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G'day, stranger!

I'm a girl from Austria who likes Anime, Manga and Video Games. And no, there are no kangaroos in my country, if that's what you were thinking :P

This account of mine has existed for three years, and I never uploaded or read anything on here. But now, this will change. Ever since coming into contact with Fanfictions for the first time, I always preferred the German Fanfiction Archive, . As the years passed, I came to notice that the German archive is ridiculously small compared to the English one.

I mean, the German Archive has like, 3.2K Fanfictions in the Pokemon section. Fanfiction.net, on the other hand, sports over 96K Fanfics of the same franchise. My all-time favourite franchise, The Legend of Zelda, barely has over 1K Fanfictions in the German archive, but here, over 31K stories exist. That's way, waaaay bigger than the German archive.

I know, has been around longer than , but it's still disappointing to see so many good franchises not getting the attention they deserve in the German archive. Hell, for some Games and/or Anime, there aren't even categories on ! This bothers me to no end.

Another major problem is the lack of people on . Or, to be precise, the lack of people who actually care about the creators. On , authors rarely get reviews on their stories, if ever. When I click on a story, I always leave a review after reading it.

More often than not, I'm the only reviewer on that masterpiece of a story, which is really sad and even more frustrating for the author. How does one improve their writing if no one ever gives you feedback? How does one keep up their motivation if no one ever tells them stuff like "I like what you did there. Keep going!" ?

I experienced this on my own stories on aswell. And that, people, is the main reason why I've chosen to emigrate to . The German archive is just so damn understaffed. If you find a handful fanfics of a game in the German archive, you'll find at least 2K on here. If your story gets no reviews in the German archive, even three weeks after you uploaded it, it'll get at least three reviews on here in less than five days.

Another great reason for me to emigrate here is because I'm very interested in the English language. This is underlined by the fact that I started studying English at my local University a few months ago. I'd like to improve my linguistic skills, to get even better at understanding and using English, to the point where people are no longer able to tell whether or not I'm a native speaker.

Which brings me to my next point: Criticism. It's very important to me. If you notice anything in my stories that sounds weird or doesn't quite add up, let me know! I want to improve, and for that, I need feedback. Of course, I wouldn't mind a few compliments, but what author would say no to these? That being said, if you read my stories, make sure to leave a review and tell me what I could do better next time. By the way, I'm a sucker for headcanons, so if you got some, don't be shy! Add them to your review!

You might ask yourself what franchises I'll be writing for. My main interests lie in Zelda, Persona, and Sonic. Sometimes also Fairy Tail.

As I've already implied, my hobbyhorse always has been and probably always will be The Legend of Zelda. You'll be seeing me uploading Zelda-related content, or, to be precise, ZeLink (Zelda x Link for those who have never used the term or heard of it) related. The pairing itself has charmed me since my early childhood. Though I like ZeLink in almost all incarnations, my focus will probably be on the incarnations from the games I've played. Except for the games that have Toon Zelda and Toon Link, because they'd be a bit too young for romance in those incarnations. Platonic stuff, however, would still be an option for those. But for the romance, I'll focus on TP, BOTW and SS, because both characters look more mature in those games. And yes, shame on me, I never played OOT and MM. Simply because I don't like the graphics. Anyways, I actually do consider playing the HD remakes, but I'm still very iffy about the graphics in those two games. It's just too angular for my taste. AUs are always an option, though I've never really written AUs, except for a few drabbles. But they're still a possibility.

Other stuff I like? Earthbound/Mother, Fire Emblem, Super Smash Bros., the Danganronpa triology, Re:Zero, My Hero Academia, Toradora, and Sonic.

Anything else? Well, I'm half Austrian and half Italian, I equally love cats and dogs but birds are my favourite type of pet animals, I prefer Italian cuisine over anything else, I'm bi, and I would slap someone for my best friend.

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