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Author has written 16 stories for Golden Sun, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

This thing was so ridiculously outdated that I thought I'd better start from scratch. So that's exactly what I did! Without further ado, I present to you:

The New, Improved Official Profile Page



After seven long years, the end of this accursed wait is in sight.

The Golden Sun shall rise once more.

2010 will be a blessed year.

NOTICE. I apologize for not having updated in the past few months. Unfortunately, my life has taken a turn for the hectic. I am taking a number of difficult courses this term, and on top of that I'm looking for an undergraduate research position! (They look really good on grad school applications, I'm told.) And if that isn't enough, I'm in the middle of a landlord-tenant dispute... Therefore, I won't be updating for a while yet. Please bear with me while I go through the busiest period of my life, and know that I haven't forgotten you, dear readers!

Question. What was wrong with the old profile page?
Answer. It was really, REALLY outdated. I HAD to get rid of it.

Q. It is said that Golden Sun: Dark Dawn will chronicle the descendants of the original Golden Sun characters. Comments?

Q. Mudshipper or Valeshipper?
A. Valeshipper.

Q. Kataang or Zutara?
A. Kataang.

Q. Isaac should definitely go out with Mia! That's the way the world works!
A. Not a question, and NOT the way the world works.

A. Not a question.

Q. What's your take on Taang?
A. No.

Q. Tokka?
A. Sounds like a clock.

Q. Who was the best pianist, Liszt or Thalberg?
A. Chopin.

Q. Why didn't you reply to my review?
A. I was probably too busy to do so, and I apologize. I try to make a habit of replying to reviews, but as time goes on I find I have less and less time to do so. Therefore, I've decided only to reply to reviews when I have more to say than just "Thanks for reviewing!". For those that I don't reply to, I'll be lazy and say it here:

Thanks for the reviews! I really appreciate them!

Q. Is Avatar Aang: An Annotated Bibliography finished? Are you taking more suggestions?
A. Avatar Aang: An Annotated Bibliography will NEVER be finished, and I am ALWAYS taking more suggestions! (I specifically set up the format to be like this.) Keep 'em coming, guys!

Q. Nonne ursa es?
A. Ita. Ursa sum.

Q. Pedicabo ego te et irrumabo!
A. Cur me pedicabis irrumabisque?

Q. Zuko's scar is on the wrong side.
A. You're right - it's not on the right side.

Q. Why do you write so much humour?
A. I don't write the humour. I sit at my computer, and my fingers write the humour. I just watch.

Q. Couldn't you do something serious for once?
A. I would, but my fingers refuse to type anything serious for .

Q. What is defenestration?
A. Defenestration is what's going to happen to you if you don't stop asking me what defenestration is.

Q. Did you just step on my laptop?
A. ...Yes.

Q. F = ma?
A. No. F = dp/dt.

Q. dx/dt = x.
A. x = exp(t) + C.

Q. Why calculus?
A. I don't know.

Q. Can you play the Tsungi horn?
A. No. I can play the piano, though.

Q. Chopin's studies, or Liszt's?
A. Chopin's, all the way.

Q. Can you play Rach 3?
A. Can you force Aang to have sex with Azula?

Q. Zaang sucks.
A. Would you rather I write Sokkaang?

Q. I want to see Jenna and Felix get it on!
A. ...

Q. I want to see Katara and Sokka get it on!!
A. ...

Q. I want to see Garet and Kay get it on!
A. ... ...

Q. I want to see Zuko and Azula get it on!!
A. Now that's just sick.

Q. Monkey?
A. Cactus juice.

Weird Chemistry: The Kataang-Zutara Reaction

The Kataang-Zutara reaction normally proceeds exceedingly slowly in aqueous solution. However, mixing them in the presence of Azula causes causes a strongly exothermic reaction:

Kataang(aq) + Zutara(aq) -- Katara(aq) + (1/2) Zuzu(g) + Taang(s)

Zutara is normally only sparingly soluble in water, and will not react significantly with either aqueous Kataang solution or Azula reagent in isolation. In the presence of Azula reagent, some Zu+ ions will react under the influence of the Azula catalyst to form Zuzu(g). Without the presence of Kataang(aq), the resulting Tara- ions would react with the Zuzu gas to reform Zutara. However, in the presence of Kataang Ka+ ions quickly react with the Tara- ions to form Katara(aq) before they can react with Zuzu(g), while the Azula Lightning Effect reduces the resultant Taang+(aq) to Taang(s).

In other words, if you mix Kataang and Zutara while Azula's around, Zuko will leave in a huff and Katara will watch as "chemistry" happens between Toph and Aang. WTF?

Really hard (but possible) Golden Sun quiz: http:///quiz14/quizpu.php?testid=1120778580

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