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hello hello hello...

i might as well write this now (and it goes for everything i write unless it's my own poems i publish):

i own nothing of what you can recognise in the fics, i don't make money from this, it is all written for fun. if it is a HP-fic, then every character one can find in the original books is owned by JKR and not me, however there might be ideas from other fics and please do consider this as a show of approvement on my behalf...

i would also like to add that eventhough i am fairly good at English, then i might still have problems considering grammer and spelling... i tell you this because i hope that you will bear with me...

well i'm a 23 year old danish girl, who is currently unemployed, but i try to write my fanfic, but it's a very slow process... haven't written anything like this before.. never written anything that wasn't school related or suicidal poems, but i do try to write it... i am single: just 'lost' my boyfriend (the 12th dec 04) through 5½ years, but i try to get past that...

i do not know what to write or when to do it...

anyway i must say that i have read a lot of fanfics on this site, but i have of course not read all of them yet... too many for me to do that, but i dotry...

for now i read about super powers and x-men-powers and the like.. you know Super Harry ...

if anyone wants my help on a plot maybe i can help.. i can do plots but write the fics... and if you want it i could also be a beta for you...

well for fav. of stuff now:
books: HP1-4 (not the 5th)
color: red, black, gold, silver and so forth
movies: dunno.. there are a lot out there you know
fanfics: the saga of the red dragon order (all 4), the forgotten spell, three o'clock in the morning, any from my fav-authors
fanfic authors: see my fav-list

i might start putting some of my poems on ff.net ,but only maybe...

well can't quite get more out from my head right now...

Oh yeah.. all of those who is on my fav-lists : PLEASE UPDATE SOON you're killing me... :)

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Harry Potter & the Azkaban Parody by Fangalla Marie and Eppy the House Elf reviews
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