers, my favourite film ever (after Titanic maybe. And the James Bond series - BIG FAN). set in an AU universe where Nathan is the heir to Scott Corp, a multi million corporation, and Haley is part of a sister con-act who marry men to steal their money. Currently on a bit of a roll with this one, after a small hiatus.

Haley's wedding dress -

Brooke and Peyton Bridesmaid dresses -


A Brucas and Naley story. It's an AU story set at the prestigious Tree Hill Heights Boarding School. Brooke is the new girl with a mysterious past, drawn immediately to social outcast, Lucas Scott. Lucas Scott's brother, Nathan, is going out with the most popular girl at THH and is happy with her. However, one night with Haley James is making him question everything about himself. Where will these four teens end up? You'll have to read to find out! Lol.

As Yet Untitled Prison Break Idea

MiSa, OBVIOUSLY because they = LOVE. They end up on the run together or something like that... I don't know, I just want to write one.

No Escape

A Supernatural fic that I started but don't want to submit until I have all of my in-progress stories done and dusted.

So there you go. I'll just list some of my favourite shows and such and then we'll be done. (oh, but you do realise there's a 'hide bio' button on the right hand corner, don't you? Just in case for some inexplicable reason you've read this trying to get to the bottom. ;-D)

One Tree Hill

Couples I like: Naley, Brucas, Jeyton, Brathan (only very minorly... they're my two favourite characters,)

Couples I don't: Leyton, Jaley, Pathan... basically anything that isn't one of the above, though I like BrookeXOC because Brooke rocks, and if the OC is hot and nice, then more woo hoo to her.

Characters I like: Nathan and then Brooke. and Haley, of course. She's like a second place behind Nathan and Brooke tied first.

Characters I don't: at the moment Lucas because his screw-ups really annoy me, and Peyton because if I have to see yet another episode set entirely around her, I'll break the screen.

Oh, and I really love Dan right now. Go figure!

Prison Break

Couples I like: MiSa, Lincoln and Veronica (in the past sob) Lincoln and Jane in the present.

Couples I don't: uhm... Micheal-Lincoln incest slash. EW. My eyes! My eyes!

Characters I like: Michael (sooooo hot!), Lincoln (soooo hot!), Sucre (sooo hot!), Sara (soooo cool and adorable with Micheal.)

Characters I don't: President Reynolds, Kim, and T-bag has his on and off days with me.

Characters that I like, surprisingly: Kellerman. I don't know what it is about him, I just like him. I'm not sure if I want him to be a good guy or not though...

The OC

Couples I like: Summer and Seth, Ryan and Taylor

Couples I don't: Ryan and Marissa - it got too stale, and Seth and Anna. Nothing should ever, EVER come between Seth and Summer.

Characters I like: Summer, Seth, Ryan, Taylor, Marissa

Characters I don't: Surprisingly Anna. I liked her when I was watching S1 the first time, but when I went back on it she just bugged me beyond all reasonable belief.


Long gone but not forgotten!

Couples I like: Simon and Kaylee, Mal and Inara, Zoe and Wash

Couples I don't: Simon and River incest (seriously, why?), Mal and Kaylee (it's practically incest... he's like her big brother), Zoe and anyone at all (Zoe should NEVER EVER MOVE ON! EVER)

Characters I like: Simon, Kaylee, Wash, Jayne, Mal, Inara, Zoe (in that order.)

Characters I don't: None of the core ones, although some of the guest stars have really grated on me (coughTracycough)


Another one that is gone but not forgotten.

Couples I like: Michael and Maria, Max and Liz.

Couples I don't: Um, anything that messes with the above.

Characters I like: Maria, Michael, Max, Liz, Alex, Isabel in that order.

Characters I don't: Billy. Anything that comes between the beautiful disfunction that is Michael and Maria don't deserve my love. Or to live, for that matter. Oh! And Tess! Skank!

Well, there it is. All about me!

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