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Sorry to all of my fans, but TOGUROS DAUGHTER has been deleted! (croud boos) I know, i know, but all of the chappies are saved onto my computer! (crowd cheeres) I know, im so brillant, anyway, ill try to put them somewere else and ill let u guys/gals know where and when! Spank you and goodnight!

How did you get here? Ah well, You will pay! (evil music plays)


God damn my little sexy demon... (looks at people reading this) anywho...

Real Status:
Name: Allie
Hair Color: Brownish Black
Eye color: brown, even though there blue in florida and green in mishigan... dont ask.
Age- 13 (not like you peoples care, but my bday is october 24)
Fave Colors: black, green, black, purple, black, blue, pink, red, yellow, and most importantly... BLACK!!!!
Sex- no thanks ^_^ (pauses) oh! you mean gender? Girl. Duh.
State- NY BABY! All hail shopping! (bowing to a shrine with a shopping bag on it and her credit card)
B-day - oct 24
Fave cartoon-InuYasha and Yuyu hakusho
Fave band- Evenecense
Fave song- "Broken" by seether & amy lee (obsecion in progress)
Fave movie(s)- Bruce Almighty and Yuyu hakusho the movie - poltergist report inuyasha the move - relationships toutching threw time
Fave Celeb- Usher (im human)
Fave Teacher- Mr. Gilmartin
Fave subject- Social Studies (and lunch, does that count?)
Personality: POPULAR!!!!!!!! Anyway, im shy, really quiet, but im also cold if you piss me off, which is really hard to do.

Demon Status:
eye color:purple
Hair color:silver
Side:Good guys (how can u know hiei and not kurama, Kurama convinsed me to betray my demon family and be a good guy)
Boss:Koenma (even though no one besides hiei tells me whut 2 do)
Demon Type: Fire/Strength/Psycic/purification, learning swoardsmanship from Hiei

this might sound crazy, but i have a crush on...

1 Kurama
2 Hiei
3 InuYasha
4 Yusuke
5 Jin (from the dark tournerment saga)
6 Kenshin

._. and i also have crushes on boys in school, but im not puttin it on the internet, im not THAT insane ._.

My mood most of the time: ^_^ and hyper, or cold, like hiei, or if your name is Kelly reilly, even colder.

i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha!

i swear, that should be my screesaver.

Thank You to Amanda, Tessa, and Brenda, my Fanfic friendz!

i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha! i luv kurama and hiei and yusuke and inuyasha!

Kuwabara!-Hes a fighter wanna-b
Koenma- friggin toddler
Boton-too bubbly
bad reviews-BEWARE OF MY BF'S (Hiei) RATH!
winter vacation- I HATE BEING STUCK IN MY FREKIN HOUSE AND I HATE FREKIN SNOW AND I HATE BEING COLD! Thats mainly why im dating Hiei and not Kurama. hes a fire app. DIE STUPID SNOW!
Keiko- she took my # 4 man! T.T DIE KEIKO!
Kikio- friggin betraying inuyasha...

Fave Sayings (most are said by Hiei, or as my lil sis calls him, Shiei)-
How does it feel to live in a constant haze of stupidity? - Hiei
Have an issue? Heres a tissue! - my friend Taylor
I blame Canada for Avril Lavine - my friend Amanda
Does it hurt… slacker? - Genkai
You're a team player, a save the day superhero...I hate people like you - Hiei
It seems you don't know me very well. My whole life has been borrowed time - Hiei
Talk all you want. Let’s see what you can do. - Hiei
Now we can grab a bite to eat somewhere… and then go on to Happy Land! - Boton
Your smell… After filling the room with the rose’s sweet aroma, your putrid odor was easy for me to find - Kurama
Fishies! Murp! - my friend Megan
Bugs in a cup! Merp Mer! - my friend Megan
Roses are red, voilets are blue, talking to you, isnt what i do - my friend taylor
Now, are we just gonna sit here or are we going to do the tango? - koenma
don't talk it makes you sound stupid.- yusuke
hn- hiei
and all this time i thought you were a brilient stratigist when really you were just a lucky fool.- kurama
if there were a someone with out a scar on his heart they'd be a shallow soul- hiei
Nice perfume, must you maranade in it? - as sticker from king kullen
I dont like you... Stop crying! - another sticker from king kullen
You really are a fart smeller... i mean a smart fella - my teck teacher, mr peaterson
Did you know that if you add another t to "art", it would be "art-t" - my friend,. amanda
I'll give you a hint, it starts with a b, and ends with a illy - ME OOPS! I JUST TOLD U PEOPLES ONE OF THE MANY BOYZ I LUV!! CRAP! .·´ .·´¨¨)) -:¦:- ~*~wish upon a star~*~ :¦:- ((¸¸.·´ .·´ -:¦:-
-:¦:- ((¸¸

Kurama: Iluvinuyashayyuyu, can you please unchain us from your wall?
Hiei: You better
Yusuke: My wrists hurt
Me: sorry *lossens his chains a little*
Yusuke: thx
Me: welcome
Hiei: Get us off this stupid wall NOW!
Me: What are you going to do about it?
Kurama: Please, Hiei, remember the last time you got her mad?
Hiei: grr...
Yusuke: Ack! Is she gonna strip me too if i get her mad?
Me: Yup
All: *not saying a word*
Hiei: (BEEP) you
Me: Oh, go (BEEP) yourself
Hiei: I cant... IM CHAINED TO A WALL! and even if i wasnt, i wouldnt
Inuyasha: Just shut up. your giving me a headache
Jin: Awwww... does the puppy have a little headache?
Inuyasha: Why you...*tries to wield tetsiga*
Me: Inuyasha! Sit Boy!
Inuyasha: *face hits concrete* owch. THANKS A LOT!
Me: Any time *kisses Inuyasha*
Kenshin: I am so boared, that i am.
Me: Stop saying 'that i am'. is so god (BEEP) annoing
Hiei: I have to agree...
Me: *huge smile on her face* THANK YOU HIEI!!! *starts kissing him like crazy*
InuYasha: You are sooooo messed up.
Kurama: Shhhh! If you make her mad, shes gonna strip you...
Me: *cracks kuckles* too late for a warning *walks twoard InuYasha*

(ten minuets later)

InuYasha: Help.Me.
Hiei: No
InuYasha: Why?
Hiei: You didnt help me
Yusuke: Just be thankful she put both of your clothes back on
Hiei and InuYasha: Hm
(I come back)
Kurama: Where were you?
Me: Eating, i bought you guys food.
Hiei: What?
Me: Well, for you, i bought sweet snow
Me: Okay, jeez (starts feeding hiei the ice cream)
InuYasha: (laughing)
Me: I bought you ramen.
Me: (Pours the soup into his mouth, and is still feeding Hiei at the same time)
Hiei: Okay, im full.
Me: Good, because my folkes need to buy more ice cream
Hiei: whats that
Me; Uh... i mean sweet smow
Hiei: oOo
InuYasha: Yummy :)
Me: All done, do you want me to get you more?
InuYasha: Nope, im good
Yusuke: Wheres the rest of the stuff?
Me: Cooking
Kurama: Okay.
(microwave alarm goes off)
Me: Be right back
Hiei: take your time
(Miroku comes in)
Miroku: InuYasha, what are you soing up there? Kagomes wooried!
InuYasha: GET ME DOWN!
Me: Im back
Miroku: Girl
InuYasha: Miroku!
(Miroku looking at certian parts of my body)
Miroku: Um, excuse me...
Me: Oh, spare me. as a matter of fact... (takes out two spare pairs of chains)
Me: (Catches Miroku and chaines him to wall)
Miroku: Ookkkaaaayyyyy... this is wierd.
Yusuke: Welcome to her bedroom wall... population 7
Miroku: thanks?
Jin: FOOD!
Me: Okay, okay, jeez (Feeding jin a burger)
Jin: Yummy! I like american food
Me: Ditto
Kurama: What on earth is that?
Me: Chinese food, see, your wouldnt know that because you guys are japenese.
All: oOo
Me: Try it (Feeding Kurama)
Kurama: Its really good, thank you
Me: No probbie
Kurama: Ya know, i bet Koenma could probaby give you some powers
Me: YAY!
Yusuke: SHHHHH! She might need to see us more often...
(Kuwabara comes in)
Me: Gotcha! (chains him up too)
Yusuke: Welcome to her bedroom wall, population 8
Me: YAY! Now my friend will be happy! she only likes you! AMY! I CAUGHT KUWABARA!
Amy: YAY! (Comes into room and starts kissing him)
All except for amy and Kuwabara: EWWWWWWWWWW!
Kuwabara: YAY!
Kuwabara: Why do you care?
Amy: Because hes jelouse.
Me: YAH!

(five minuets later)

Hiei: Kurama
Kurama: Hu?
Hiei: Kuwabaras sleeping... and snoring
Kuwabara: (snoring LOUDLY)
Yusuke: Hiei?
Hiei: What is it?
Miroku: y?
Me: I just though of a nickname for all of you ^_^
Hiei: Joy
Me: shaddup... mini me
Hiei: MINI ME!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
Kurama: Clever
Me: Yes, it was, isnt it, pookie?
Kurama:... pookie?
Me: Yes, pookie.
Kurama: (sigh)
Yusuke: Now, what kind of (BEEP)ed up name are you gonna call me?
Me: Something that i know is hallarious to all but you, and keep in mind that ill always gonna love you!
Yusuke: Get on with it
Me: Okay, your nickname is Yusuke Urameshi, Defective Detective
All: XD!
Yusuke: Shaddup!!!!!!!!!
Me: NO!
Kuwabara: (wakes up)
Me: Baka ningen is awake
Hiei: thats not new... ah well...
InuYasha: So, whats mine
Me: Dy do you care, inuyasha! SIT!
Inuyasha: (in pain) owch... (BEEP) u (BEEP)!
Me: Aww... dont get mad at me... puppie
InuYasha: Im not a puppy... anymore
Me: no, thats your nickname... for now ^_^
Miroku: Something nice?
Me: nope
Moriku: :( what is it?
Me: (looks outside her door) >.>

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