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I am on MyAnimeList under this name. Feel free to connect with me on there if you are interested in discussion, comparing lists, seeing what I like, or anything else (reasonably speaking).

Top 10 Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire Characters

1. Stannis Baratheon (the book version, the real version)

2. Jaime Lannister (I like him in both versions but I ultimately prefer the books)

3. Eddard Stark (Books)

4. Tyrion Lannister (Books)

5. Tywin Lannister (Show, Charles Dance is that mf dude!)

6. Robb Stark (Show)

7. Margaery Tyrell (Show...Natalie, call me!)

8. Barristan Selmy (Books)

9. Mance Rayder (Books)

10. Theon Greyjoy (Books)

Honorable Mention: Davos Seaworth (Books)

Favorite Minor Characters: Balon Swann, Justin Massey, Pyp, Tycho Nestoris

Favorite Anime Characters Of All Time (One Per Series)

1. Vegeta, Prince of All Saiyans (Dragon Ball)

2. Guts (Berserk)

3. Seto Kaiba (Yugioh)

4. Yusuke Urameshi (Yu Yu Hakusho)

5. Judai Yuki (Yugioh GX)

6. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

7. Sosuke Aizen (Bleach)

8. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

9. Sinbad (Magi)

10. Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Honorable Mentions: Yoruichi Shihoin (Bleach), Genjo Sanzo (Saiyuki), Katsuki Bakugo (Boku no Hero Academia), Kazuma (S-Cry-Ed), Ryuho (S-Cry-Ed)

Favorite Music Genres: Drum n' Bass, Progressive House, Pop-Punk/Third Wave Ska, Nu-Metal, Instrumental Hip-Hop, some Country.

Favorite Films: Wolf of Wall Street, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call: New Orleans, The Godfather, Akira, Five Easy Pieces, Mad Max series, The Shining, Indiana Jones series, Leaving Las Vegas, Whiplash, The VVITCH, The Lighthouse, The Karate Kid, Major League, Summer School (it's a guilty pleasure), Goodfellas, Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors, Rocky series, Eraserhead.

Story Ideas/Prompts

Law of the Jungle (Bleach)

Aizen Sosuke expected his Espada to be faithful tools in his quest for godhood, but Grimmjow was never content serving another man's ambitions. Defecting from Aizen's forces, the panther king is forced to ally with humans to defeat his old master and achieve his goals...

The premise of the story is that Grimmjow defects from the Espada before the Soul Society arc. The story will have implied Grimmjow x Nel initially, with Nel's disappearance a contributing factor to Grimmjow defecting. Taking his Fraccion with him, Grimmjow would escape to the human world by their skin of their teeth, wherein he would begrudgingly work for Urahara after he and Yoruichi beat Grimmjow's crew in a fight. Grimmjow agrees to fight with Urahara against Aizen, but actually plans to usurp Aizen as the king of Hueco Mundo and kill the Shinigami in time anyways.

Grimmjow will eventually reform somewhat from his evil ways, but will still remain a anti-hero sort of character. The character's essence is that he is a violent brute with only shreds of honor here and there, so to make him a nice guy is not what we're going for here. I don't care too much for pairings but I envision Grimmjow x Orihime and Ichigo x Rukia for some reason. I would intend for this story to be the Bleach equivalent of Bringer of Death, essentially. I have a more detailed plot summary typed out. If anyone is interested in reading it, by all means DM me.

The Pirate Prince (Dragon Ball Z)

During the Garlic Junior Saga, Vegeta searches in space for his archrival, Son Goku. During his travels, he encounters all manner of strange aliens, warriors, demons, and more! Surprising even himself, Vegeta forges comradeship with a new crew in space and learns what it means to be a true warrior.

More of a prompt.

This story would essentially be a darker twist on Outlaw Star, with Vegeta finding allies of circumstance during his travels. Initially, he is forced to team up with the first member of his crew in order to defeat Cooler, who Vegeta finds while destroying PTO bases. From then on, he is forced to begrudgingly make alliances with people from different planets in order to defeat King Cold and destroy the Planet Trade Organization. Vegeta is not the sort to make friends easily of course, but his character development eventually leads to him creating his own space pirate crew of sorts. His teammates would hold back his more vicious impulses, while his fighting expertise instills discipline and honor into them.

I believe that Vegeta can be an extremely compelling protagonist if he is taken out of Goku's shadow, and that is exactly what this fic will explore. Trunks will still be born in this story, but Vegeta will leave Earth before he knows that Bulma is pregnant. He could still return to Earth for the Android saga, but I haven't planned this story out to a great extent yet, just the initial idea.

Members of Vegeta's crew could include movie characters (Reformed henchmen like the Turles Crusher Corp for instance) or OCs. I haven't decided fully yet. My vision would see his crew include:

- A Heloite (preferably Eleim, although an OC is fine). This is a noncanon race that originates from the Dragon Ball Multiverse webcomic. They are genetically modified humans who can increase their battle power via cybernetic enhancements and weaponry/armor. Their planet would be destroyed by Cooler at the beginning of the story, and Vegeta would be forced to team up with one of them in order to defeat the brother of Frieza. From there, they would bond over being one of the last of their respective races, and would develop a grudging respect after a while. The Heloite's ship would end up being the crew's ship, and all members of the crew would be outfitted with Heloite tech, allowing them to keep with Vegeta's Saiyan potential.

- A member of the Turles Crusher Corps (not Turles himself, but one of his henchman. Which one is up to the writer's choice.)

- Zangya (obviously this would be after Cell Saga)

- An Arcosian/Frost Demon (An OC)

- Any other OC's of the author's choice

If anyone wishes to write from this prompt, please DM me and we can talk further!

For The Night Is Dark (Song of Ice and Fire/High School DxD Crossover)

This story would be the usual "character from one series is taken to another series' world" somehow, someway. In this case, the story is about Stannis Baratheon reborn in the world of DxD. I believe Stannis would make a unique and interesting protagonist in DxD due to his complicated relationship with religion, his unbending view of justice, and his skill as a battle commander. He also comes from a very different culture than the modern/high fantasy landscape found in DxD. It certainly wouldn't be the usual type of DxD story, that's for sure - there probably wouldn't even be a main pairing, much less a harem! It would be interesting to rebirth him as an angel, but a devil might provide more interesting inner conflict and character interaction with people like Sirzechs and the ORC.

Great Teacher Wheeler (Yu-Gi-Oh GX)

Joey Wheeler is hired on as the gym teacher at Duel Academy after Fontaine leaves the school to pursue a medical career. Having been down on his luck since the ending of the original series, Joey is given the gig by Kaiba, who only does so at Mokuba's behest and partially to humiliate Joey since he is technically Kaiba's employee now. The story would primarily be comedic with some character drama elements and wouldn't so much focus on dueling, since Joey is strong enough to trivialize most of the GX villains. In his own way, Joey would help out troubled students while occasionally getting involved in the supernatural side of the plot. For example, he could motivate Chumley to be a better student, help Syrus out with his self-esteem issues, or on the plot side of things he could assist the investigation into the abandoned dorm. As the title implies this story would take inspiration from the anime series Great Teacher Onizuka as well stuff like the 1987 movie Summer School, which is underrated btw (first chapter of this is up!).

The Struggler's Respite (Berserk x Fairy Tail Crossover)

The quest to restore Casca's sanity has taken Guts and crew to the faraway land of Fiore. Using what funds they have left, the crew hires a few wizards from a nearby guild to assist them on their journey to Elfheim. Through the magic of Fairy Tail, Guts finds new hope in life and a respite from his lifelong struggle against fate.

This story would be a blended crossover where the FT world takes place in the same universe as Berserk. There would be some humor as the FT verse is sugary and soft compared to the bleak and relentless landscape of Berserk. Then again, Berserk is definitely not as dark as it used to be but that's another matter. Essentially the first part of the story would obviously revolve around getting Casca's sanity back. We know this is possible since it recently happened in the Berserk manga. How exactly this would happen I don't know, maybe Porlyusca could do it or the author could include the Elf Island from Berserk. Other subplots would include Farnese learning Fire Magic and the other members of the crew becoming stronger fighters in general through interactions with the Fairy Tail guild members.

The two Fairy Tail members hired by Guts' crew would be Natsu and Erza. Natsu would become a mentor/older brother figure to Isidro while Erza would fulfill a similar role towards Farnese, who was also a knight at one point. The crew would get along well with the FT members except for Guts, who is wary and mistrustful of their powers, especially since he's not sure he could beat them in a fight. A huge part of the story would be Guts eventually opening up to these people. However, he would not join Fairy Tail as he would view it as dishonoring the memory of the Band of the Hawk. Guts is independent and a lone wolf by nature at this point. Whether the other Berserk characters join the guild is up to the author. In the timeline, this story would be happening right after the fight against Laxus and before the Oracion Seis arc. Obviously in Berserk the beginning of this story would coincide with the end of the Hawk of the Millennium Empire saga.

After the astral merge, there would be a timeskip of sorts where Guts and company train and the events of FT happen up until the Grimoire Heart arc. This would involve fudging the timeline quite a bit but it's fanfiction. The true conflict would begin when Griffith learns of the land of Fiore and the wizards. Viewing them as a threat to his "utopia", Griffith would launch an invasion of Fiore from across the sea, necessitating that all of the Wizard guilds of Fiore team up against him, including the dark guilds. How the other Godhand would get involved I am not sure. How to even defeat the Godhand, I am also not sure. Just spitballing here, will probably add more later.

Wings of Song (A Song of Ice and Fire x Berserk Crossover)

The lords of Westeros have each dreamed the same dream - a vision of a white hawk parting dark clouds. The meaning of the vision is not clear until the outset of the War of Five Kings, when a mysterious sellsword company known as the Band of the Hawk makes landfall on Dragonstone. The Priests of R'hllor hail the mercenary band leader, Griffith, as the Prince Who Was Promised. Meanwhile, Guts has set sail from Vritannis in hopes of finding Elf Island, where he may find a way to cure Casca's madness. Caught in the middle of a continent-spanning civil war, Guts and his crew wander north...

- Essentially, this is an alternate take on the Hawk of the Millennium Empire saga. With his band of apostles, Griffith is quick to end the war since no one can hope to match his demonic forces in the field. Since he arrives at the beginning of book two, Ned and Robert are already dead at this point. Stannis and his forces are the first to support Griffith, and the Lord of Light's religion supplants the Faith of the Seven and much of the North as well. Amongst the kings, Joffrey and Renly would certainly be defeated or perhaps die, while I'm not sure how Robb would react to this as he mainly just wants to beat the Lannisters and go home. Balon would probably still rebel but how the Ironborn would mobilize depends on what Robb does. The Guts plotline would essentially just be the crew traveling through Westeros as they try to find a cure for Casca. They land in Sunspear, with their journey eventually leading them beyond the wall to where the Children of the Forest reside. However, I don't know much of the details beyond that.

(End of Story Ideas for now)


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