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"Erro!" An odd-looking young man struts over towards you, purple pseudo-leather trenchcoat swirling dramatically as he brushes his scraggly, semi-blondish hair behind an ear with one hand and hands you a pamphlet with the other. Your first impression is that you ought to run like hell away from this fashion-mangling freak of nature, but you suddenly realize that he's trying to impersonate some J-rock singer.

You ooze into an unintelligible pile of goo at the site. He's... Japanese... * You stare openly, drooling, before you rip the pamplet from his hand and glomp him.

Suddenly, clawlike fingernails dig into the back of your neck and forcefully pry you off. You're then spun around to look into the narrowed eyes of some really pissed off chick. She drops you on the ground with an audible thud and tells you to read the damn packet. Or else. "That's what you're here for," she snarls. "Not to waste your time oggling that creep Nari!"

He wimpers rather pathetically. "But Mikaj... I thought-" "Shut up, Asian Reject. They're never going to read that stupid thing otherwise."

You flip open the pamplet, deciding that ticking her off further probably wouldn't be a good idea. Inside, you see:

Silatyr - Fanfiction Authoress
Real Name : Leenie
Also Called : the Inspiration Whore
Eyes : blue
Hair : brown
Age : almost 16

You then turn the page.

Loves :
Colors : purple, silver, gray, black
Art : b/w photography, anime, manga
Music : J-rock, Irish, Cape Breton, rock
Bands : Assemblage 23, Flook, Lunasa, Celldweller
Books : Watership Down, Straydog, Plague Dogs
People : Kitia (Kitiachan), Zin, Shelly, Erin, Kyria

Hatreds :
Colors : overly bright pink
Art : cubism and other such... oddities
Music : bad country/bluegrass, elevator music
Bands : Les Nubiens
Books : A Seperate Peace
People : Laura

As you squint at the bottom of this page, you suddenly see a hand-scrawled addition. The ink on it is still drying, so it must have been added quite recently- in fact, probably just as you'd come up.

"For sale," it says. "One box of pocky or best offer." You blink once or twice, then squint at the two muses standing beside you.

"So..." inquires Mikaj eagerly, "What's your bid?"

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