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Welcome to my chronically typo-ridden and often outdated profile page.

As my name implies, I am infatuated with the Deus Ex series (as well as the mod Zodiac, for the original Deus Ex) and that’s why I originally came here. But over the last few years, I've deleted my Deus Ex story shifted to the Oblivion section. It's not because my dearest series has been replaced, but because I feel that the oceans of open-ended lore in the Elder Scrolls universe gives it a near limitless potential for fan fiction that isn't there in any other universe I've seen.

I’m generally an FPS gamer, with a few role-playing games, and adventure games here and there (and whatever genre you'd call Freespace). The fact that I’m primarily an FPS gamer may seem ironic considering I don’t have a fan fiction based on any FPSes out right now, though. During my time here, I've come to discover and develop a "stream of consciousness"(as one of my readers identified it) style in my writing. Generally I've been writing multi-perspective stories but that's changed with my latest project.

Below is some extra information about stories I've released and stories I'm considering writing. Note I haven't read Infernal City, but I've read the Imperial Library's timeline of the Fourth Era.

Rogue Province, Rogue Agent: Originally titled Enemy Within. This is an Elder Scrolls: Oblivion fan fic, centered around (drum roll please) the Dark Brotherhood. However, I like to think the end, and how it builds up to said ending, makes it distinguished.

Though it follows the Dark Brotherhood questline through most of it, it mostly comes from the prespective of a Shadowscale whose best friend was the traitor "Scar-tail" (and his character has been completely revamped for the story). Thus, it invents a lot of lore to explain the relationship between the Argonian Royal Court and the Dark Brotherhood. There are some other significant elements to the plot (the role of the Argonian Royal Court doesn't fall into irrelevance once she's transferred to the Dark Brotherhood, for instance) but, like with all my stories, it's hard to talk about without spoiling stuff. Maybe reading the reviews will give you a better idea.

Rogue Province, Rogue Agent 2: Bedrock of the Betmer:

Note, the "Rogue Province, Rogue Agent 2:" is no longer in the actual link to the story, as I feared that would be a turn off for people who didn't read the original (even though it shouldn't be because, as it explains in the introductory chapter, one needs not have read the original to understand the key elements of the plot).

The story takes place mostly in Black Marsh, and the Argonian Royal Court is a key figure in the plot. The story will explain the purpose of Hist trees, the Argonian and Khajiiti origins, and the origin of the Khnahaten flu.

Rogue Province, Rogue Agent 3: The Price of Power and Value of Hypocrites

A third installment in the Rogue Province, Rogue Agent series, though nothing like the original and a significant departure from the second. The story takes place in the very early years of the Fourth Era, during a conflict in a dystopian Elsweyr, following an imperial soldier who decides to stay behind to try to finish this extremely unpopular war when political pressure forces the Empire to pull out. No longer bound by the orders of a superior officer or sheltered by a sizable number of comrades, the protagonist is constantly forced to scrape toghether any resources and friends he can find to survive, and make tough ethical choices under the gaze of an increasingly morally absurd Elsweyr and Tamriel. As the story unfolds, he will learn why evil flourishes so well in Elsweyr and Fourth Era Tamriel in general.

This story will likely be my first foray in the more mature route I want to start taking with most of my future works. By mature, I don't mean in the sense that will have lots of cursing, sex, and violence (although this particular story may have a lot of violence), but rather that it will have a serious moral/philosphical undercurrents driving the story. No more cartoonish good vs. evil tales. It's also likely going to be darker than anything I've done before.

This story actually may qualify as a "super-hero fic", as the character is going to be an unusually powerful man acting in defiance of (but not against) any higher authority, taking large matters of good and evil into his own hands. The story actually reminds me a bit of The Dark Knight, though it has been brewing in my head in some form or another since at least 2007.

Project Eden(Title pending):

This story a combination of the "Replicated Man" quest and Main Quest with some very big changes made. When I first played Fallout 3's main quest, I assumed Dr. Braun's machine (the one that created 'Tranquility Lane') was the G.E.C.K. and the clean water it created was strictly virtual. I expected the plot to veer in a very different, and in my opinion much more interesting, direction than it did. But that's what's great about fan fiction: I can take Fallout 3's main story in the direction I originally anticipated, and if I write this story, I will. To reveal much more would likely necessitate spoiling the best of the plot.

I've managed to get a fairly good outline of the plot done. Even so, I don't think it will be my next story.

Colonel Autumn(title pending):

Possibly a one shot, definitely not a full length story. Basically, I wanted to write an event or set of events from the Main Quest from the perspective of Colonel Autumn, covering his introspections and why he thinks it was necessary to take the purifier by force. Autumn was hardly an ice-cold or amoral villian, and I want to use this story to explore his sympathetic side.

"He Who Stands for Nothing...":

A story VERY loosely based on the Mages Guild questline. Really the only thing it preserves is the idea that Necromancers are attacking the guild and Mannimarco's philosophy on good and evil.

Littlehorn and Associates (title pending):

This is a merger of two of my story ideas. It's hard to go into detail without spoiling the plot, but it is meant to explain why Littlehorn and Associates wants to kill the "good people of Wasteland" aswell as reveal a larger conspiracy.

Leyawiin story (title pending, obviously):

Infernal City says Leyawiin was "restless" under Titus Mede. I aim to elaborate.

Honor Among Thieves (title pending, I'm not that cliche):

Like the overwhelming majority of my recent ideas, this is another one with mature, morally ambiguous themes. It deals with Bal Molagmer (yes, BlackJack, I got the idea for a fic about this faction from 434's mention of it). For those who don't know much about them: well, neither do I. For those who don't know ANYTHING about them, let me explain: they are a sub-faction of the Theives Guild who behave like Robin Hoods. Noble theives, that sort of thing.

Anyway, the story follows an operative within their faction. What I've got in mind is sort of like a "Dark Robinhood" type tale, a morally murky story of a well-intentioned theif's deeds and their effects.

Thou Shalt Not Steal is another title I'm considering for this.

Assassin's Creed 2 Reboot:

I've been inspired to write this a few times now. Once after I played Assassin's Creed 2, again after I played Deus Ex: Human Revolution's conspiracy-based story, and yet again watching the AC3 trailer...and yet a fourth, and probably final time after playing AC3. I loved the story and dialogue of AC1. Heck, I'd go as far as to say the game is worth playing SOLELY for those things. However I found myself very disappointed by what AC2 did to continue it. The feel of the original was almost completely lost.

AC3 redeemed the series a bit for me. The "final words" conversations were a refreshing throw back, and Connor's story arch was much less bland than Ezio, and the old moral ambiguity is back.

Still, I can't help but feel Assassin's Creed became convoluted, and it felt like they have been making up the story arch of the series as they go along. Assassin's Creed 1 went from being a brilliant anchor/launch pad for the start of a global conspiracy tale, to an arbitrary point in a conflict between two secret societies (why do they call them Assassins and Templars if they existed before the Hashashin and Templars!? It makes no sense!)

So I want to reboot the series, and start from a clean slate after the end of Assassin's Creed. Like any reboot, it will take many of the same ideas from the canon it is overwriting, however.

The story is going to take place from 1476 to 1484 this time around (not 1476 to 1492), driven forward by both new and old ideas, including the Pazzi Conspiracy, the Italian Salt Wars, and the Nephilem.


Alright, if I write this it will probably be shorter than my other fics. However, it will be the first of its kind in many ways. I'm seriously considering writing my first "romance" story, a tale of a man who took up an offer from Clavicus Vile, recieving a book that contained the keys to the heart of a woman he seemed to be courting futily. A raunchy yet wholesome tale according to my current vision, I often have trouble adequately summarzing my own ideas without giving too much away.


Now that I'm further into my writing "career", I feel like I want to start shifting my stories from simply being...well...stories, to giving them morals (and not the obvious kind, like 'don't be mean') or atleast morally thought-provoking plots. I feel my last two stories lacked the sense of maturity I am now going for in the sense that their villians were fairly "black" and one-dimensional.

My current project, RPRA3, is a venture into that territory. It focuses on being interesting in a thought-provoking, moral way, rather than in an edge-of-your seat, twisty kind of way. However, "Honor Among Thieves" and "Leyawiin story" are both showing promise to be have both forms of positivity in their plot the more I think about them. Although I'm thinking I might move from the Elder Scrolls to Assassin's Creed for my next fic.

Reviews are always welcome, and I hope people point out areas where my work can be improved (within reason, of course). Since I'm considering becoming a professional author, I'd like to learn as much as I can from the writing I'm doing right now (I guess you could say writing fan fiction is like using training wheels, since I'm aware I'll have to get used to thinking of original settings and characters if I want to become a real author, unless I get a publishing contract with Bethesda or the like).

Oh, and most recently I created a C2 community for "Argonian-centric" fics. It's not something I was particularly passionate about, but I figured what the heck. I'll be adding stories as I find them. If you have or know an Argonian-centric story, let me know. Since there seem to be so few Argo-centric stories, I'm not going to go through any sort of screening process (unless it seems you're lying about it being Argonian-centric, but who would do that). (And it is absolutely not an attempt to promote my two Oblivion stories. No, seriously, I swear it isn't. No, really, I'm dead serious, it isn't! Fine, don't believe me then, I don't care!)

Okay, and last but not least, I've started a deviant art page. It will showcase my lackluster fan art for my stories, as well as collections of pictures that inspire me to write for the fictional universes I'm working on (right now there's only one, but that will change quite soon I think).

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