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Author has written 3 stories for Inuyasha, Anime X-overs, and Teen Titans.

TitanGhost: Is this thing on? (Taps on video camera a few times) Ah good it is. Any way welcome victums to my Bio. Tremble in fear and awe of it. For it is your destiny.

Seshin: (Smacks him on the back of the head) Ignore him. He's being the usual insane idiot as always.

TitanGhost: Oh come now, I'm allowed a little leeway from all the stuff I've written. _

Brown hair cut short though curly, light blue eyes hidden behind glasses. Will resort to violence only if you tick him off enough, otherwise swears in British. Tall, skinny, stronger than I look. Smirks quite a bit, and likes getting under peoples skin at times. Though quick to appologize and help out his friends.

1. Demon's Bane Sword. (Grants the weilder the abilities of any demon that has ever been defeated. That and any human with magic powers. Also grants the use the inate sword abilities of the legendary manslayer Himura Kenshin, Sojuro Seta's super speed, and Saitou's Gatotsu)

2. Crystals of Fire( used for heating or burning objects), Water (used to dissolve objects), Ice (freezes items), Earth (used to bond multiple items together), Wind (used to carve objects), Lightning (used to split an item), Light (used to enrich or restore an item), Dark (used corrupt or decay an item.). (Given to me and Seshin by Cloud Strife Omega)

3. Small Amulet that can summon the Evil of Sash. (5x as dangerous as a bazooka, and 5x as deadly.)(Given to me by Varn)

4. Plushifier (Turns anyone it hits into a plushie. Be they Teen Titans, or reviewers)

5. Nude Ray (Leaves the victim a bit chilly, and thoroughly embarrassed)

6. Unlimited Number of Shower Video tapes of Starfire, Raven, and other girls in the shower. (Taken from Beast Boy and Cyborg when the girls found out they were recording them in the shower)

7. GoodMe: A magic plushie that behaves exactly the opposite way you would. It is activated by saying "GoodMe" 3 times in a row. Once activated, it will not stop acting like you for 1 hour. It cannot be unmade, and it is ultra-annoying. Because it is so annoying, it has been classified as a dangerous and deadly weapon. (Given to me by Evil World Leader)

8. Joy Gloves: Act like JoyBuzzer but with about 200 Volts. Not pleasent to recive. Trust me. (Evil World Leader)

9. Shipifier: Transports anyone hit with it to a location of the wieldler choice. (Evil World Leader again)

10. Sound Equalizer: Takes specific sound and makes it so nobody can hear it. Especially handy when Briar sings. (Thanks to Evil World Leader)

11. HappyBlaster: Leaves the victum laughing for awhile.

12. Sugarizer: Puts the victum on an instant Sugar High.

13. Caffineator: Puts the victum in a caffine high.

14. PervertRay: Turns the victum into a pervert for an hour.

15. EvilLet: Creates an illusion of the victumns worst nightmare for as long as you want.

16. PCS Ray: Puts the victim in a permenant Sugar and Caffine High till they take the antidote.

17. Tickle Ray: Tickles the victim. From Kiko Kamia.

18. Setsubun Demon Destroyers: They contain soybeans from a thousand-year-old plant, soaked in holy water. Able to hospitalize a demon with one shot. And... if you press this switch, (flicks switch) it turns into a sniper rifle. Just remember, do not underestimate the power of beans. (From Evil World Leader)

19. Maskulator: Hold it up and say the emotion and the person will look that way.

Warning Things you should never do
1. Talk about how much Kikyo and InuYasha should be together in front of Seshin. (Seshin nearly beat me up when I once joked about this with her. I'm serious)

2. Try and pair InuYasha, or Kagome up with anyone else. (Trust me don't mess with this cause Seshin would kill me.)

1. Being placed in the same group as others: Sorry, but I've spent my whole life being an individual and I hate it when people think I'm just as bad as other people my age/gender who are misbehaving. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO FOR YOU PEOPLE? BLEED!

2. Being blamed for something I didn't do: I figure this is self explanatory.

3. Guys who don't treat girls withrespect: I am a strong believer that everyone deserves to be treated the same, and I hate it that most teenage guys are such pervs and think about girlsonly in suchways to get laid.

4. Religious Fanatics: Go and worship whatever you choose, just don't force it onme, cause I believe what I want to.

5. People who manipulate others: NO ONE SHOULD DO THIS!IT'S WRONG! Plus you just remind me of Kitten.

6. Those who delete stories for no reason: WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH SCRIPT! I NEED IT IF I'M TO WRITE MY OUTTAKES!

7. Pointless Flamers: You can hate my story cause you don't like how it is, but don't hate it just cause it's humor, or you hate me. (I honestly recieved a flame once from a person who hates humor. You'd think the moronic idiot would have checked the genre. duh.)

1. LyokoGhost: Give me a break. The guy wanted every last one of my stories deleted. And he did it while I was his friend!
2. Preps: They put everyone else down to build themselves up. So yeah.
3. Manipulative People: I don't think I even have to explain this.


Tv Shows
1. Teen Titans
2. InuYasha
3. Rave Master
4. Yu-Gi-Oh
5. Rurouni Kenshin
6. Justice League Unlimited.
7. Tenchi Muyo
8. YuYu Hakusho
10. CSI
11. 24
12. Star Gate SG1
13. Star Gate Atlantis
14. Big O
15. FLCL
16. Megas XLR
17. DragonBall Z
18. Zoids
19. One Piece (Just started watching)
20. Seven Days

1. InuYasha
2. Kagome
3. Miroku
4. Sesshomaru
5. Kouga
6. Sojiro
7. Saitou
8. Kenshin
9. Hiei
10. Jin (The Wind Master)
11. Chu
12. Touya
13. Bui
14. Abby (Gothic computer genius. Need I say more?)
15. Kagato
16. Zoro: (Come on the dude weilds 3 swords at once. How awsome is that!)

People (Ranking means nothing.)
1. Seshin (Big duh there)
2. RiotGurl
3. Evil World Leader
4. Vishia
5. Lightning, Cloud, Fang, Lava, Rocker (Just for fun)
6. DM
7. Star Taro
8. Cloud Strife Omega
9. BloodThirst
10. HKG
11. TSSC
12. Varn
13. Briar
14. DarkVyse 88
15. Troubled Ego
16. Ely
17. Kiko Kamia
18. RavenxWill

Practically any instrumental piece.

Saitou: (Sticks out arm in front of Kenshin) Don't be rushed. Haste will create extra tension and cut your true strength in half.
Kenshin: Saitou.
Saitou: (Opens eyes, and glares at Usui) Besides I'd rather deal with this one myself.
(Rurouni Kenshin "The Wolf Destroys the Eye of the Heart")

Kuwabara: That does it my head as a trampoline is where I draw the line!
(YuYu Hakusho)

Legolas: Final count...42.
Gimli: 42? That's not bad for a pointy-eared Elvish princeling.
Legolas: (Looks at Gimli)
Gimli: I myself am sitting pretty on 43. (Emphasises 43)
Legolas: (Quickly draws arrow, and shoots body Gimli is sitting on)
Gimli: (Stops smoking and looks at Legolas)
Legolas: 43.
Gimli: He was already dead.
Legolas: He was twitching.
Gimli: He was twitching because he's got my ax embedded in his nervous system! (Grabs ax to demonstrate)
Body: (Arms and legs move around when the ax is moved)
(Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers. After the battle of Helms Deep)

Seshin: I'm a tiger.
InuGhost: Right I'll remember not to be too catty to you. (Grins)
Seshin: (Growls then bites InuGhost)
(Talking with Seshin. Yes we are that strange at times)

Bree: You make jokes die a horirble death.
InuGhost: I'm not that bad.
Seshin: Face it you use them so much that your practically beating them to death with a blunt spoon.
InuGhost: (Grumbling) And people wonder why I take jokes badly.
Conversing with my friends about my ability with jokes.

Political correctness will be the death of this country, and imagination/creativity.
My opinion on making things Politically Correct

Those who try to find sanity in insanity are the ones who are actually insane.
Me once again

InuYasha: What ever it is it's big.
Miroku: Yes. Let's run.
InuYasha: Hmm. What no way. You can't just eat and run.
Miroku: If the demon is truly big. Then we are no match for it. Its irrational. Its impossible. Its against my religion.(Does prayer thing)
InuYasha: You outta be arrested.
Sesshomaru and Naraku join forces.

Bashir: The moral of the "Boy who Cried Wolf" is that if you lie all the time then no one will believe you even when your telling the truth.
Garak: Thats not a bad moral, though I prefer the second one myself.
Bashir: Whatother moral?
Garak: Oh its quite simple. Never tell the same lie twice.
StarTrek Deep Space 9 (Who says you can't learn things from old shows?)

Character: He who laughs last was probably killed over the joke.
Shadows of Amn (So I gotthis from a game. Live with it)

Yusuke: I'm the same Yusuke Urameshi, fearless protector of the good stuff, with a healthy kick of nastiness and a general hate for authority. And nothing as trivial as a violent death or a few drops of Demon's blood mixed with mine is going to keep me from helping out my friends in saving the world and kicking the bad guy's ass!
Koenma: (Happy relief sigh and starts laughing and rises to his feet) Hold on! I'm comming with you!
(YuYu Hakusho "Waking the Lost")

Update (6/13/05)

I know I haven't updated this in awhile. Been busy with school and what not, plus I needed a break. Okay anyway all my Teen Titans stories are on hold till I can get new ideas, so the only new stuff is going be under InuYasha. Understand I'm just running into writers blocks, plus Seshin's a big InuYasha fan and she's been real patient while I took a break from it so I owe her.

I also added some new quotes to my profile, plus added a new section for the stuff/people I dislike. Anyway please be patient with me, cause College is not so easy on homework, and I'll do my best to update my stories as quick as possible. So thats it. Oh and feel free to email me if you want I'm always glad to talk to people with fresh/new ideas.

Titans in the Courtroom, Behind the Scenes of Teen Titans, Teen Titans Outtakes, and HairDye are now being posted at Media Miner .org

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