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Update November 27, 2007

The Pain is now complete! After more than three long, grueling years... I want to thank everyone that read it--it really does mean a lot to me. Also, if you have any questions regarding the final chapters and/or epilogue, feel free to review or message me. I'll message you back as soon as I get it.

At the moment, I am writing a sequel concerning Hiroshi. So all questions about Julia will be answered in that story. I'm almost finished with the first chapter now, but I wouldn't expect an update until around Christmas. I'd hate to update too soon and end up writing myself into a corner, so I'm going to think it out some more.

'The Pain' -- After Naraku's newest (and craziest) incarnation forces her way into Kagome's mind, she triggers the miko's dormant powers, and Kagome becomes even more powerful as new abilities and possibilities surface. But it's difficult for a teenage girl to deal with crazed, bloodthirsty youkai, love for an emotionally stunted hanyou, hellacious math, AND new freaky powers to boot. And what's the deal with dried fish and chopsticks? But back on the topic of crazed, bloodthirsty youkai... Naraku, hell-bent on destroying the miko before she becomes too powerful, is expanding his territory and strengthening his army, while friends in the present work on changing a past too painful to consider.

Rated M for language, graphic violence, and sexual content. Nominated Best Action/Adventure --IYFG Third Quarter 2007

'Reverberation-- Sequel to The Pain; Definition: the persistence of sound in a particular space after the original sound is removed. Once upon a time, he was a cold-hearted murderer--one that even Naraku feared. But that was a different life, a different time, a different past. This time around, Hiroshi Takenawa has pulled a complete one-eighty--the ideal son, the loving big brother, the perfect gentleman. But it's an everyday battle. And when something precious is taken from him and the lines between his identities are blurred, will he be strong enough to remain intact?

Rated M for language, graphic violence, and sexual content.

EDIT (June 15, 2010): Good news! Once again, I'm working on Reverberation! I have to tell you, I've written most of Chapter 9 three times now due to computer crashes, so I'm increasingly sick of it. I'll try to have the chapter up in the next few days. Thanks for all your invaluable support and patience!

A lot of my story may be missing bits and pieces of information and story line that can be found in the manga and/or anime. See...I don't follow the manga, and I'm rapidly losing interest in Inuyasha because it's not moving quickly enough for my tastes (plus...the voice acting is kind of really, really bad...) Actually, I've pretty much given up on it. I still like playing with the characters, though. And I've started liking the darker anime--Hellsing, DeathNote, and Blood , as well as Bleach, which I wouldn't really call dark, but whatever.

Because I sharing quotes (or passages) that I find, here are some of the funniest fanfiction moments I've come across. All of these can be found under my favorites--as they are simply amazing.

“I love that shade of lip gloss on you. Any more red in it and it would be whorish, but this is just right.”
~ Jakotsu, “The Hunt for the Perfect Man”


"Miroku, meet Kagome- my savior and acquaintance who I know almost nothing about. She's also seen me naked."
~ Inuyasha, “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”


"Your friend Sango is incredibly hot, and I felt it an injustice not to pay homage to her lips."
~ Miroku, “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie”


Inuyasha rested his hands on his hips and studied her for a long moment. “Why is Houjou unconscious on the floor again?” he asked, bringing a bright blush to the girl’s cheeks.
“It, ah, seemed the best thing to do at the time.”
~ Inuyasha and Kagome, “Dogs in Tokyo”


Love's voice drifted softly towards them. "...and she'll only ask for one thing. Unconditional love. That's all." She sighed. "Oh, and understanding." She thought for a moment. "And quit calling her names. And don't forget her birthday. That's a no-no. But otherwise, that's all."
Inuyasha glared at her.
~ Love!Kagome, “Shikigami”


“Try not to undermine authority while I’m standing right here, Number Twelve,” Xaldin said suddenly, pouring himself a cup of coffee and taking it black—LIKE HIS SOUL. Rather, that should say ‘cream and two sugars’. LIKE HIS SOUL. The narrator emphasizes that the lack of a heart does not turn everyone into a whiny, angsty, wrist-cutting loser.
~ Xaldin and narrator, “Those Lacking Spines” (quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever read).


“They say high school is the best four years of your life,” Lexaeus shrugged.
“Who’s ‘they’,” Vexen sneered. “If those four years are to be the pinnacle of my life, I might as well go jump in front of a train.”
“You didn’t have a good time in high school, did you, Vexen?” queried Xaldin.
~ Lexaeus, Vexen, and Xaldin, “Those Lacking Spines”


“Do you often have a problem of strangers and off-worlders appearing and trying to snatch (the jewel) away from you for their own ends?”
“Hell yes,” Inuyasha snapped. “Over a hundred and sixty episodes’ worth.”
“Good grief,” Lexaeus marveled, “You used that hackneyed plot for that long?”
Lexaeus knew he had misspoken when he suddenly felt the glares of the half-demon before him as well as his hordes of adoring fans, all the way through their computer monitors and transcending across the very boundaries of reality.
“You did not just go there,” Inuyasha said accusatorily.
“I rather think I did.”
~ Lexaeus and Inuyasha, “Those Lacking Spines”


“Ain’t many ‘dem foo’ dogs livin’ roun’ HEEEAAAAH’s zat can handle da UKENATOR!” Luxory yelled. “WOOT WOOT! YEEEAAAYUH!” There was a pause.
Vexen blinked. “…what?”
“’Here’,” Secks said quietly.
”No, no,” Vexen shook his head. “The whole… sentence, I… I really don’t think that thing is speaking any reasonably widespread variation on the English language. It’s like southern… hillbilly… French… gangster.”
~ Luxory (Luxord), Vexen, and Secks (Saix), “Those Lacking Spines”


“I need you to wake Kagome.”
“Wake her yourself,” the flea mumbled, almost inaudibly.
“The same way you wake everyone else up,” Myouga snapped.
“Smiting?” he said dubiously. This did not sound like the best advice.
~ Sesshoumaru and Myouga, “Tales From the House of the Moon”


“Well, you may not die, but I’m not really that good at not dying. I’m all squishy and easily hurt.”
~ Kagome, “Tales From the House of the Moon”


Without stirring or otherwise indicating that he was awake, Sesshoumaru puzzled for a moment. Breakfast, he thought for no particular reason.
Tiny hands found their way to his chest, pressing down lightly.
Midget, he thought. For a moment he contemplated the various reasons why he would have a midget in his lap, but ceased this exploration when his hazy musings grew a little too sharp. He gave a mental sigh. Midget. Which, he thought, slightly hopeful, might not be entirely incongruous with breakfast.
~ Sesshoumaru, “Tales From the House of the Moon”


"Is there anything else you should tell us?" Kagome turned to Sesshoumaru. "You're not really my father or something and Inuyasha's my uncle? Because that would be really bad."

~ Kagome, "Hanyou of the Future"


“Fine, fine, I'll wear the dumb thing if you think it'll protect my identity,” he replied giving in, and Kagome helpfully tied the mask onto his face from the back. She slapped him on the back roughly and pointed vigorously ahead. “Go forth, Inuyasha, in the name of justice!”

“..the hell…?”

“Oh, shut up and just do it!”

~ Inuyasha and Kagome, "Hanyou of the Future"


The demon bore a single set of cobalt cheek stripes…how nice! His pretty armour matches his markings. Bet his mom came up with that

~ Kagome, "The Phoenix Blade: Time Lapse"

I will probably add more later.

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