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Author has written 4 stories for Kingdom Hospital/Riget, and I Love Lucy.

New pen name, new profile! YAY! (my old pen name was tigger-kh143 fyi)

Alrighty, where to start. My name is Liz, I'm 18 and a college freshman.

In the art of writing I lack two important things

1) Motivation

2) Ideas

But do love writing and really try very hard to finish what I start.

Anyway. I like a lot of stuff. I'm a big movie and TV watcher and will watch almost any genre. I seem to be drawn to things that provide a quirky, twisted plot. Proof of this only can be found by looking at who my favorite author is. (Stephen King)

My favorite books are-: Carrie, The Green Mile, Harry Potter, and the Dawn Rochelle novels

Some of my favorite movies include, but are certainly not limited to: Carrie, The Greenn Mile, A Streetcar named Desire, (Anything that stars Adam Sandler- favs being: Big Daddy, and Billy Madison), I Am Sam, Merlin (NBC 4 TV movie), Harry Potter... etc etc etc

Some of my fav TV shows include, but again are not limited to: Supernanny, Another World (an old soap opera on Soapnet), I Love Lucy, The Osbournes, Pimp my Ride, Punk'D, According to Jim, 8 Simple Rules, Wife Swap, My Wife and Kids, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Family Matters, The Nanny, Kingdom Hospital (which was a Stephen King maxi-series but re-runs do not air)...etc etc etc

And that's about it. Just a warning that it will take me awhile to finish most of my workso be patient with me please. Don't email me and be like "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FINISH THIS!" I hate that. I don't work well under pressure, and if you do that I will probably end up working slower just to annoy you. Sometimes I find that a story that I write is just not working out to my liking. In that case I promise I will not leave you waiting for a part. If I decide not to finish any one story, I will delete it from fanfic and postanote in thenews section of my profile below stating that it has been removed. I'll leave this note there for about a month after I've deleted thestory.If the storiesarestill posted, you can assume thatI will be finishing them. And one more thing, if you read my ff's please post a review! I use do use the feedback I get to help me become a better writer. I am always open to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. That means, don't send out a review like this real one I got many years ago when I was a less experienced writer, under a different account: "Enroll in a remedial writing class and try again later." That honestly does not help me, andreallyhurts. If you don't like it, or have advise to give me whether it's about grammar or plot please do so in a civil manner.

Thanks and happy reading xoxox -Liz


I plan to continue some of my Kingdom Hospital fanfics- but I'm working out ideas right now. There's a good possibilty that I might end up deciding not to finish some of them and I'll let you know of my intentions shortly. But for now, assume that at some point I will finish the ones I have posted. I also have some other ideas I might consider working on so stay tuned Kingdom fans:)

Don't hold your breath for those Night Stalker fanfics. I've stopped watching the show since it got on my nerves.

I plan to write some "Another World" fanfictions, so if you're into the show check back soon. I have no story ideas at the moment, so if you have any ideas that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:-D

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