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Author has written 7 stories for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Wrestling, and Gossip Girl.

My name is Melissa. After getting into a bunch of new fandoms, and growing up and re-reading some of my horrific stories I wrote when I was 17, I have decided it's time I redeem myself. I am now 24, attending a university, and sadly I am not majoring in anything related to writing. It's just a hobby of mine, my major is Mathematics. I know what you are thinking. OMG a Math major writing?! Yes it's true! Give me a chance PLEASE! I currently teach a math course, and have had a few English classes which I have loved.

Some of these stories dated way back when are of me when I was 17. I have decided to leave them up because I personally no longer have a copy of these stories on file, and I enjoyed and was horrified at rereading some of them and thought that others may be amused of the writing of a 17 year old girl who had little skills, but a wild imagination. Those stories probably won't ever be finished if they haven't already been because I think I am too far advanced and the change in style would be overwhelming.

Currently I do not have a beta reader, but I probably need one, if you are interested feel free to message me.

My current vices of Fandom include (I may or may not have written on these but I enjoy them none the less):

The Vampire Diaries (Delena all the way, but I am not a Stefan hater by any means).

Harry Potter (Mostly Ron and Hermione)

Gossip Girl (Chuck and Blair, oh I do love a good love/hate relationship. I am also a sucker for the bad boy image gone soft).

Lord of the Rings (A good Legolas romance, with any character from wonderful imaginations of others)

Twilight - I have to say something about this one. I am not so much a huge fan. I read the books and felt that at times they were poorly written and boring. Not to say that I am any better but it is just my personal opinion. However, I commend Stephanie Meyer because she does have an amazing imagination, and the fan base of Twilight is jaw droppingly brilliant. Some of the best fanfiction I have ever read were from Twihards. So while I am not a HUGE fan of the series, I occasionally will read a twilight fic. Because the fans make it worth while, and the original story isn't all bad. Ok I am done ranting.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - This was the reason I got into fanfiction. I really do love Spike and Buffy. But I am not an Angel hater either. I can't decide, I love them both!

Castle/Bones - Let's face it. These could be the same show. But I love them both none the less. I don't see how the writers of these two shows can keep the sexual tension going, with absolutely no sex or kissing whatsoever. It's mind boggling to me and fascinates me.

Veronica Mars - Netflix got me onto this one, and I was in love. Logan and Veronica. Another bad boy gone soft *sigh*

Final Fantasy - I love these games. I am an avid gamer. People hear this and immpeaditely think Call of Duty or Modern Warfare, but I haven't gotten into these. I am totally an RPG gamer at heart. I don't even own an xbox.

Wrestling - While I once dabbled in this, and absolutely loved it, I have grown out of it. Most of my favorites are not wrestling anymore, so sadly I probably won't be writing another wrestling fanfiction. The ones I have up though, will stay.

One more thing, I am pretty open to constructive criticism. Its the best kind. However I don't tolerate meanness. So anything that is said that is mean about my writing, will probably be deleted. However if you can state what you have to say nicely I would love to hear it!

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Taunting Death reviews
Set in Season 3 after Chuck "trades" Blair for his hotel. Eventually Chuck/Blair. Rated M, will contain more M rated material in the future. Blair runs away from New York for the holidays, but when scandal follows her, she bites off more than she can chew
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Military School reviews
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I can't think of a description. Its a Buffy/Spike fic though. And I have finished it!
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