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Author has written 5 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, and Fruits Basket.

I am Nekala,

I have written the fallowing stories

1) Letters from Hiei: The linked scrolls
2) Strange it is (poem)
3) Big brother loves you (poem)
4) A Kiss to Remember
5) I Will Remember (poem)
6) A Penny for Your Thoughts, A Mile in Your Shoes

Please R&R for all of them.

Favorite animes & Mangas:

1) Yu yu Hakusho
2) Yucie
3) Pre'tear
4) Full Metal Panic
5) Full Metal Alchemist
6) Naruto
7) Angelic Layer
8) Inuyasha
9)Azumanga Daioh
10) Slayers
11) Fruits Basket
... and many, many, more.

Favorite Normal couples:

1) Yucie and Arc -from Yucie
2) Yusuke and Keiko -from Yu yu Hakusho
3) Daisuke and Riku -from D N Angel
4) Sasuke and Sakura - from Naruto
5) Kurama and Shizuru -from Yu yu Hakusho
6) Satoshi and Risa (Even though I hate Risa) -from D N Angel
7) Ivy and Nightmare -from Soul Calibur 2
8) Tohru and Hatori -from Fruits Basket
9) Tohru and Yuki -from Fruits Basket

Favorite Yaoi Couples:

1) Ritsu and Ayame -from Fruits Basket (Eeek! I have completly fallen for this couple, they are just so great together!)
2) Daisuke and Satoshi (They're so cute!) -from D N Angel
3) Kurama and Hiei -from Yu yu Hakusho
4) Albel and Fayt -from Star Ocean 3
5) Daisuke and Dark -from D N Angel
6) Kyo and Haru -from Fruits Basket

Favorite Yuri Anime Couples:

1) Chiyo and Sakaki -from Azumanga Daioh
2) Kaede and Sia -from Angelic layer

Favorite quotes:

Kaname: What about that?
Sousuke: I'm just glad it's not a bomb.
Kaname: And this?
Sousuke: They're just voices...
Kaname: Fine, next!
Ghost girl: Go home or drop dead. Go home... drop dead...
Kaname: And this? What do you think of this?
Sousuke: Dispite what you think, equiped with only a hammer she couldn't...
Kaname: That's not the point! She's covered in blood, that's scary! -Full Metal Panic

Please don't be mad at me, your forehead is just so nice and smooth... and there's just so much of it. -Arc from Yucie

Kurama: Come join us Hiei, we're practically family here.
Hiei: Kurama! Don't make me rip out your precious voicebox! - Kurama and Hiei, from Yu Yu Hakusho

Wait a second, you mean "we" right? You planning on going there alone? -Cliff from Star Ocean 3

Ark: I see, then I shall treat you as an adult. kisses her forehead
Yucie: Hmm?
Ark: I just can't get over how great this forehead feels! -Arc and Yucie, from Yucie

Sousuke: Is on the phone Hello? This hospital has been closed for some time now, so if you need help please call 119 for... Looks at Kaname I don't think they're listining to me...
Kaname: Hmm? Listens to the phone
Person on phone: I cant breathe! Ohh, the pain! The pain!
Kaname: Ahhh! - Full Metal Panic

May those who accept their fate be granted happiness, may those who defy it be granted glory. -Miss Edel, from Princess Tutu

I know as much about games as I do about flowers and puppies, wake me up for the end of the world. -Hiei from Yu YuHakusho

"Me! You want me to carry this ogre my myself? Are you kidding me?" -Zelos From Tales of Symphonia

Duck: So what should I call you?
Ruu: Lady Ruu.
Duck: Lady... Ruu...?
Ruu: What's so hard about that?
Duck: It's just strange... I'll just call you Ruu. Still no Mytho huh Ruu? -Duck and Ruu, from Princess Tutu

"When I think of it that way it's like a weight lifted from my shoulders. To know that it's okay just to be alive... you know?" -Sheena from Tales of Symphonia

Mytho has been acting weird, or rather acting strange. That's the same thing... -Duck, from Princess Tutu

Miss Edel: A strong wind can make treetops sway and fan flames but flames burn trees to the ground.
Duck: So... flames and wind and trees eh? So they can never get along?
Miss Edel: Who's to say?
Duck: But if the wind was too strong it would put out the flames and topple the trees so... I don't get it... -Duck and Miss Edel, from Princess Tutu

Dark: You know as a woman, you're really my type.
Satoshi (in his girl disguise): Why thank you... -Dark and Satoshi, from D.N Angel

Dark: Satoshi looked really freaked out by seeing Daisuke on the scene... I've never seen him look so pained. -Dark (about Satoshi), from D.N. Angel

Risa: You know, we might both be suffering becouse... we love him...
Satoshi (in his girl disguise): Hmm... maybe...-Risa and Satoshi, from D.N. Angel

Sheena: I may have to kill you after all.
Collette: When that day comes, I may fight back. -Sheena and Collette, from Tales of Symphonia

Daisuke: Ruku! Don't cry... awww, it's because you don't like me isn't it?
Riku: I'm crying... because I do like you! You dope! -Riku and Daisuke, from D.N. Angel

Lloyd: Oh my g... this thing is heavy!
Presea: Starts to carry the sacred wood
Lloyd: I've lost all confidence as a man... -Lloyd and Presea, from Tales of Symphonia

Satoshi: Yes, you're very pretty.
Dark (as Daisuke and in a girl costume): Why thank you. You should be a good judge, I've seen you in girl clothes! I even almost kissed you!
Satoshi: Oh really? I certianly wouldn't let my school uniform show under my dress... -Dark and Satoshi, from D N Angel

What a happy little world you live in, dream on fool, dream on... -Albel, from Star Ocean 3

If we see something as reality then isn't that reality for us? Isn't that true! -Maria, from Star Ocean 3

If you start whining before we've even started, then we're doomed. If you play, play to win. -Albel, fromStar Ocean 3

I always have the same dream, Rin... is sleeping in the snow... - Sia, from Angelic Layer

Sia: You're always smiling, now I know it's because... you're really strong.
Kaede: No, there's a trick to it...
Sia: hm?
Kaede: Whenever I want to cry, I don't hold back. -Kaede and Sia, from Angelic Layer

"From the moment they are born everyone has the right to live."- Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia

Colette: Our wepons are love!
Genis: And justice! And...
Kratos: -sigh- hope
-Collette, Genis, and Kratos from Tales of Symphonia

Favorite Strange Quotes (from my friends and me):

Lizzy: I am not easily amused! Hey look a trash can!
Nick: That's not interesting...
Lizzy: touches a finger to her head ... Now it is.

Lizzy: Yes, I'm smuggling in illegel drugs like... tylenol.

Nick: Stealing is such a horrible word, I prefer barowing... barowing and never giving it back.

Nick: eating a hamburger and looking at me with disgust Eww, you're eating popcorn chicken? Don't you know they cut the heads off of chicken?
Lizzy: blank stare Well... what do you think they do to cows?

Lizzy: If it takes a chicken a day and a half to lay an egg and a half, how long does it take a grasshopper with a wooden leg to kick all the seeds out of a dill pickle?
Nick, Andy, and Star: What?

Kate (my sister): So you're playing a vidiogame about people in a vidio game who came to the real world in a vidio game? Man, that's wacked!

Kate: Run away! Run away! Run away!
Lizzy: Will you shut up, I haven't even turned it on yet!

Kate: Gah! I can't get past this part in the stupid game! I can't get past the door because I don't have the key, and I can't get the key because of the puzzle surrounding it! Looks at me Do you know what this means?
Lizzy: Ummmm... that you're stuck?
Kate: To the walkthrough!

Nick: I made some lunch! Do you want some?
Andy: Are you kidding? I would rather die than eat your cooking! Eyes widen Nick? What are you doing?

Lizzy: Hey Andy, I have a question...
Andy: What?
Lizzy: Can Akito hug all the members of the zodiac without transforming?
Andy: Duh! She's Akito... she's god! She can do whatever she wants! She can even be a dude if she wants!

Taylor: Hey Lizzy, do you want to hear my new idea?
Lizzy: Not really...
Taylor: Why not?
Lizzy: Because from the moment I say "okay, I'll listen." I get a really bad feeling that tells me I will likely be greatly disturbed or completely regret it later.

Nick: Lizzy! Why is your room so messy?
Lizzy: Because there is a lot of stupid junk all over the floor.
Nick: Hmm... a gum wrapper, a cup with no bottom to it, a brush with no bristles on it, and a headset with only one ear on it... you really need to take better care of your stuff...
Lizzy: No! All that came like that from the store.
Nick: But that's... pointless...
Lizzy: Nods Yep! It just shows how stupid people waste their money. pause. Wait a second! I bought this!
Nick: Buy why did you buy it?
Lizzy: Thinks. Oh yeah! For the free gummy bears!

Lizzy: I have no artistic ability whatsoever. I can picture the image in my mind, but the only thing I get on paper is deformed stick figures!
Andy: I think you just need to steady your hand...
Lizzy: How about I just suck the artistic ability out of your head through a straw... a bendy straw.

Lizzy: Sorry, I'm not using my brain today...
Andy: Do you even have a brain?
Lizzy: Yes! I even drew a picture of it!
Andy: Did the drawing come out well?

Lizzy: Of course everyone loves Albel, he's strong and cold and awesome. I wish to build a statue of him out of soap ten feet high, shave my head, stop bathing, and worship him.
Andy: Hell Yeah!

Andy: (Playing a LOTR trivia game) Okay, finish this sentence... "One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them. One ring to bring them all and in the darkness..." a. Kill them b. Bind them c. Find them again or d. Rape them.
Lizzy: Rape them? giggle

"Some things hurt more when you poke them..." - Stephen

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Yu Yu Hakusho - Rated: K+ - English - Drama - Chapters: 13 - Words: 13,797 - Reviews: 117 - Favs: 39 - Follows: 30 - Updated: 9/8/2007 - Published: 1/29/2005 - Hiei, Yukina - Complete
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Tohru makes a wish for the new year, but the result is not at all what she expected. Something very strange starts to happen. Will the Sohma family be able to cope with these unexpected happenings?
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I Will Remember reviews
A poem about Momiji and his mother. Each suffered because of the other, but in the end, Momiji proved to be stronger. Please R&R.
Fruits Basket - Rated: K - English - Poetry - Chapters: 1 - Words: 317 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 4 - Published: 10/25/2005 - Momiji S.
A Kiss To Remember reviews
Kagura feels lonely and hurt because she thinks no one loves her, but perhaps there is a certain someone who can help the lonely boar open her eyes. KaguraShigure Oneshot
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