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Yup, i've changed my user name. Finally, don't know what made me pick Kissybear in the first place but i've been thinking for quite a while what i'd change it into and then it hit actually i don't how i thought up Demonicfaerie either but oh well. It should stay.

Name: heehee, i shall never tell! Never! er, nevermind

Gender: female

Age: 15...bah, each year brings more homework

I've now decided to put my favourites by order of...most favourite. i'm not sure where to insert Harry Potter, but i think it goes in front of T.O.S...oh well i'll fix it soon enough

First and foremost: Tales of Symphonia:

~favorite characters~

Zelos (...real men wear pink...lets just let him believe that for a while longer

Sheena (she can whack the hell outta zelos)

Kratos (so cool...i love his hair)

Raine (my party would die without her...sniff sniff)

Presea (awwww)

Genis (he's cute and gets all blushy in front of presea)

Yuan (oooo...Yuan...oooo)

Botta (he has such a nice accent)

Gnomelettes (they really help you out in the temple of earth...but they're so annoying)

Gnome (teehee, he made fun of sheena's "stuffy language")

Celuis (heee, Zelos likes her...or it -_-)

Undine (voice acting is wonderful, i like how she casts spread)

Luna/Aska (pretty birdy)

~Not so favorite characters~

Colette (She's okay, but a real pain when you want to raise the affection of anyone else) Regal (...he's sorta scary O_O) Shadow (sounds like someone got something stuck in their windpipe)

~hated characters~

Anyone i didn't mention, but especially the Desians! evil!

Favourite couples: these are the ones that make me go: awww, so cute!

Sheelos (go sheelos! the best of them all)

Kraine (Second best to sheelos, their collected persona's are a match made in heaven)

Gensea (one word...aww!...okay, it's not exactly a word)

Colloyd (They're so meant for eachother!)

Horrible couples: Seeing these make me mad! But then again, my dislikes don't mean everybody feels the same way.

Zelette (eww, so not his type. So wrong to replace Sheena!)

Sheloyd ( game it's semi-okay, but otherwise it's just torture. She's older for goodness sakes! And she belongs with Zelos!)

The rest i don't care much for (see how it only bugs me when it involves either Sheena or Zelos?) I'm a die hard Sheelos fan! Hear me roar! ((Ahem)) Arrrrrr!


I love everyone! But my favourites are:

Sango (she has kilala)
Sesshomaru (fluffy!)
Kouga (ooo, wolfie!)
i used to hate Kikyo but since my favourite character is Sango, she doesn't bother me.
Jaken is hilarious! Rin is adorable!

Gundum Seed

More comming soon when i figure out their names

Fllay shall die! She's evil, cause she wants pretty Kira to die ((Sobs))

I take it back! ((wails)) I take it back! ((wails)) I didn't think she'd actually (SPOLIER)

She was so sad, but at least Kira gets to be with Lacus now.

I have also decided to upsate the beyblade section since i don't favour it so much anymore so it's gonna be brief...well shorter than before anyways.

~Favourite characters~

Kai (Gotta love that scarf)
Ray (So cute kitty!)
Tala (A tad bit evil but those eyes are pretty...just like Zelos!)
Max (Season 2 only, so cute...whatever happened to him?)
Joseph (aww)
Daichi (eeheehee! He ripped his pants! eeeheehee!)

~Hated characters~

Wyatt (Can't stand him)
Mariah (Pink looks good only on Zelos!)

New section: Inspirational quotes

Yet again i've changed more to this section, i took out the rest of the quotes and left the only one that makes me go, "aww"

I love thee, I love but thee With a love that shall not die
Till the sun grows cold And the stars grow old.

Willam Shakespeare

Upcomming fics:

Yeah, i took out all the TOS oneshots i was planning since there's a very slight possiblity that i'll actually write them. That's me all right :P if i think to much about something i always end up changing my mind about it. But i am pretty sure i'm going to write a Harry Potter fic, yup an actual chaptered fic. Though i just can't think of a good enough summary! I'm trying to make it somewhat original but there are so many fics in the HP section!

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