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You are now reading my profile description, and there are 5 possible reasons to why did you click my profile;

1. You want to know something about me (possibly because you liked my fan-fiction);

2. You visited my profile for no reason;

3. You want to see what stories/which authors I favorited (for an unknown reason);

4. You want to find one of my fanfictions;

5. You are a stalker.

Doesn't matter for what reason you are here, you are welcome. Wanted to know something about me? You are in luck.

Name: Why do you want to know that?

Age: 16

I'm from: Serbia

Gender: Male

Beliefs: Agnostic

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual, ever so slightly leaning to bisexual.

I like: Playing games, listening to music, writing and reading fan-fictions.

Favorite games: Minecraft, Five Nights at Freddy's (1,2,3), Call of Duty, Cultures 2 and 3 (all times).

Favorite music: Pop, Dubstep, Rock, Acapella

Favorite singers/music group: Pentatonix (I'm a big fanboy), Pitbull, Imagine Dragons

Favorite emoticon: ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡) Shake that booty, babe ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡) (I luv this emoticon)

A vast majority of my fanfictions will be about Five Nights at Freddy's, however, I might write about something else later on.

How would I describe myself: I am a, rather, shy individual. I can be really humorous at times. Some people see me as a serious person, and some think that I am silly - I can change from one to the other in a matter of seconds. I dislike stereotypes, and always want something new.

Favorite FNAF characters from most favorite to least favorite:

1. Foxy
2. Mangle
3. Golden Freddy
4. Freddy
5. Toy Chica
6. Springtrap
7. Bonnie
8. Toy Bonnie
9. Chica
10. Toy Freddy
11. Marionette/Puppet
12. Balloon boy (I dislike him, I don't hate him)

What I think about each FNAF character. How I see them. They are anthropomorphic.

1. Foxy (male) - A fun, outgoing type character. Calm and collective, can be a little emotional at times. Doesn't want to lose his pirate pride. Looks just like in the game: wears an eye-patch, has hook for his right hand, crimson-pink colored fur, golden eyes, bits of endoskeleton visible (neck, left hand, legs and feet). Perfectly looking, slightly skinny and athletic build as well.

2. Mangle (female) - A shy character. Most of the time serious, really emotional and naive as well. I don't see her as 'mangled', she is a 'fixed' , new animatronic. White and pink colored fur, pale yellow eyes. Foxy is her bae :3 Perfect looking. with female curves and medium-sized breasts.

3. Golden Freddy (male) - A perfect mix of both seriousness and fun. Goldy is the wisest out of all the animatronics. Kind, generous and protective, loves his friends to death. Also the strongest in the group. Freddy's big brother. Golden yellow fur color, black eyes with white pupils. Has a special ability. Slightly muscular appearance and ever so slightly overweight

4. Freddy (male) - Rather fun character, but prone to anger and emotions. Smart, but can be really stubborn at times. Brownish-white fur color with sky-blue eye color. Golden Freddy's little brother. Just like his brother, he is slightly muscular in appearance, ever so slightly overweight.

5. Toy Chica (female) - A strange personality. Really kind and forgiving, but can be a real bitch at times. She has a slightly humorous personality as well. Loves food. Sky-blue eyes with bright yellow colored feathers (she's a chicken). Hips 'on point', breast size D.

6. Springtrap (male) - Unknown yet.

7. Bonnie (male) - An outgoing character, really social and loves to hang out with his friends, not to mention that he has a humorous personality. Purple color fur with crimson eyes and long floppy ears divided into three segments. A little overweight looking as well.

8. Toy Bonnie (male) - Like his counterpart, he is really outgoing and extremely talkative. I imagine him being a little nerdy as well. Light blue fur color, and three-segmented long floppy ears that match fur color. Bright green eyes. Skinny in appearance.

9. Chica (female) - Serious, talkative, loves to cook, loves food (pizza). The second wisest (after Goldy). Yellow colored feathers, lilac coloured eyes. Slightly overweight looking.

10. Toy Freddy (male) - Can be a dick sometimes, a 'born to be a leader' type if no one challenges him, but if someone overshadows him, he accepts it. Very stubborn. Light brown colored fur, blue eyes. Visibly overweight looking.

11. Marionette/Puppet (genderless) - Wants to be a leader, wants control. Very wise, but clumsy. Marionette looks exactly the same as it does in the game.

12. Balloon boy (male) - A typical childish personality and attitude. Loves to mess with the others and prank them, and finds almost everything hilarious. Looks exactly like in the game.

Favorite shippings.


1. Foxy x Mangle

2. Golden Freddy x Toy Chica

3. Bonnie x Chica


1. Freddy x Toy Chica

2. Toy Bonnie x Toy Chica

3. Foxy x Bonnie

4. Toy Chica x Mangle

5. Golden Freddy x Mangle

6. Bonnie x Toy Bonnie

7. Freddy x Bonnie

8. Foxy x OC (yaoi ship :3)

9. Freddy x Chica


1. Foxy x Chica

2. Freddy x Mangle

3. Every other shipping I did not include.


1. Toy Freddy x Chica (a few reasons)

2. Night guards x Animatronics in general

3. Night guard x Night guard

My OC's

1. Unknown OC animatronic (He will make an appearance in an upcoming fanfic (probably))

2. Stephan Stevens (manager of the pizzeria)

3. Adrian Popovich (day guard)

By the way, there is a reason to why I gave them those surnames.

Until we meet again! Peace out.

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Foxy x Mangle - Love within the war reviews
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