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As the leader of A Treasure Club I have to say:

I vow to never bash or flame a story on FF because I know how it is to be a beginer in writing, its hard and I will only welcome helpful reviews and thus always encourage writing!

I'm from Canada (Ya Go Canada, eh!). I like books, movies, art and music.

I like books with Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, Neji... Harry Potter people, Kakashi, Itachi, Sasori, Deidara... etc.

I also like Yu-Gi-Oh and InuYasha, Lord of the Rings, Lord of the Flies, Artemis Fowl, Hellboy, Superman, Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean 1&2, Zorro (and the Gay Blade)! Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Twilight (not that much, just like the characters, not the books), Bleach, Mythology (Greek)

Name from birth: Sterling (Yes,I know its a boys name)

Sex: Female and Bi

Pets: One Dog named Pepper

Fav Colours: Black, Red & Green.

Hair: Light Blonde

Fav Animals: Wolf, Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, Fox, Cheeta, Bear

Fav Flower: Sunflower

Fav Number: 9&5.

Eye Colour: Silver/Gray, green, blue... my eyes are weird : P

Height: 5'5 (I'm short)

Age: 19 (Birthday Feb.19/91)

Dream:to skydive, be a voice actor and eat a whole pie by my self :0) Have you ever been in a pie eatting contest? I had one with my friends, we had three people on two teams and we had to eat a whole lime pie each. After that I have never been near another lime pie...

I love reading, I have my own office full of books. I love soccer (I'm the keeper), golf (just started), tennis, football, biking, and swimming. I can speak French and now I'm learning Spanish (I gave up on that one, the teacher was really bad). I've lived all over the world (Born in Malaysia, but I'm still Canadian because my parents are). I hate smoking (not smokers).

The guide to Itachi cyber style:
/o\ -LOL
/_\ -Happy
O/_\O -Shock
O/_\o -Shifty Eyes
@/_\@ -Confused
o/_\o; -Sweat Drop
/_\ -Squee!
O/_\~ -Wink

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Profile Challenges: (If you like them, write them! and if you would like to read them then please message me, I do not have a challenger for every challenge so I'm sorry if thats the case but you can always post the challenge on your profile for others to read and possibly take!)

- Harry Potter/ Ghost Rider: After Hogwarts and the defeat of Voldemort Harry moves to California to start a new life but what he doesn't realize is that he is going to be getting into more trouble than he wants. On his way back from a long storll in the park Harry is ambushed by 5 thugs. Harry was about to pull his wand out when suddenly a man with a leather gacket on and a flaming skull for a head jumps infront of him and by using a chain whip he kills all the thugs right in front of his eyes! Ever since that night Harry has been fallowed by this mystery man called "Ghost Rider". (Ghost Rider/Harry)

- Harry Potter/Beast:Harry accidentally gets a potion dropped on him and discovers some changes… every beast finds him irresistible! Now Harry must live his live at Hogwarts trying to play “keep-away” from the beasties of the forbidden forest. (Any pairing you want, Harry/Lupin, Harry/Draco, Harry/Tom, etc.)

- Final Fantasy VII:Cloud goes into SOLDIER training he is named the 'runt' of the camp. But strange things start to happen and the men are getting scared, the 'thing' that is attacking the soldiers has a obsession over Cloud and makes sure that no one touhes him. Cloud gets dared to go into the woods that the 'thing' is living in and take a picture of it. Cloud moves deeper and deeper into the woods. Suddenly there's a flash or red and he blacks out, that morning he wakes up in his bed without knowing how he got there... (Cloud/Vincent) Information: the camp is near the lab where Vincent stayed at.

- Harry Potter/Gakuen Heaven: Harry just finished high school and got a letter from a All Boys School called Hogwarts! He didn’t know why he got it since he’s heard of this school and they only excepted people who have top class skills/abilities. When he gets there things start to get strange. (Harry/Draco) (I would advise you to watch Gakuen Heaven to fully understand what I’m talking about, it’s a slash anime!)

- Harry Potter/Howl’s Moving Castle: Harry has always wished for adventure since everyday he worked in a hat shop for his aunt and uncle. But what he didn’t want was for a wizard to sweep him off his feet, a evil witch to turn him into a GIRL! Get stalked by a scare crow and get picked up by Howl’s Moving Castle! (Harry/Howl)

Harry Potter/Kyou Kara Maou:Harry and family go to Japan when he was four. Harry was sent out to get something by his aunt. When he got back they were gone. Alone and scared walk around when it started to rain, Harry ran to into Baseball Park and hide under a shelter there. Tears ran down his face as he watched the rain, Harry loved the rain for some reason it helped calm him when he was sad and alone, which was all the time, he didn’t know why his family hated him so much they just called him boy and freak. He still had burses from when his uncle beat him for burning the dinner last night. The sky rumbled and lightning flashed across the dark clouds. Harry was so tired and cold, his eyes grow heavy, and sleep swiped him to the land of dreams where he had a family that loved him, that wanted him. What he didn’t see was a man in shadow walk towards him. “Your Majesty” whispered the stranger before he picked Harry up from the cold wet ground and carried him away into the night. Where a new life awaited him. Harem! Harry/Conrad, Harry/Wolfram, Harry/Gwendal, Harry/Gunter. Info: Its like following the story line but adding and taking things out what do u think I’ll love to see harry doing the things Yuri did and do u think Harry’s eyes should turn black when he is the demon Maou. Harry killed Voldemort the first time when he was one.

- Harry Potter/Artemis Fowl: Harry and the Dursleys travel to Ireland. On their way down to the hotel they stay at their rental car breaks down in the middle of the road. Harry is forced to walk to the nearst house and ask for help, sadly the closest place is a school! Harry walks into the building and goes to the nearest door and opens it. He walked inside and walked right into the middle of a class of all boys alittle older than him, the teacher was yelling at one of the students who looked very pissed off but tried not to show it. The teacher stoped and asked who Harry was, he explained what happened to the car. The teacher looked around the class, her eyes stopped on the boy who was giving her trouble before. She cleared her throut and told him to take Harry to the Headmasters office and take your complaints to him for a change. The boy sighed and walked to the door, pulling Harry with him. They got to the headmasters office and went inside. Harry told him about the car and the fact that his family was still out on the road. The Headmaster looked between Harry and Artemis, he finially told Harry that he couldn't help since they didn't have the aquiptment. Meanwhile Artemis was staring at Harry, sizing him up and noticed his scar on his forhead. The headmaster sent them away, Harry turned to go but Artemis fallowed him. Harry asked what he was doing when Artemis pulled out a cellphone. "I'm calling a friend who can help you, but first we need a ride from him." Harry thanked him and waited for the driver to pick them up. Harry/Artemis(Artemis tells Harry that he should stay at his house since his parents when on a trip, Harry gets inrolled into Artemis's school when the Dursleys abandon him.)

- Harry Potter/Loveless: Harry was just your normal 15 year old, though he had no friends but that was okay, and he did live by himself but he liked it. One day after school he walked back to his house and felt like someone was fallowing him! But everytime he turned around no one would be there, just a cigaret bud on the ground. He turned the corner only to be grabed by the sholders and pulled into a ally. Harry opened his eyes and found himself against a wall with a taller man pinning him in place. Harry coughed on the smoke as the man breathed out. "Sorry," the man said a stomped on the bud. Harry looked fearfully at the dangerous man in front of him. He had no ears! The man grabed Harry shirt and pulled down the neck to show a scar Harry had since he was born, "Hey, what are you doing, stop!" Harry shouted. The man steped back from him. "Just as I thought." He said. (Harry/Sobi)

- Harry Potter/Spiderman:Harry stared out the window in boredom. Today was take your kid to work day even though he was in university! Now Harry was stuck in a small office with his uncle who didn't give a damn if he droped out of this window right now! Speaking of which, (crack) the man that had been cleaning the window had cracked it awhile back but his uncle "Forgot" to tell him it was unsafe to leened against it. A big crack was making its way down the window as Harry leened further to watch a colourful plane fly by. Just before Harry knew what was happening, he fell through the window of the 11th story building! Harry grabed at things as he fell, he wondered if his uncle even noticed he was gone, Harry watched the ground come closer and he brased himself for impact. People below him screamed and pointed at him as he fell. Suddenly he felt a stronge arm wrap around him, stoping him from hitting the ground. Harry clinged into his saver and looked to see who it was but couldn't since he had his back facing the hero. He felt breath blow by his ear and someone whisper "It's okay, I've got you." (Harry/Peter aka Spiderman) (is now being written by SerenityMoonlight)

- Harry Potter/Xmen:Harry had always been a shy kid, having his parents killed at the age of 5 made him shut up for good, never talking was was not a problem since he found a way to comunicate through peoples minds. One afternoon Harry was playing in the park when some strange looking men got out of a truck and took him away! Harry never put up a sruggle but he was scared of the needles the men in white kept putting in him, soon he went to sleep. Eight years have past and Harry was still the quiet person but people started to pick on him and everytime he got angry his hand would grow metal claws and the people would run away. One day Harry was sitting up in his room when he heard the door bell ring and his aunt get it. There was shouting and pushing, but it stoped as soon as it came. Harry felt his whole body start to lose controll and he unwillingly walked downstairs. Then everything went black... When he woke up he felt someone sit on the bed he was laying on. Harry opened his eyes, "Hello grandson." Harry blincked and looked towords the voice. There was an old man with a cape siting on his bed, staring at him with a smile. "Feeling okay?" He asked. Harry looked around the room and saw that they were in a cave of some sort. Suddenly an explotion was heard above them. The man shook his head, "They came earier then I hoped." With that he got up and held out a hand for Harry to take. "You should stay with me, families got to stick together." (Harry/Logan, Harry/Sabertooth(lust), Harry is Magneto's grandson)

- Harry Potter/Van Helsing:Harry is a self-taught wizard; Van Helsing is an agent working for the churches order. When Van Helsing is put up to the task of killing a powerful wizard... Van Helsing steps out from behind the tree, startling the boy so that he spills all that he was carrying. Van H. amediently helps the boy pick everything up; by doing this Van H. got a good look at the boys face. The boy was breathtaking! His stunning green eyes shone up at him, Van H. was losing himself in the boy’s eyes when suddenly the boy bolted out of his arms and made a run for it to the door of the hut. Van shaked his head clear and ran after him catching the boy around his arm before he made it in the house he spun him around so that they were facing each other again, "Do you know of a wizard that lives in these woods?" He asked trying his best not to get caught in those eyes again. "There is no wizard here." The boy stated calmly "There has to be," He pulled the boy closer as he was about to make a run for it, "I'm hear to take care of the man." "What do you mean by taking care of him?" "I'm here to kill him once and for all." The boy’s eyes widened and he yet again tried to make a run for it, "Why are you doing this!" I shouted at him, "I'm not here to hurt YOU!" "Yes you are!" The boy shouted back. That’s when I realized something "Are you the wizard?" I let go of him and he tripped and fell to the ground, "Y-you get away from me!" He shouted at me, "I have a wand." But before he could get it out of his pocket I had my gun in his face, "Your going to kill me aren't you." He stated. "No," I sighed, "I'm got going to do that. But the Order might if I don't, so you’re going to have to come with me." (Harry/Van Hesing)

- Harry Potter/Naruto:Harry stared out the window looking at the ninjas train. He had always wanted to be a ninja since he was little but the fact that who he was stopped him. Harry Potter was the grandson of an elder (you can choose who), which made it hard for him to go anywhere without someone to fallow him and stop him from doing anything dangerous. One day Harry walked to his grandfather’s office. He stopped at the door when he heard a conversation going on from inside the office. Harry peeked around the door and saw four people standing, talking to his grandfather. Harry new that they were ninjas since they had the headbands on, he secretly cursed them for being so lucky. Three of them were around his age and the taller man was probably in his late 20’s. Harry moved in to get a better look but tripped and fell into the room, landing on his face. Everyone stared as he got up and rubbed him nose. Harry looked up and blushed when he saw to of the guys staring at him like they just saw heaven. Harry looked away but his blush was still there. His grandfather stood up, welcoming Harry into the room with open arms. “Aw, just the boy I wanted to see.” Harry looked confused. He got up and walked up to the mans desk. “Grandfather, I was wondering if maybe I could go out today?” His grandfather looked thoughtful. “Well you would need some protection though.” Two of the guys perked up when they heard this. “I’ll do it!” They both shouted then glared at each other. “Great! Then its settled.” Harry looked at the two. They both were very handsome, one had gray hair that stuck up at an angle, and was wearing a mask. While the other had dark hair and black eyes which stared at Harry as if studying him. “Harry, meet Sasuke Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake, your new bodyguards.” -

-Harry Potter/FMA: Harry worked for his father James Potter a.k.a The Mirror Alchemist. He worked as a delivery boy, giving letters to important people. One day he was sent to deliver a important package to The State Alchemist building (I forget what its really called so bare with me). Harry walked up to the office of Lt. Col. Roy Mustang to deliver the package. When he walked in, Lt. Mustang was at his desk talking to another boy. They both looked at Harry in awe. Harry stepped back in surprise. “I’m sorry to interrupt any thing important… I have a package for you from The Mirror Alchemist.” Lt. Mustang got up and walked over to Harry. “Your short.” He said without a hint of pity. Harry blushed. “Edward, come over here.” The boy walked over. “How old are you, boy?” He asked Harry. “16 years.” Harry replied. The boy named Edward grinned and started to dance around. “Finally, someone shorter than me!” He shouted and punched the air in triumph. “Errr…” Harry said confused. “What is your name?” Edward asked after his dance around the office. “Harry, Harry Potter.” Edward and Mustang shook his hand. Harry gave Mustang the package. “Well, thank you for your time, I’ll be leaving now.” Harry walked out after saying a quick goodbye. He walked back down the street but heard someone shouting for him. Harry stopped and looked around. “Wait! Harry stop!” Ed shouted and ran up beside him. “Oh, hello again!” Harry smiled. “You’re the Mirror Alchemist’s son, aren’t you?” Ed asked. Harry nodded. “I work with him, I want to be an alchemist when I grow up!” Ed laughed. “That was my dream too, now I’m a State Alchemist!” He grinned and showed off his pocket watch to Harry. “Wow! So I guess your really good then, right?” Ed nodded. They continued to walk. “Is this your way home too?” Harry asked. “No, I just wanted to walk with you.” “Why?” “I don’t know.” (Edward/Harry, Roy/Harry) -

Naruto:Naruto is turning 16! He disided to have a sleepover with all his guy friends to celibrate it! The only problem is that all of his guy friends have fallen deeply in love with him! So put a oblivious 16 year old beautiful blond boy into a room full of in love, "I'm-going-to-kill-you-if-you-touch-him" boys and what do you get? YAOI! (NaruSasu, NaruGaar, NaruShika, NaruNeji, NaruSai... and anyone else you can think of.)

Naruto: Saukra hates Naruto so she and Ino buy a potion from a witch but they take the wrong one. The one they want was for Naruto to sprout ears and a tail and act like a cat but instead they took a love potion that will make the drinker earisitable(sp?) to the male population! While Naruto ate his ramen Sakura and Ino pour the potion in when Naruto wasn't looking. The next day Naruto wakes up and starts his day like everyday but for some reason all of his guy friends are looking at him strangly! (NaruSasu, NaruGaar (he comes to visit), NaruNeji, NaruShika)

Naruto:Naruto does a jinjsu(sp?) wrong and now can read the thoughts of all the guys! Preview: (and I'm sorry about the spelling, I'm to lazy to put it through spellcheck)

Naruto sat beside Sasuke as they ate their ramen... more like Naruto ate his ramen and Sasuke watched. 'Naruto looks really cute today.' Naruto looked up and stared at Sasuke with wide eyes. 'Whats he looking at?' "What did you say?" Naruto shouted. 'Okay, Naruto you can get made at me all you like, just come over here and I'll shut you up for good.' Sasuke thought as he stared at Naruto's pink lips in hunger. "WHA?" Naruto screamed. 'He's really cute.' "Why are you saying these things? I thought we were just friends!" 'Okay, cute... but insane.' "I am NOT insane!"'I wonder what he's look like in bed.' Naruto stood up and slamed his chopsticks down. "Okay, you have GOT to stop freaking me out here! I don't mind the attention but... you a-and me!Together? That's just weird." He walked away leaving a confused and slightly sad Sasuke behind.Naruto walked to the training grounds hoping that no one would be there but he saw Neji standing there getting ready to kick at one of the obteicals. 'I can sence my Naruto coming now, maybe I should say hi.' "It's okay, I know your busy!" Naruto shouted as he walked over to Neji. 'Wait, what?' "I just came over becasue Sasuke was acting weird today." 'That stupid Uchia trying to steal MY Naruto!' "Your's?" Naruto asked. "What? I didn't say anything." "But you just said... oh never mind, I need something to take my mind off of all this!" Naruto said as he suddenly kicked at one of the polls in the ground. 'If you let me, I could help.' smirk "No, its okay, your training and I don't want you to have to stop just becasue of me!"'What is he talking about, I never- is he reading my mind?' "No, your the one talking so how could I do that?" 'Oh shit!' Neji walked over to Naruto and held his shoulders in his hands, he bent down to Naruto's level. "What did you do today that was different from any other day?" He asked. "Um..." Naruto taped his chin in thought. "Oh! I was practising a new jinjisu but it wasn't working so I took a break." "What jinjius?" Neji asked worried. "Oh, um... just a one to make you hear better than before!" Naruto grinned. 'So cute... crap!' "I'm cute?" Naruto asked confused. "Errr... no, I just saw... a rabbit run by." Neji lied. "Oh! where?" Naruto shouted and looked around. "Um... he ran off, don't worry about it now, we have much more important things to deal with." Neji put an arm around Naruto's shoulders and lead him away from the training ground. "Um... where are we going Neji?" "No where, I just wanted to walk with you, is that okay?" Neji pulled up a barrier in his mind so that Naruto couldn't hear him. 'I have to make sure that he doesn't learn things that he was never suppose to know, I'll have to stay with him the whole day.' "Guess what?" Neji looked down at his hyperactive crush. "What?" "Gaara is suppose to be visiting today and the rest of the week! He said he was on a busness trip to make peace once again between his village and ours but he said he could spend some time with me since it won't take long." Neji's eyes widened at every word. 'Oh crap this is NOT good, what if Gaara likes Naruto too! I already know of the others living here that like my Naruto but I hope Gaara doesn't too, what if Naruto hears something and makes Gaara mad? Destiny has played a tricky card today.' He sighed mentaly.(NaruNeji, NaruGaar, NaruSasu, Naru/anyone else)

Naruto- Naruto is a student working at a space senter for his summer break. When he gets there he meets a strange person by the name of Lee who believe's that there are aliens working in this senter to spy on humans to make sure that they don't find out anything that could lead them to their planet! Naruto doesn't believe in aliens but three even stranger guys are starting to spend WAY to much time around Naruto for their own good. What's worse is that they seem to almost control the station making it hard for Naruto to get rid of them! Now where every Naruto goes he seems to bump into one of them! Are these guys human? Or is Lee talk of alien's getting to his head? (SasuNaru, GaarNaru, NejiNaru) (Oh, and yes, they are aliens:P)

Naruto- Naruto has a little brother who is OBSESSED with Ninja Fighter's Three! One night as Naruto walked back from the washroom he triped over a manga copy of that anime. By doing so he fell on top... or in his case, into the manga! When he woke up he found himself laying on a training ground of some sort. Once he realizes what happened he gets up but stops in his tracks when he sees a boy around his age standing just a couple meters away. The boy with white eyes walks up to him and stares down into Naruto eyes. Naruto gluped and tried not to look back becasue this guy was freaking him out! "Are you new here?" The guy asked. Naruto stared dumbly at him but but then lied. "Yes, um... take me to your leader!" He nervously stated. The guy chuckled and held an arm out for Naruto to hold. "I think I'm going to like you." He said and with a flash he and Naruto spead off towards the village where the 'leader' was. (NejiNaru, GaarNaru, SasuNaru)

Naruto- For some strange reason the school board must have srewed up becasue now Naruto is stuck going to a Ninja School! To hide their mistake they ask him to stay and train as a ninja. The only problem is that this school is for the best of the best and well... Naruto isn't what you'd call the 'best of the best' in any way. So now he's stuck in this high school, trying to cover up the fact that he SUCKS while he works on that problem another one springs up when three of the hottest and most deadly ninja's start to take a liking to him. So you know what that means? The Battle of Love begins! (GaarNaru, SasuNaru, NejiNaru)

Naruto- Sasuke, Neji, Gaara, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Shino all love Naruto but they can't have him since he is a guy and is stright! But something goes wrong with one of the jinjus(sp?) and they all turn into girls! But they realize that they can now try to get Naruto! And of coures Naruto loves this but he doesn't realize that they are guys! Pictures:




Neji: (I know its Hinata but its hard to find someone who looks like Neji!)



Naruto- (If you didn't know already, but I created a challenge about HP/Ouran High School Host Club, and now its being written as a story, this one is like it in many ways but with Naruto.) Naruto is... well no, he isn't smart, or rich... but he does somehow get into a school where you NEED to be those things to get in! Maybe it was the fact that his 'father' works there... but who cares. As Naruto made his way through his new school he got lost and came across a class room. 'Music Room, not being used.' "Well maybe I should just see if anyone is in there anyways." As Naruto opened the door he was pushed back by a gust of wind and bright light. "Eh?" He rubed his eyes and walked in. There standing (or sitting) across from him was 7 guys... who very very handsome! Naruto blushed and backed up only to find that the door had closed, 'He was stuck!' "Welcome to the Host Club." The greeted. (Naruto/ Host Club: Sasuke, Neji, Lee, Gaara, Shikamaru, Sai, Itachi... and anyone else you can think of)

Naruto- What if there was a contest to "Win a day with Sasuke!" (The famous actor)? and what if Naruto's best friend and long time crush, Sakura, won? and what if Sakura disided that Sasuke had to meet Naruto? Would it be love at first sight? Maybe for Sasuke but for Naruto it was 'rivel at first sight' for he now HATED the guy, not that he didn't before, for stealing his future 'girlfriend'! But now why is it that Sasuke keeps 'dropping by' to 'see Sakura' as he claims? Or is there something more? (SasNaru)

Naruto- Naruto's house burns down by some unknown reason when he was away! Now that he's back Naruto has no place to live! But being the 'good teacher' Kakashi is, he lets Naruto stay with him till he finds a new house. Even though he's a little bit weary Naruto say 'yes'. Once they get to Kakashi's house they realize one of two things wrong with this picture. One, Kakashi only has one bed. and Two, no Ramen! Now Naruto is stuck staying with his perverted teacher for a month, without Ramen and only one bed... how could this get worst? Oh wait! It can... Kakashi-pervert starts to fall in love... WITH HIM! (Kakashi/Naruto)

Naruto- Shikamaru like to watch a lot of things... clouds, birds, Tv, the back of his eye lids and... Naruto. For some reason Naruto is not as troublesome as the others and seems to want to 'draw him in' with those big beautiful eyes of his. The only problem is that this gunius can't figure out is how to get Naruto to notice him more than 'as a friend'? He could always trap him in his shadow and tell him the truth then and there but... God! It's WAY to much work... NO! Never it should NEVER be this much work to get a guy to notice him! Should it? (ShikaNaru)

Naruto- One day in the biggest rain storm to hit the land in over 10 years Naruto gots lost! Suddenly as he was walking along a cliff he falls into the river! Thats okay becasue he can swim but as he looks up at the thing he was now holding on to he sees a strange enterance. He climed up one of the polls on eather side of the large rock hiding the enterance the rock suddenly lifts up and pulls him inside! Naruto jumps to his feet only to come face-to-face with the whole Akatsuki group! At the age 16 Naruto was still very small and cute, he had golden locks of hair and beautiful blue eyes. As he stared around at the group in fear and awe his eyes rested on a pair of familear eyes, Itachi. Now the group are stuck with this 'bundle of joy' becasue for some reason none of them have the heart to kill him! Leader-sama has to now asign a person to look after Naruto and make sure that he doesn't ascape and give out information about the group. After a few minutes of thinking he disided to stick Naruto with Itachi and Kisame! Poor Naruto!

Naruto/Pirates of the Caribbean- Naruto is on a trip back to his home with his parents only to have the ship boarded by pirates! Naruto hids himself but no one else ascaped... sadly along with his parents. One last look around the ship Sasuke finds a boy around his age hiding in the captin's quarters. Since Sasuke WAS the Captin of the pirate ship he disided to take the boy back with him instead of leaving him to die like the rest. Naruto was now kidnapped onto the pirate ship with no way out. Even though the Captin who took him was very ... handsome he HATED him! For killing his parents, taking him away from his home, stealing his parents boat and now him! (A/N I'm stuck now let me just tell you what I WAS going to write... Gaara is Davey Jones and falls in love with Naruto but Sasuke loves him too, who is like a serious Jack Sparrow, so its a love triangle.)

Naruto: Deidara is on his way back from his mission. It had been a year since Sasori died and poor Deidara's mind was going at the thought of never seening his danna again. But as they crossed the farming land Deidara spots someone... it was Sasori! But younger! The only problem is that no one in the Akatsuki believe's him and Sasori doesn't seem to remember him either. Deidara starts obsessing over the Sasori named Erin and comes out everyday to sit under a tree and watch Sasori work out in the fields. Why doesn't Sasori remember him? Does it have to do with time jumping or are they starting to see the ghosts of their pasts? (Deidara/Sasori) NEW!

Naruto: After some time in the partnership of Sasori and Deidara, Sasori finally shows his true form to Deidara because his puppet broke in a battle. But the only problem is that Deidara sees love at first sight! Now he can't seem to get the puppet master out of his head and whats worse is that Sasori keeps doing things that make Deidara want to jump him right then anr there! How can Deidara stay away from the obilvious red head or is he doomed to live his life with consent hard-on's till he finally gets his way? (Deidara/Sasori) NEW!

Outfits for A Treasure! This is for the future chapters... when Naruto is 12:

Naruto: Replace the fire with stripes: (And he wears his headband thing on his neck)

Itachi: Has silver hair and purple eyes: (and he is 20)

Sasori: Has now blue eyes and darker red hair:

Tobi: looks the same:

Deidara: When he changes: (You can think up his outfit or draw one for me: P)

Sadly it seems like a few people do not want me to write my story on here. I tend to always write stories that others will enjoy but with a large persent not wanting it then I have no choice but to not write it on here! Ah well, maybe you'll see more from me in the future!

Goodluck everyone! I'm glad you like my stories but like Open Sea, All For One and One For All, and the others, it looks like I'm going to have to give them away. So if you really like A New Start to a New Beginning then hopefuly someone will take it and continue it! For now I'm just going to edit my stories and make them sound better. Cause everyone knows that wrapped sounds a lot better than rapped! lol

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