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Author has written 3 stories for Sailor Moon X-overs.

Name: EveningShadow

Age: I'm old enough to smoke, but not drink (i don't smoke though)

Gender: female, last time i checked.

Hair: brown and cut to shoulders, have two red streaks in front and bangs.

Eyes: hazel

Likes: manga, anime, going to clubs, and the rest is none of your bussiness

Dislikes: when people bash on other peoples stories. It's one thing to give them constructive critizium, and another to just right. "i hate this fic.", or " it sucks" or whatever you idiots tend to write. if you don't like it then don't bother reading the rest and reviewing. Don't like my views? then since when did i give a damn about you?

Personality: yes as you can see i'm a bitch. I'm also a smartass too. Only to a select few am i caring and sympathetic. I will be nice, unless you start shit with me. overall i'm actually just kind of normal. I have my random hyper moments, and quiet moments. I like to make others laugh, and have a sick sense of humor. Seriously i can take just about anything the wrong way. I also have a short temper, but that's in my genes. got it from my dad.

Fav Anime and Manga: have to say Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, and Sailor Moon.The anime to Furuba is alright, they leave out A LOT of stuff though. Haven't read Inuyasha manga, but the mangas always tend to be better. Which brings me to SM, hate the anime, love the manga. but since the manga's so hard to get now,I mostly have to go with the anime version of the series.

Least Fav Anime and Manga- Lupin series (can't stand that fucking show!) yeah that's about it.

Fav Characters:

Fruits Basket- Shigure (perverts are always funny, but not extreme ones), Uo(she's just like me), Hana(love how she toys with people sometimes), Haru(he's hot, and he's kick ass), Kyou(love his short temper,I would have so much fun teasing him), and Ayame(such a drama queen, andI love his outfits)

Inuyasha- Kouga (he's hot, he's a wolf, and he can kick ass), Rin (who could hate her? honestly?), Sesshomaru (:drool:), Naraku (never seen a bad guy last that long, or look so calm in fights, plus he's tricky), Miroku(see Shigure), Sango(she is no push over, and is very strong. even though she's been through hell, she just keeps going), and Kagura (I think it's cool how she tried to free herself from Naraku andI love her power)

Sailor Moon- Venus (she's a great leader, and has a fun personality), Usagi( whinny, but also real, well in the manga at least.) Hotaru, ( kind of a dark lonely girl, andI think her powers are cool), Haruka(see Uo), Michiru (she can keep Haruka under control), and Setsuna(calm, cool, and collected, even when all hell is breaking loose) I like all of the senshi, but these are my fav.

Least Fav Characters:

Fruits Basket- Rin (stupid slut, that's just my opinion on her so far though), Akito (in the manga he's starting to get on my nerves. I meanI know your doomed to die and aren't that healthy, but you don't see Hotaru being a total bitch!)

Inuyasha- Kagome and Inuyasha(they seriously need to make up their minds. their little love problems are starting to get old and irritating) Renkotsu (I think thats' his name, well it's the fire one. Bastard shouldn't have betrayed Bankotsu and the others)

Sailor Moon- no one actually, unless you count some youma. Wiseman kind of ticked me off though.

Fav Pairings:

Furuba-Yuki/Tohru, Kyou/Tohru, Kyou/Kagura, Hatori/Mayu, Shigure/ his editor(forgot her name)Kisa/Hiro, Uo/Kureno, and Hana/Shishou

Inuyasha- Miroku/Sango, Kagura/Sesshomaru, Inuyasha/Kikyo, Inuyasha/Kagome(when they actually are showing affection), and Rin/Kohaku

Sailor Moon- Usagi/Mamoru, Greg/Ami (forgot his Jap name), Haruka/Michiru, Yaten/Minako, Taiki/Makoto, Taiki/Ami, Seiya/Usagi, Seiya/Hotaru, Helios/Chibiusa, Peraru/Chibiusa, Artemis/Luna, Jedite/Rei, Nephlite/Naru, and Diamond/Setsuna(forgot his Jap name too)

Crossover Pairings:

FB/SM- Kyou/Minako, Hotaru/Momiji, Setsuna/Hatori, Rei/Kyou, Akito/Minako(when it's a He), Haru/Makoto, Haru/Hotaru, Yuki/Ami, Yuki/Usagi, and Akito/Usagi

IY/SM- Sesshomaru/Minako, Sesshomaru/Rei, Sesshomaru/Usagi, Sesshomaru/Hotaru, Sesshomaru/Setsuna(boy he gets paired up a lot), Kouga/Rei, Kouga/Hotaru, Shippo/Hotaru, and Souta/Chibiusa

Other Animes and Mangas I Enjoy: Ouran Host Club, Imadoki, Full Metal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Gundam Wing, Yu Yu Hakusho, some sessons of Dragon Ball Z, Another Gudam series(forgot name), Paradise Kiss, Chobits, Spiral, Ghost in a Shell, Case Closed, Black Cat, Shaman King, Yu-Gi-Oh(mostly only the ancient Egypt series), Naruto, Blood the last Vampire, Vampire Princess Miyu, Vampire Hunter D, and Vampire Game.

I guess that's really all for now. I knowI suck at updating my fics, but it's tough with school and everything. I'll try to write more, and over come my writters block on some. If you have suggestions on them or for perhaps a new fic, then send them to me ASAP. Ok, Bye.
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