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Mermaid's Answering Machine: Hi, can't take your call right now. I'm on vacation and my parents are forcing me to go to school. Thanks! Bye!
Copy/paste for Evanescence fans only. Mermaid: HELLO WORLD! You are talking to one half of FiveRob)Stars. I'm Mermaid. My other 1/2, Bunny, is unavailiable for a moment, so it's just me for a while. YAY! EVILNESS!

Bunny- HEY! I'm here! Don't forget meeeee! well, anyway, if you're here then you must have liked our story! COOOOOL!

Mermaid: Drat. She's back. Oh well. Now, we have two totally different writing styles. I'm the perfectionist. She hates it. I think. I'm also evil. She's good. BAH!

Bunny- YEES! I know...sighs...but, think about it this way...our stories will be interesting! LOL

Mermaid: WHY do you always have to be so happy all the time?

Bunny-I can be mean and depressed too! I would just rather be happy! NO! I'm NOT a prep! I promise!

Mermaid: At least you aren't a per... (fades off) Spoke too soon. MWAHAHAHA!

Bunny-HEEEY! I am NOOOT a prep! I'm one of those people who makes fun of the preps and play tricks on them! Like a fake spider in their desk! God, that one works everytime...

Mermaid: I wasn't going to say prep, my duckie.

Bunny: What were you going to say?

Mermaid: Nothing my duckie. MWAHAHAHA! Anyway, I'm feeling tragic. Expect a tragic story sometime soon. Oh yeah, and Bunny, you can look at that story now. I'm stuck.

Bunny (who just read the doc.): WOW! when it's out, I advise EVERYONE to read it! WOW! That's good. Anyway, I'm gonna have a story comeing soon! YAY!

Mermaid: Glad you approve. Lemme guess, your story is happy and joyous. By the way, Bunny, can I make a shout-out? Yes? No? Well, while I'm waiting for your awnser, I was wondering...Have you read bunny133's story promise is another word for pain? I did. Chapter 10 is the best one so far...Hello? YOU STILL THERE! Aw the hell with it, I'm just going to say it.

Bunny: I'm SOOO SORRY Mermaid! I was SOOO Busy, And yes, you don't need to ask me before posting amything. K? Well, to answer your question(s) Yes, I wrote that story, and thank you!

Mermaid: Ahh. Finally some chatter.

Bunny: Yah, sorry about that, um who exactly is Albert?

Mermaid: Albert is my ex-boyfriend. And I hate him. Didn't I Tell you that? Didn't I just SAY that? GRRRRR!

Bunny: Hi, I'm back. Sorry about the absence! Oh, that guy sounds like a jerk yah. I'm working on that story (angst/tragity), wanna help Mermaid?

Mermaid: Sure. But I have towrite the next chapter of Taken From Me. Oh, and by the way, puh-leeese don't make the new story rated R! Now, where is my muse...

Bunny: Don't worry, I won't! I didn't know you didn't want me to. I've got to get going on that...hummm...

Mermaid: My parents don't want me reading OR writing R (well, M) stuff. Now, excuse me, I'm going on vacation. I'll send you a postcard! Finished-
Cleanin' Out My Closet (PG-13) -Who knew that cleaning your room could bring back so many unwanted memories? Stories in progress-
Taken From Me (PG-13) -The heart only desires what one cannot have. Rated for romance, some cussing, and violence in later chapters.

A Little At A Time (PG-13) -Raven likes BB, BB likes Raven. But Raven's powers can't allow them to date. So she finds a 'safe' way to have a relationship. But what happens when she uses her new power too much? Stories to expect- Before the Dawn- PG-13 R/S. By Bunny
The Teen Titans are the first, the original. Right? Well, after a disturbing discovery on Raven's part, things from the past are discovered...bad things. Things that could tear the titans apart, piece by piece... 1/2 INFO

Mermaid 1/2 Personality

Gender- Female
Hair- Short, REALLY Dark Brown
Eyes- Dark Brown
Appearence- Black Velvet knee-length dress with gold and red trim on sleves and neckline. Knee-high white socks and black boots. Black sword with white blade. Blood red lipsstick. Black Mascara. Bow and quiver of Cupids Arrows. Watch out, Aphrodite, there's a new goddess in town!
Interests- Romance, Humor, Water, Night.
Fav. Pairs- Teen Titans: Rob/Star, Rae/BB, Cyborg/OC, Terra/Nobody. Harry Potter: Ron/Hermionie, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Cho KND: 3/4, 1/5
Other Comments- Stay away from me If I'm having a bad day. I am the side that writes Romance, Tragety, Angst, Humor, and Drama. I'm the evil side. Oh yeah, and if Raven ever explodes anything it's usually a frying pan. I don't know why, but I have a thing with exploding frying pans.
A cool quote: Good girls are bad girls who never get caught.

Bunny 1/2 Personality

Hair-really long, cheastnut brown with blonde and redhighlights.
eyes-dark blue
appearence-baggy jeans W/hole cut in right knee, black, knee high boots, dark purple top, cut off at bottom ribs, white loop earrings on bottom, and blue ones on 2nd hole. silver eye linner, and black lipstick. staff with big aquamirene stone on top, and a moon-shaped belt.
intrests-Romance, drama, water, seashells.
fave pairings- ROB/STAR! (DUH!) BB/Raven, cy/oc (hey! he deserves someone too!), Terra/a firey pit w/spikes, and sharks! (I'm sorry, I dislike Terra VERY much.)
other comments- I LOOVE to get even, my motto, don't get mad, get EVEN! I enjoy writing fluffy romance, things that go wrong, (mild drama) death, suicide parts. I'm really sarcastic. I'm the good side.

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