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Hello! Gomenasai everyone! I'm sorry I've been away for a while! I've made a decision a while back to take a break from writing fanfiction, and work on some original works of my own. If you would like to read them, please visit me at, under the name Liz's Dystopia. Well, I've decided to come back, and see if I can not only rewrite some of my stories, but also maybe add some new ones. But for now, let me give you a brief bio of myself and my stories.

Name: Liz

Age: Honestly, well, you don't need to know.

Art: I used to do some drawing and pictures a while back, but I decided to stop because of something that happened. I still do draw on occasion, but I stopped posting them up. If you wish to see some of them, please let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

Hair: People say I have brown hair, people say I'm a blonde, people say I'm a red head, well, if you see a picture of me, find out for yourself.

Eyes: My eyes are blue. I don't like them, but everyone else seems to love them. I don't know why, but they do.


Music: I usually listen to some pretty dark and depressing music. Mostly rock music. My taste varies depending on what mood I'm in, like on occasion I listen to Taylor Swift or Jordan Sparks, and from time to time I listen to Rihanna, or Eminem, but I mostly just listen to rock music. As for what genre of rock, well, that depends. I mostly listen to them all.

Bands/Artists: This list is long, but I want to share it. Here's a list of bands that I listen to: HIM, Beseech, Mortal Love, Evanescence, Godsmack, KORN, Disturbed, 69 Eyes, Dead Can Dance, Theatre of Tragedy, Angeldust, After Forever, Trapt, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, Delain, Amorphis, Anathema, Charon, Cradle of Filth, The Gathering, My Dying Bride, Moonspell, Theatres des Vampires, and more.

Television Shows: I like a lot of anime and different television shows. I'm partial to reality television shows, such as Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, I Love New York, The Girls Next Door, Charm School, and others, depending on if they peek my interest. I'm a fan of the Law & Order Series, such as SVU and CI, and Mindfreak. I enjoy a collection of animes, such as Elfen Lied, Naruto, Inuyasha, Cold Case, Sprite: Between Two Worlds, and I used to be a huge fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Beyblade, but I've moved on quickly from it.

Fanfiction Original Characters

Allison Anna Baker

Story: Angel Eyes

Age: 21

Hair: Stawberry Blonde, Light Red

Eyes: Gray

Influenced by: Allison, or "Alli," as she is referred to throughout the story, is inspired by many people I have come across or met in my life, girls and women who have endured harsh relationships, rather physical, mental, or emotional abuse, they've all endured it. I wanted to portray the addiction, the chaos, the pain, and the grief of all of that through this character, and I wanted to reveal a message to everyone out there who has endured those kinds of relationship troubles in this story. There is always a way to escape from a place in your life where you experience nothing but pain. You just have to find that path to escape by.

Katherine Emiko

Story: Memories

Age: 400+

Hair: Black (changes to red)

Eyes: Green (changes to red)

Influenced by: Katherine (also called Kat by multiple characters in the story) was inspired by an idea I had when I spent a day watching Fullmetal Alchemist all at once. Envy had died due to Mercury poisoning, but what was his life like before he died? Well, this character was kind of created by my thoughts that ran through my head, kind of a former love interest of Envy just before he died, and then comes back when he's a Homonculus, wondering not only what happened to him, but also seeking some knowledge of what happened to herself. Just an idea I had for a while.

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