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sex: female

me: dark eyes, black hair, full lips...don't get any ideas, I'm actually not that pretty

personality: sort of a loner...punk attitude but dresses more of a sexy tough goth. I have friends but their more like back-up than anything...if you want to get steryo typical the I'm EMO BABY!

fav. artists/bands: Evanescence, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Switchfoot, Green Day, Nickelback, Seether, Korn, Trapt, P.O.D, Utada Hikaru

fav. music types: rock (mostly), reggae, reggaeton, hip-hop. I only listen to the last 3 at parties and stuff 'cuz I can dance to it. Anywhere else it's rOcK!

fav. thingz 2 do: horseback ride, ju-jitsu, kendo, judo, archery, read, belly dancing, soccer

fav. anime's + books + shows: Harry Potter, Inuyasha, Wolf's Rain, Witch Hunter Robin, Naruto, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teen Titans, The Immortals Series, The Circle Opens Series, Circle of Magic Series (the last 3 by Tamora Peirce), Blood and Chocolate, Narnia, Twilight Series, Riley Jenson Series, Inheritance Series, Women of the Otherworld Series, Anita Blake Series, Dante Valentine Series

fav movies: Harry Potter (all of them), Elektra (adored it!), UltraViolet, Resident Evil 2, Problem Child (practically my bible!), XXX, Van Helsing, Ginger Snaps Back, Money Talks, Rush Hour, Naked Weapon (no, not Naked Gun!), and many more that have weapons, blood and fantasy

fav. actors/tresses: Jennifer Garner, Vin Desil, Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich, Kelly Hu

fav. animals: crows, black panthers, wolves, horses (but I really do love all animals)

I like to read stories that are mostly Inuyasha. I like the ones where Kagome is not human (vampire, demon, prophecy etc...). Or when can kick ass: gang leader, assassin, cold hearted etc; I like blood, action, fighting, some romance. I also like when Sesshomaru or Inuyasha has a sister. I like when Harry Potter has a sister 2! And I love Riddick stories where Jack/Kyra is no push over and is just as much of a beast as he is. I love Ridd/Jack/Kyra parings

I have newly discovered the book Twilight and I am in love with it. So currently that is my new obsession. If anyone has found another fanfic site with more of them and could tell me that would be helpful since the ones here are sadly turning out to be much the same.

Feel free to email me for cross overs, as long as I get credit for what ever character you use. I do not respond to stealing lightly.

Yahoo: emoiyedasia

Ok, the entire character Emiko can be kinda 'My Darling Emiko 1 + 2' she is: Inuyasha and Kagome's daughter; Sesshomaru's niece; Shippou's younger sister; Sango and Miroku's god-daughter; Aiko + Kurama's mother

In my story, 'Tensai of the Ookami-Inu', she is Sesshomaru + Inuyasha's younger cousin that they really treat like a sister; Kagome, Rin, Sango+ Ayame's best friend; Miroku's close friend; Huyana's girl friend(later); Kuroihitomi + Wakamusha's daughter, Inutaisho's niece

411 on the story's

I have created my own site and will be posting all of my work there!


Enter the Little Potter is complete

My Darling Emiko I is complete

My Darling Emiko II is complete

Tensai of the Ookami-Inu is complete

The God-Daughter is in process and currently being evaluated to decide further progress

Amethyst Skies is complete

Flower of Fury finally has a title but I have still made no progress on it

The Elf and the Nomad is still being mapped out. I'm not sure if it will make it to the final stages

Of Humans and Wolves is in the final stages of editing

The Destiny of the Uchiha Clan is still being written

~My Darling Emiko~ (Inuyasha)

An Inu-Hanyou named Emiko came back 400 years from Kagome's time to help her find the jewel shards. She has a mission from her father which she keeps a secret from everyone. So, with a very painful past and new loves, Emiko recovers from her tormented past and does what she has to do!

That's done...Although I am proud to say that that story was not originally created by me. (Let me explain!) as you have probably read on one of the chapters, the story originated on a site called 'Ode-to-Inuyasha'. (if you want to see it: ) I ASKED PERMISSION TO USE THIS STORY! I have changed it to my OWN STYLE AND LIKING! I have lost contact with Kelly however, because I can't get any e-mails through.

~My Darling Emiko: The Fox and the Dog~ (Inuyasha)

Emiko's back and badder than ever with new additions to the Inu' gang. But, she's not the only one who is back!


~Chimonamidamonai Emiko~ (Inuyasha)

Emiko and Huyana had been friends...but when she had never gotten over Kigai's death, she turned so cold that even Sesshomaru would shiver. Huyana's tried countless times to heal her broken and cold heart, but it never seems to work. But now, with 1 swift move, her barrier falls and she breaks down.

Long name, huh? Well, it means 'Heart of Stone Emiko'. This fic is just a 1 shot song fic to 'Bring me to Life' by Evanescence.

~Paridise: A Never Ending Journey~ (Wolf's Rain)

This is a poem I thought of as I watched the last episode of Wolf's Rain.

This isn't going anywhere, it's just a poem. Yea yea yea, pick up your jaw, I do write poetry! DARK poetry though...depression, being free..stuff like that. I have lots of poems but they have nothing to do with shows, so I won't post them!

~Enter the Little Potter~ (Harry Potter)

Harry Potter has 2 best friends, but in his own twisted world of chaos, he's completely alone with Voldemort. But this year, he learns he has a very powerful little sister who seems to have it all...god-mothers who care about her, a nice house, a loyal and protective creature-which every known wizard would run from in tears- as a pet, what could be bothering her? Oh, maybe that the Ministry of Magic was trying to kill her! And Voldemort is toying with her head! Why? How? Read to find out! Atleast 3 reviews = 1 update! fair enough, right?


~Tensai of the Ookami-Inu~ (Inuyasha)

(Originally Gift of the Ookami). Kagome's parents and older brother Souta were assassinated when she was 7. She runs of into the woods for her life, meets a ookami-inu, and they learn to survive in the wild together...She goes to live with her aunt Kimi in Tokyo; when Kagome is 15, she stops her home schooling and goes to school were she meets the Inu-tachi and they become friends. But like at all schools, Kagome makes enemies too (she's punkish/goth). Seeing the lives around the normal people around her, Kagome realizes that there is something wrong with her life, or at least what she's doing...

Ok, so me and my big mouth practically told you the entire story. I'm going to use a character from another story, and yes i have emailed the person. ITS A REALLY GOOD STORY CALLED 'The Curse Of The Dragon' by fallenangel7853. READ IT! Of course I changed the character though. This story is my main and only focus. I'll try to update but with school and everything I'm going to be swamped. Bear with me please!


My beta reader for this story: J.E.White

Just to let people know I have added this story on MediaMiner. Most people have unrated versions on that site but sadly I don't have an unrated version, sorry. But it's under the same name (both the story and my account name) and your welcomed to read it and maybe review for it to make me feel special!

~The God-Daughter~ (Harry Potter)

The Charmed sisters recive a prophecy without warning, one that both the Underworld and the Elders have been buzzing about for a while. When Dumbledore, a Headmaster of a British Magic School comes to the sisters for help, they can't turn him down. But the girl they are meant to protect isn't a ray of sunshine, Kyra is proving to be a hassle to take care of, seeing as demon attacks are getting more frequent. The sisters begin to wonder about the little Potter's secrets...

I AM NOT A FAN OF PAIGE, THEREFORE, PRUE WILL BE IN THIS STORY! My time line my be a little out of whack with the seasons and new characters, but I will do the best I can.

This story isn't bringing in many reviews at all and I am seriously considering deleting it or giving it away. PM me if you would like to take over the plot!

~Amethyst Skies~ (Twilight)

In the height of passion, Edward turns Bella after graduation. Bella sees the changes within herself and knows they have nothing to do with her conversion. She flees and finds herself in a bigger mess than before.
It's years later and Bella is living with Rose Alice Esme Cullen, her daughter that attends Forks High School. Rose was happy until it all came crashing down. Not only did she have to deal with her father suddenly popping into the picture, but a seductive young wolf who thursts for her body and an evil vampire family that thirsts for her power.

This story is complete. It is my pride and joy and I thank all of my reviewers!

My beta reader: CJHayes

~Of Humans and Wolves~ (Women of the Otherworld)

Out of all the jobs in the pack, Elena has the most fun one of all, babysitting rouge mutts. Her skills are put to the test when a rouge and young wolf is causing trouble. The most puzzling thing about it is, the young wolf is a girl, one of the few that survived the experiments. And even though she is now protected by the pack, she is still in very grave danger.

My newest story! I will try to update faster since I started it later then I planned.

My beta reader: iluvfangs13

~Story's to come!~

(These stories will be written in no particular order)

~Flower of Fury~ (Pitch Black/Riddick)

(Set after PB.) 5 years ago, Riddick left a scrawny 12 year old tomboy on Heilion Prime with a man he trusted. The convict promised her that he would return. Before he could he gets a message from a certain Holy Man saying that the tomboy had left and gotten into trouble. Now Riddick set out to find her. On the way he meets Jasmine and Janova, the adoptive daughters of a wealthy man on Helion Prime. There's something about these girls that makes makes the soft side of the beast show, and Riddick takes them in.

Writers block, major!!! I have no clue where this story is going!

~The Elf and the Nomad~ (Eragon)

Luella is the odd, half elfen daughter of Kyra, one of the traders in Ceunon. Luella's friends and only family were slaughtered by Ra'zac who were oddly placed around Carvahall. Flooded with images from a mind not her own, she sets out for Narda, a three day journey across the Spine. After getting lost on a stormy night, Luella finds the answer to the mysterious question of what made Galbatorix's army vanish a few years ago. Her name was Gypsy, and she knew what the scar on her left palm meant...

So I have just finished Eldest, the sequel to Eragon. I originally thought of this fic after reading Eragon, but seeing as Thorn in Eldest was exactly how I pictured my dragon (EVERYTHING, including the NAME!!) I had to change things drastically. The story is still being mapped out.

~The Destiny of the Uchiha Clan~ (Naruto)

What if Sasuke wasn't the last Uchiha? What if there was another that was wandering with a lost soul, not knowing what the purpose of it all was. And what if she graduated the academy with Sasuke? How would things change?

This one is still being edited. I'm not sure where or how I plan on ending it without changing the actual plot too much.

~FanFics I Highly Reccomend~


The Curse of the Dragon by fallenangel7853 (funny, drama, angest, highschool, normal pairings)

Heart of a Wolf by BelleDayNight (supernatural, romance, kag/koug)

The Centre by Fireminx (lemons and hentai thoughts, good original plot, normal pairings)

Silver Shadows by Silvershadow66 (gang story, tough girl kaggie)

The Darklight by Anime-Goddess-Sakura (supernatural, female rivalry, kag/sess)

DeathMadien by Anime-Goddess-Sakura (angest, kick ass Kagome, kag/sess)

Gymnest from Hell by sorta-chan (funny, rebel kagome, slight angest. inu/kag)

Turnabout is Fair Play by Ookami-chan (tribal, supernatural, suspense, mystery, slight angest, humour, inu/kag)

A spell is cast on Kagome which bonds her to Inuyasha in a way no one ever thought possible. She changes into a youkai with the biggest stubborn streak ever possible, and the instincts, vulgar vobaculary, and sits to match. She and Inuyasha are almost the same now, and it takes that to realize they are destined for eachother...

I put that summary there because I think the one it has doesn't do it justice. THIS STORY IS 'EFFIN AWSOME! LIKE NO OTHER, I'M DEAD SERIOUS. If you want LOTS of Inu-Kaggie action then heres the story! 5 STARS!

The Lucky Ones by terri bota

This story is on I personally LOVE it. It's really good, and really long.
A human dying human woman has Kagome and Inuyasha take in her orphaned hanyou child. Inuyasha and Kagome grow closer then ever as they raise the child.


The Sound and the Furyan by Madame Hardy (lemon, angst, drama, humor, original plot, very realistic characters)

The Sound and the Furyan II by Madame Hardy (angst, drama, humor)

Finding Furya by lamyka (humor, action/adventure, sci-fi)


The New Bella by CJHayes (action/adenture, romance)

A Thousand Miles by CJHayes (sequal to The New Bella) (action, fantasy, romance)

The Apple Tree by iheartTwilight (romance)

The Blue Haven by iheartTwilight (sequal to The Apple Tree)(romance, action)

Shattered Obsession by iheartTwilight (sequal to The Blue Haven)(romeance, action)

(I'm currently reading them all and I haven't picked my favorite yet. Be patient.)

My Haunting

Don't look into the eyes of the cat, for you'll see my face.

Don't listen to the howls of the dog, for you'll hear my voice.

Don't take in the smell of the horse, for you'll find my scent.

Don't caress the black silk, for you'll feel my skin.

Don't taste the crimson of the prey, for you'll taste my lips.

Don't use the forces of nature against me, for you'll feel my wrath...


Man: Where have you been all my life?
Woman: Hiding from you.

Man: Haven't I seen you someplace before?
Woman: Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore.

Man: Is this seat empty?
Woman: Yes, and this one will be if you sit down.

Man: Your place or mine?
Woman: Both. You go to yours, and I'll go to mine.

Man: So, what do you do for a living?
Woman: I'm a female impersonator.

Man: Hey baby, what's your sign?
Woman: Do not enter.

Man: How do you like your eggs in the morning?
Woman: Unfertilized.

Man: Your body is like a temple.
Woman: Sorry, there are no services today.

Man: I would go to the end of the world for you.
Woman: But would you stay there?

Man: If I could see you naked, I'd die happy.
Woman: If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing.

Man: If I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put u and i together
Woman: Really, I'd put f and u together

When I have a kid I'm gonna put him in one of those strollers for twins and then run around the mall looking frantic.

If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the rest have to drown too?

Just tell Nemo you couldn't find him because you were getting stoned.
He'll understand.

Anatidaephobia: The fear that some where, some how, a duck is watching you...

Halloween: The day your parents tell you to take candy from strangers...interesting

I'll go to your funeral if you go to mine...You're not invited to my funeral!

I dream of a better tomorrow, where Chickens can cross the road and not have their motives questioned.

Keep smiling. It makes people wonder what you're up to.

Random tombstone: "I TOLD you I was sick!"

They say every 1 in 5 people is Chinese. There are five people in my family. Mom, dad, me, Tom, and Kong Shen Heng. I think it's Tom.

When life gives you lemons, make vodka. Then sit back and watch everyone wonder how the hell u just did that.

Before you insult someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you insult them you'll be a mile away and have their shoes.

"Live life dangerously, that's my motto."
"It'll be your epitaph too."

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She has a grueling secret. He leads a dangerous life. Thrown into a world unknown can take its toll on a person. However, Her secret and his dangerous life could be the best bumpy road of their lives as they explore fear, lust, an how to live. I/K,M/S,S/R
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 12 - Words: 71,295 - Reviews: 373 - Favs: 267 - Follows: 217 - Updated: 7/5/2014 - Published: 12/13/2004 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
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Jack returns to a planet she'd rather forget and Riddick is now a hired assasin with no shortage of jobs. But what if one of those he has to kill, is someone he's learned to feel for.
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