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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter.

I had quite the debate with myself regarding this avatar I have chosen. My first question was rather inane and stupid. “Does it reflect me?” I don’t know, but something about it makes me feel better about myself, at least for now.

Why Do I Write?

Mainly so I can go about my day not having to worry that I’m suddenly going to going to forget where I am and have in-body-experience. So that the scenes and the relationships, words, emotions, thoughts and deeds inside my mind will relax a bit.

I mostly write at night, alone in my bedroom. It’s by my own choice so don’t feel bad for me or anything, if I wanted to I could have it populated with all kinds of pussy, mostly cats though.

Harry Potter

Ahh yes, my writings. From where comes my muse? I haven’t a sodding clue to be honest. It doesn’t seem to be able to make its mind up about when I’m supposed to write or about what. I’m not sure it actually is a muse so much as an addiction to written words.

I hate Ginny, but I hate Ron more. Why? Because he’s a self-centered egotistical bastard and an annoying prick with hang-ups about his own importance, and just can’t stand those kinds of people. Some think I hate Hermione too, because I make her human. Somehow people have this annoying tendency to make the people they like flawless and the people they hate full of them. Me? I like to make the characters human.

I slow Hermione down mostly so she won’t become the Mary-Sue like creature that appears in the books every once in a while. Personally I think it perfectly fine for Hermione to be wrong several times a day, it’s good for her and it makes her less annoying.


Well I don’t play much with boats, tends to get a bit wet. However there a few that irk me enough to let a fic drop from my radar. I detest Harry/Ginny for obvious reason, one of the main points being that people who adore you for who they think you are are not good girlfriend material. Harry/Draco is another one of those epic failures of fiction. I’m sorry if you like the idea, then go cry in some other corner along with the other emos. The sad fact is that Harry being gay doesn’t make any sense. Is Draco gay? Yeah, I’d agree to that. Is Snape? More than likely.

I have come across two or three good Harry/Severus fics in my time. But they were exceptions to the rule. Harry/Draco is just flat out bad, there has never been a fic with that paring that has ever been convincing and there never will be, disagree all you like, but truth will one day catch up. The truth that close to 98 percent of all slash is horrifically bad.

The ships I do tend to like are Harry/any-older-woman not just because I myself am attracted that way, but also because all the women in Harry’s own age are all silly little girls with no clue. No girl Harry’s age is capable of handling his status and fame, nor be able follow him as he grows. They simply don’t have the maturity nor insight into life required to grasp who he is and what he needs.

The only exception to the rule is Luna, but that’s mostly because I believe she’d let Harry live his life and not demand he remain only hers. Luna is smart enough to know she’s not enough and can’t be. The other girls just don’t have right outlook to grasp that concept.

Other Rants

I write Fantasy for the magic, if the story doesn’t have magic, dragons and some magical theory; then I’m not interested. Fantasy is about the unknown, about the Magical World you can build inside your mind. I absolutely cannot stand fiction that serves no other purpose than to pat reality on the back.

Writers who write Fantasy and cannot grasp this single truth are a disgrace to the craft. People who think the relationships are the most important, that’s what the Drama genre is for. Or those who say that placing the events in the Fantasy world is just letting the characters deal with a different kind of electricity are a pollution on writing that serves to do nothing but choke its life and sell it cheaply on Ebay. I hope you hear this someday Goodkind, you self congratulating windbag!

Horouxes. I came across them myself long before the sixth book came out and possibly before JKR herself had even heard of them. They are an old occult legend that I came across while trying to write my own unique story. I dismissed them then as too stupid and unbelievable to be used in a fantasy context. I thought them ludicrous and that I wasn’t desperate enough to go that far. Apparently JKR was. I don’t really care if you believe me or not, fact is fact. Still as I said I dismissed them then as attention seeking works of a lesser mind and moved on, and I still think of them that way.


Lots. Mostly though I’m uploading One Shots at the moment, because frankly they don’t fit in with the way my stories tend to go these days. More than likely I’ll never use even one of them again, so feel free to use them as fodder for your ideas. Should you decide to use them though, give me some credit ey? I did write the blasted things.

I do have a storyline cooking inside my mind at the moment, but then what else have we heard before? It’s also quite a large project involving several cross-overs, I know that’s frowned upon to an extent, but let me relax you. What I’m talking about isn’t taking one world and connecting it invisibly by some string to another. No. What I intend is the let both worlds be the same, just at different points in history.

See I’m really on to something at the moment, I can feel it. And I don’t want to start to write it all down until the idea fledges out some more. The different ideas and scenes are molding themselves together but I haven’t yet grasped the underlying point to the story. If I start writing without a plot, then the story will just circle around itself and become one giant ball of twine. Or in this case a giant ball of plot-bunnies.


By all means leave them, criticize and flame away if that get you off, but realize that you will not dent the story nor make my revise my outlook upon it. In a very real sense, you have no power to change my mind and shouting will only make me drown you out.

I love discussing the Magical World and the ideas therein. I take great pleasure in thinking and questioning about the details that make up the world of Harry Potter as known.

Even if you should think this at any time, I ask that you NOT compare my writing or writing skills to that of JKR, the woman is barely skating by as it is and I really do not like being compared to the mediocre. Her last three books in particular were huge wastes of time, the fifth could be trimmed to two hundred pages and be far better for it. There is no saving of the Half-Baked Plot especially given the obvious strain on the author to remember which character was like what. The Ludicrous Year In A Tent, was even worse and an insult to crap writing.

Still in the greater expanse of things I hope someone somewhere will read my work and say to themselves “hey, I never thought of that!” be inspired and run off to write their own fiction.

That’s what I’d like really, to inspire writing. I can only hope some of it will be good.

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