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Author has written 6 stories for Kim Possible, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Oh this old account still works.

Well let me use this for awhile until I get the new one up and running.

Well heres a brief intro to who I am.

I am an avid literature reader, A player of the age ole game of tossing a ball into a basket (Basketball for you and me), I love anime and cartoons, uh...I play a lot of video games. Lets see...Well I'll add more to this when I get around to it.

Okay I got around a bit to it.

Name: Aaron Blahblahblah

Age:28 as of now

Nationality: Filipino (Someone from the Philippines if you didn't know)

Current place of living: San Diego California. Couldn't get any better then So-cal.

Hobbies: Basketball, writing, Star Wars, Cartoons, Anime, Comics, Guitar, B-boying, and Biking.

Favorite Comics: Ultimate Spider-man, Sin City, Sandman, Marvel: Civil War, The Ultimates, Star Wars: Clone Wars, and Conan the barbarian.

Favorite books: Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin, The Icewind dale trilogy by R.A. Salvatore, The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind, the wheel of time series by Robert Jordan, Sun Tzu's the Art of War, Book of the Five Rings by Musashi Miyamoto, etc.

Well thats it for personal bio for now.

I love writing. Well usually I write to entertain myself and at times considering I'm my own audience I don't write at all, preferably keeping the stories intact within my head. When I love to share those stories with people I then write it out. So as you can see...

I LOVE REVIEWS. Every critique every comment every word. I take them to heart. If anything I respond to each every one of the your comments wink wink so keep them coming.

Yeah I know a great fanfic writer does not really need to strive for what his audience wants but rather what he wants. But self motivation could only go so far when you find a story having about 200 hits and no reviews.

My works (Both Future and present)

As a budding writer I still have plenty of stories to tell and write. Majority of them are still inside my wee little head. Lets try and change that shall we? Contradicting that though, I often am busy with a lot of things so if I don't update in awhile fear not. I never abandon my creations nor the readers who had come to love my stories. Just be sure to voice out your concerns though. For some strange and random reason, I seem to be writing crossovers. Thats never happened before. I usually try to avoid these but something compelled me to give it a try and make it work.

Kim Possible

Whoa boy. Let me just say I stepped into the big leagues the moment I entered this realm. And I couldn't be any more determined. For awhile now I felt had fallen into a slump of sort. I even made a casual joke about it once a while. " 90 percent crap, 10 percent What the hell is that?". How naive and foolish I was for thinking of us. With such a diverse union of writers of all kinds and talents, it was because of the fanfiction works I've read in Kim Possible that encouraged me to start anew again. And continue to grow I shall. I get my inspirations from MrDrP's epic nature that is "Epic Sitch", to Zaratan's wonderful and always amusing one shots and his "Bonnie's Curse" series (what can I say? I love Bonnie), to Campy and his "Mating Games" which made me a fan of Tara. Classic Cowboy is also the man for showing me a crossover is not necessarily a bad idea provided you know enough of the material at hand to not loose sight of what makes them special.

How did I get into Kim Possible? Simple. The show has awesome witty banters and awesome references to pop culture. The Villians are there to make fun of their own stereotype. The Ron and Kim moments are just great for shipping in general.(These two are meant to be). And Nicole Sullivan as Shego is just icing on the cake.

-Kim Possible: I am Jedi.

As you can see is my first debut into KP fanfiction. And I don't think I was received too badly. As a crossover work of Star Wars and KP I thought of it as a unique concept all on its own. Apparently I've been beaten to the punch. While its not quite as well known as Classic Cowboy's "Knights of the New Republic" nor is it as established as Darth Comrade's work I hope to one day make this story as grandiose as theirs. Unlike Classic Cowboy's this is set before Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy and before the Galactic Civil War. We are delving into the Clone Wars era, a timeline I sort of specialize in as a Star Wars fan. With currently 7 chapters and two side-stories and about 25 steady reviews (keep em coming) it looks promising. I think. Its got about 3874 hits. Thats the most I've gotten out of ANY story I've written.

-Numero Uno

The inspiration? well Ron has mystical monkey powers and an evil alter ego. Why not have an actual evil version of himself killing all the other Ron's in the other parallel universes? As you can see I have already started and have managed to get two chapters on it. Its a story I'm trying to focus more on of the action namely the martial arts but fear not. I do not ignore the humor, the romance, and that epic feel to it. Evil Ron's character is so hard to describe though. I'm trying to take a different angle with him rather then the traditional good Ron versus Evil Ron.

-Kimmie Days and Ron Nights

The First chapter is already up. Like I've stated many times this I planned to do awhile back before I even did Numero Uno and I am Jedi. Its just a way for me to express one of my favorite ships and at the same time help me on some aspects that I'm not pleasantly strong at. I just wanted a NORMAL Kim possible work for once that did not involve crossing parallel universes and traversing to a galaxy far, far, away.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. I get goosebumps every time the show opens up with Katara's monologue. Its that good. I was really attracted to the show at first through its beautiful take on martial arts, myself a student of a couple. Then I just got completely engrossed in the story and the characters. The show does a wonderful job of meshing many asian cultures together to form a coherent and believable world that is both amazing and breathtaking. The animation is quite vivid and good, the battle scenes are to die for unlike some counterparts (Anime...quit disappointing me), and the show is written in a witty and quirky manner. If you have not seen the show do yourself a favor and watch what I feel to be Nickelodeon's last remaining gem.

-A dream that I once knew

What else can I say? I like to be unconventional as possible. Its my very first fan fic that delved into the Avatar world and I felt like I needed something to break away from the string of writers of Zutara, Kataang, and many more popular shipping. Ty Lee and Zuko seemed to be the perfect one for me to write about, it kind of helps that they are my favorite characters as well. It was really after seeing season 3's "The beach" episode that made me appreciate this shipping. Ty Lee's "I know you" got me hook line and sinker to support this ship.

-Freedom's Prodigal Son

My most epic story that I've ever thought of. Doing a back story for a character thats complex both in character and in fandom I thought for sure this one would be a winner. alas...the shipping of Avatar proves too much. It stands at a measly 14 reviews and only 200 hits. But thats okay. I'm having fun writing it.

-What I don't like about you

This was suppose to be a side-project, but it escalated to something bigger. Turning out to be my most successful Avatar story to date. It deals with my version of the Boiling Rock, which in my opinion was a good episode but somewhat mild for my taste. And being a closet Zutara fan I finally decided to do something about it. I'm even thinking of creating an AU universe with this story, with sequels already in mind.


With that said I am not discontinuing my stories. I do plan to complete them on my own time and terms. I wasn't satisfied with how WIDLAY was going so I'm still trying to walk that fine line of finding my perfect ending for it. With that said please be patient and God bless.

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What I Don't Like About You reviews
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