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Greetings to all devoted fans of Robotech!

I address you with the assumption that like me, you are on this site because you are-

1) A sincere fan of the genre & franchise, and are not ready to quit enjoying Robotech even though "official"/formal production of animated / printed product has slowed to a trickle at best.

2) You feel that "Robotech" as we know it is broad enough that there are a good many stories that have been untold not only about characters whom we know (Rick, Lisa, etc.) but also divergent stories about individuals whose names we have never heard, and storylines that have not been explored or conceived of. (Ain't fan fiction great?!)

3) Because of 1 & 2, you are willing to "push the envelope" of acceptance as to what Robotech incorporates in terms storylines and tangents to the mainstream storyline. My assumption is that you have ideas of your own and want to hear the ideas of others as well.

If my assumptions sound like you, I welcome and embrace you.

My Overarching Supposition: Robotech at its core is a story of accelerated human evolution (cultural/social/historical, not necessarily biological) in which humankind is introduced to a radical new technology, and is exposed to and drawn into the aged conflicts of other cultures surrounding that technology. Each of these principal players (The Robotech Masters, the Zentraedi, The Invid, etc.) all must have historical depth and rich texture themselves- beyond what could be told in "traditional" Robotech. With the insertion/collision of mankind into the affairs of these players, I assert that the "Macross Saga" of Robotech ended far too "neatly".

I assert that while Dolza's forces were defeated in an upset of galactic magnitude, that the Zentraedi could not have been utterly obliterated in a single battle as is traditionally implied. I assert that while the Zentreadi may have been decapitated with the death of Dolza, they were NOT neutralized as a force in the universe. I cite the fact that hostilities between The Robotech Masters (with the Zentraedi fighting on their behalf) and The Invid would not / could not have skipped a beat for a minor distraction such as the capture of Zor's Battle Fortress (a.k.a SDF-1).

I assert that The Robotech Masters, while despotic and greedy were not so foolish as to create a massive army of sentient beings (Zentraedi) to wage war on their behalf, equip them with armadas of ships and weapons of unimaginable destructive potential, and then just assume obedience from that force whom they have no reservations about sending off to fight wars of unrivaled violence and carnage. No, paranoia would demand defense from those created to defend them.

My General Storyline: Created and operating outside of the majority "warrior" caste of Zentraedi, The Robotech Masters created an "enforcer" caste whose clandestine function is the quelling of potential revolts or uprisings within the mainstream Zentraedi ranks. Following Dolza's defeat and failure to capture Zor's Battle Fortress, The Robotech Masters abandon governance of empire they have created in an attempt to capture Zor's ship and its technologies for themselves. In this power vacuum, the enforcers realize the opportunity that they have been presented to assume the control held recently by The Robotech Masters.

My storyline follows the emergence of the Zentraedi "enforcer" caste from the shadows, and their eventual campaign to seize the secrets of Robotechnology for themselves, and the inevitable clash with Earth that realization of their objectives demand. At the risk of inciting the wrath of die-hard Robotech purists, I am introducing a "Second Robotech War" with the enforcer caste of Zentraedi. These stories will mention and use where the course of the stories demand "familiar" Robotech characters. The focus of the stories will be on completely new characters however. In this as fans, I beg you for your indulgence.

Execution: My intent is to apply measured amounts of realism to what is still science fiction, of course. "Realism", as I'm defining it for the purpose of my work, means delving into descriptions and details of how things (technologies as well as military operational practices) might work in a fictional world, based on parallels with the real world. I hope to weave this into my stories in a way that is interesting and enhances the narrative, and does not become its centerpiece. I regret that "realism" also demands that I recognize that the "thrilling" elements of "future warfare" also have their costs. People (human and Zentraedi) that I hope readers will find intriguing, engaging, and worthy of emotional investment will die- but the lesson therein is not one that I'm the first to try to communicate.

I welcome all readers and their comments, assuming that I have explained myself adequately above and that these are terms that the reader is willing to accept.

I look forward to our journey down this path together!

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