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Notice: for those of you who responded to my poll with other (pm me), if you don't pm me, I don't know which ship you want!

I am mainly interested in writing Pokemon fanfics, though I may also write about 4 others (Artemis Fowl, HTTYD, Dragon Ball, and LoL). Still looking for the spark to write: every time I try, I end up tearing it up b/c I can't stand my writing. My old drafts also got thrown away by my dad by mistake so...oof.

Favorite Ships: Advanceshipping (only issue is Drew and Season 9: the writer for that season was a Contestshipper, which was confirmed by an interview given by the director of the Pokemon show at the time, thus making the Contestshipping hints for that season invalid in my opinion. Yes those hints did happen as part of the official show, but imo b/c of that Pokemon should make sure May is shown to not be attracted to Drew if/when she shows up again in the show) and that the hints are explained in a way that shows she does not have a crush on Drew, Aureliashipping (so far, Lillie seems like a combo of May and Serena, and it's really cute for me. Still early stages though, so we'll see), Amourshipping (it seems a bit excessive (Serena stalking Ash in the beginning, etc), but is still quite adorable. I honestly think that it's not going to become true despite what other people think, and here's why: when Serena kissed Ash on the lips, Ash didn't respond. Didn't blush, didn't make any movements in surprise, nothing. Ash has reacted to people he has a crush on: in Kanto, just by seeing Giselle, he started blushing hard. Once he found out what she was like and stopped liking her, he stopped blushing b/c of her. So the fact that Ash didn't even blush when kissed by Serena means that he doesn't like Serena that way. In other words, it's one-sided. yes, the director wants Amourshipping to be a thing, but the first director wanted Pokeshipping to be a thing, and that didn't happen. As long as Ash is well liked as a protaganist and Pokemon continues to air the anime, he'll never end up with any girl. Sad, but true.).
Update: Pokemon anime is ending...will be interesting to see who he ends up with. Statistically, Dawn and Serena are the most popular. He could very well not end up with anyone either, though odds are he'll be shown with someone (would be funny if at least 1 of the 2 new protagonists is his child/children) in a time skip. As always, my heart still roots for May. (Advanceshipping ftw!)
Ships I like: Pearlshipping, Rayshipping (idk why), Altoshipping (it does get a bit weird though...)
Neutral ships: Pokeshipping (Misty obviously likes him but she's so...for lack of a better word...bitchy, always yelling at and arguing with him), most other ships.
Disliked ships: yuri/yaoi, most pokemonxhuman ships. I'm not against homosexuality, I just don't like reading stuff about it. Pokemonxhuman gets weird (altoshipping is a notable exception for me, but even that only works for me in certain cases-it helps that latias has a human form. For an example of a great altoshipping story that has latias in pokemon form, see spixprime's true destiny trilogy. It also works out if Ash somehow becomes a latios: see Dragonfall by Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis.)
Hated Ships: Contestshipping: there are many reasons why, and I will be happy to explain via PM. My reasoning is much too long to put on my profile, so you'll have to PM me. Part of it includes the kind of person Drew is.

Artermis Fowl
I support ArtermisxHolly (I believe some call it Hartermis?), though I don't agree with the way Trouble is portrayed in some of those fanfics. This oneshot is what I think should/did happen after the last book.

How to Train Your Dragon
Hiccstrid ftw XD it's canon!!!

Dragon Ball
KrillinxAndroid 18 (K18 I think is the ship name?) and it's canon too! It's a unique ship. Maybe I'll get into more in the future? probably not though

Tristmo. If you don't understand, you don't want to get into this. It's not bad, it's just...the context is not something I want to bring on people. People who know what this means know why (the salt is real oml)

Planned fanfics:

1. (no title as of yet) Rewrite of Ash's journey, in my own way. I plan to do this uniquely, with some borrowed ideas that I'll make my own. Shipping will not come until the end saga, though I might write about their journeys together as a couple?, and it'll be done in a way that even Pokemon the company could use it if they so choose. I can be persuaded to put in hints, and you're welcome to try to argue for why your ship should be the final one in this story. I want to make a story that everyone can enjoy without angst over shippings (except for yuri, yaoi, and contestshipping. oh and negaishipping. I didn't even mention that in my list b/c it's not worth mentioning.) until the end.

Writing Status: Early Planning Stages. Much of my last summer was spent at a summer camp where I lived and breathed math, so unfortunately I haven't gotten much done. I have some of Kanto's plot (roughly 40%) planned out, and I've written 2 chapters. Currently, I'm in the summer between junior and senior year, and I'm insanely busy, so I probably won't get much of it done until senior year second semester. As I plan to have this go across all regions of Pokemon that have been released, this will be a long one.

Update (Summary of my story): I honestly don't think I'll be writing it, but I do think I should at least give a synopsis of sorts. Ash starts out as a 10 year old kid. He's excited to go out on an adventure, pure at heart and innocent, young and free. He treasures relationships deeply and treats his Pokemon like friends. Each region/arc in a region will take about 9 months. Going by the show, there's Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Kanto, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and the most recent arc (Pocket Monsters), of which I'm not sure what to make of just quite yet (since only a few episodes of it have aired). So at the start of the most recent arc, he will be 16 years old. Not as mature yet, but he is starting to be more aware/not oblivious af. One of the reasons I don't think I'll be writing it is because of a lack of ideas as to how to do a rewrite of the anime, but in general he will be less and less stupid/immature. Also, Pikachu will not reset in level every region (because that's dumb). Instead, Pikachu will only step in when there's an emergency (see Pokemon movies for examples), though of course Kanto is an exception to that rule, and when he's fighting high level trainers (example: Battle Frontier). He will catch legendaries but let them out of the Pokeballs so that they can live their lives and fulfill their duties in the world (no comment on whether they tail him without him knowing from time to time xd). He will have a party at his house where his friends show up after every region (so of course, that party's just going to get bigger and bigger...), and keeps in touch with his friends from time to time. Around when he's 18 years and 3 months old (for convenience sake), there will be an arc that is the part I planned most in my story. May goes missing. Ash notices that May is not at the party and calls Norman and Max to see what's going on. He then finds out that she has not been seen by or contacted anyone for almost a week, which is weird because she usually calls her parents twice a week. Suspiciously, Drew is also unavailable for contact. Ash has never liked Drew, as he always put May down, then suddenly switched to being nice to her in Kanto. He'd warned May about Drew being somewhat bipolar, but May put it down to Drew seeing May as a competitor, then maturing and wanting to be friends with her. Time shift to a week earlier. Drew invited May to a beach trip with some fellow coordinators who would meet them at the beach. She thought she was the first one there, but after three days, she tried to contact Dawn (who had supposedly also been invited), only to find out that communications were down. When communications were still down after another two days, she'd tried to leave, but electricity had been cut, so the subway she'd used to get to the beach was unable to run. So she decided to walk. Before she could get far, Drew put her to sleep with sleep powder from his Roserade. Cut to Drew's perspective. He wanted to spend some time alone with May and get her to fall in love with him. He was not in fact bipolar. He'd fallen in love with May, and gotten obsessed with her. Fortunately, he wanted to win her heart cleanly. The beach was near LaRousse city, which he had a lot of influence in (rich boy smh), so he'd arranged for the power to go out. When he saw that May wanted to leave and was even willing to walk miles to get back to LaRousse city, he panicked and put her to sleep. Thankfully, her Blaziken had been out of his Pokeball at the time and reacted fast enough to burn the Sleep Powder before he too was put to sleep. He then carried May and ran away. Unbeknownst to anyone, including May, when Manaphy and May parted, Manaphy left a connection with her so that he could make sure his mom was safe, as well as with his dad, Ash (mom and dad as regarded by Manaphy, not biological). When he felt May go unconscious, he sent out a signal of distress to Ash and scattered words: "" This happens to be right after Ash has called Norman and Max. Alarmed, Ash sets out with Brock to find May. Unknown to them, the Elites of Hoenn are frantically searching for the Blue Orb and the Red Orb, both of which have gone missing. Team Aqua and Team Magma have obtained the Red and Blue Orb, respectively, and found Kyogre and Groudon. Ash manages to find May (cue emotional reunion which is where May starts to have more than just a crush on Ash), but Drew has mobilized people (since he's a rich boy smh) to find may and keep her at the beach. His plan was to come in like a hero and rescue May from them, but then he is told that they have found Ash and May. Infuriated and not thinking clearly, Drew orders them to get rid of Ash. Ash and May are chased to the beach and into the waves. Manaphy has come to near that beach since he has sensed May (and Ash) where he calls on Kyogre (who has the blue orb) to save Ash and May. Unfortunately, this makes Groudon (with the red orb) come, and a fight between Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre ensues. Drew and his men run away, while Ash and May try to stop the fight. Manaphy's soothing and Pikachu's electricity being powerful enough to stun Kyogre help stop Kyogre, while the rest of Ash and May's pokemon barely hold off Groudon. In the process, May is put in danger, and Ash almost dies trying to save her. Thankfully, their attempts have created enough time for Rayquaza to get there (took 5 minutes), and he knocks out Groudon. The Elites show up and retrieve the Blue and Red orbs. Having almost lost May, Ash starts thinking about what May means to him, and realizes she's more than just a friend. Meanwhile, May is slowly falling in love with Ash. It helps that they both can't stand not being physically near each other due to almost having lost each other in the battle, and they cuddle while sleeping. Drew's deeds are exposed, and he is sent to jail (though he does repent). Having seen what Ash is willing to do for May, he realizes that he is too self centered to do the same ("would I be willing to risk my life for May like Ash did?"), and gives up on May. Ash and May then go back to first May's house, then Ash's house, where they spend about 3 months hanging out with each other. (Welcome to lots and lots of sugary fluff.) Ash decides to ask May out (much to May's delight), and they go to the next region together. And the next one. And the one after that. (Optional drama through saving the region/world again and again...but the fluff is mandatory.) Eventually, Ash realizes that he loves May and asks her to marry him. (Insert optional vanilla lemon and LOTS of fluffy goodness.) Eventually, when Ash becomes champion of every region and May has won the Grand Festival of every region in the world, they settle down to have kids. There are two endings I've thought of: one where name a selection of the Legendary Pokemon Ash has helped (heck, just take Arceus) who decide to make Ash (and May, they're a package) immortal and ever youthful (they probably wouldn't have kids in this one), and one where they die of old age, asleep with their backs against a tree in Pallet Town, holding hands and with May's head on Ash's shoulder and his head on her head. Alternates are welcome to be suggested.

A Word about me and fanfiction (may also be a rant): After reading many different stories on Fanfiction, I have become sad, disappointed, and outraged (much more of the first 2) about the sheer number of fanfictions that have been left unfinished/discontinued. The discontinued part I can sympathize with, though I would like to see at least an attempt to finish the story or for a rewrite. Even a summary of what would have happened in the rest of the story would be good. Leaving a story unfinished for years though, is quite heartbreaking for the readers. Even though the author is technically under no obligation to finish his/her story, I am of the opinion that if you start something, you should see it through to the end. Therefore, any fanfictions that I write, I will finish. If I feel that I won't be able to, I simply won't write it, and will instead hand it off to someone else who I am sure will complete the fiction. If I run out of ideas, I will ask for help and periodically update talking about my status. I probably won't start a fanfiction that I'm in risk of running out of ideas on though.

Further rant: If you're going to dispute my ship or try to push your ship, you need to use logic. You need to provide evidence. You need to present valid arguments. You cannot simply ignore things that don't suit your preferences. I hold myself to this, which is why I've come up with so many ways and gone so in depth in defending my ships. Don't expect me to treat your opinion as one that holds as much worth if you cannot do this.

I may or may not create another account to test out my writing, as I am only a beginning writer. I want the rewrite of Ash's journey to be my first story on this account, so other stories will probably be published on another account, then moved over here after I finish most of my rewrite of Ash's journey. You'll know which account it is if you find it: I'll put that in the profile of that account. (Update: ah...youth...)

~~~Favorite FanFiction Quote~~~

-Ash's Idea on Love...

"I knew I was in love because I didn't want to fall asleep. I didn't want to sleep because I knew for once, reality was better than what I could experience in my dreams."

From: The Puppeteer's Wishes, Chapter 31 by LuciferIX

Found this really nice quote that I very much so agree with: "I want to write for my favorite couples, but I'm more afraid that I won't do them justice, so I simply read, and fall in love."

That's it for now. Feel free to PM me anytime. I don't check this daily anymore and I don't do as much reading, but I'd love any recommendations and will respond probably in at most a month (and usually much sooner, like within a week).

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