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Author has written 5 stories for Gundam Wing/AC, and Pandora Hearts.


Getting all my college applications and scholarships done is a pain in the butt, but hey, education and free money is always worth it... I guess. I started a story! I can't believe it. I thought my poetry was the only thing that would end up on this site. Guess not.


I'm getting on. You know, rollin' with the best of 'em. Anyways, the chapters will be slow and steady, so please stay with me. If anybody has positive criticism, please let me know. I now accept anonymous reviews, which I didn't before because I didn't know I could. (hee hee) Being new at this kind of gives a new meaning to walking in the dark.


ARGH! I suck! I can't believe it took me so long to post a new chapter! Sorry! Thanks to everyone who reviewed. Everyone's ideas helped change my writing a bit and "break out." Hey, if you have any ideas for a story, a challenge, anything really, give me an e-mail. Shadowed is fun every couple weeks, so new work would be appreciated. My muse is out there, it's just that I can't find him/her. THANKS!


Hey everyone. My muse has left. Gone, straight out the window. I don't know what to do... I'm so lonely. No, just kidding. Actually, I just can't figure out where to go on the story. Shadowed is going to be long, so figuring out what to do next is difficult. Give me some time. Have a very wonderful holiday season and hopefully I'll update in 2005.


I'm enroute to another chapter. Just you wait. It's coming. Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's and didn't get too drunk in the process. Drinking and driving is a bad idea, but getting poo-poo faced isn't.


Alright, so give me some feedback on this one. Who should Relena end up with? Who should Heero and Trowa end up with too? Ah, decisions.


Hey, I'm still alive. This feeling of going nowhere with Shadowed is still flittering around. This new story is a break and a new beginning. Good times.


New chapter of Rain Down on Me. It's not going to be a long story. Sorry.


New Chapter of Rain Down on Me! Anyways, schools is getting hectic. AP exams are rearing their ugly heads and now that prom, senior breakfast, and all that other great senior stuff is also on the way, then I'm totally screwed. I hate being involved. Just kidding. I really do enjoy all the work and helping out because I will never get this chance again.


Well, it's been 5 years since I've opened this account. Holy cow. I won't lie, the Gundam stories probably won't ever be finished, so if someone wants to take them off my hands, please be my guest. I found that writing shorter stories works much better because then I don't get story A.D.D. and abandon them after a couple chapters. Better to write something that will be finished. Ha. Also, I've taken a real liking to Pandora Hearts, as you can see with my new stories. I'll get bored of this eventually too, but for now, please enjoy the ride.

I added another one to PH for some insane reason. Kind of weird since I thought I wouldn't write anymore, but the story is kind of blah anyways.

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