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hmm...what to say of myself ??

Well I love reading fanfics since they explore new ideas of things. How old am I again? Oh yes 1,524 years old oh wait no that's not right oh well not like any of you care. I'm female last time I checked. I have problems with spelling so forgive me but I'm dyslexic and have a hard time catching the mistakes. If there is anyone out there that would like to correct my stories I love you forever but I would most likely give you a headache lol. As most of you might have seen I write mostly Sasuke / Sakura stories. I have one Naruto/ Hinata story now ( yay me!) I takes me forever to write chapters now a days because of my dyslexia. My brain be broken somewhere lol ( must have been when I was dropped on my head as a kid Lol) FYI Batman is my smaller sister in case anyone ask. She likes to poke into the stories once in a while. And no i have no idea why she calls herself batman lol

The pairings that I like the most are

Sasuke/ Sakura




the pairings that I somewhat like



Pairs that will make me twitch to no end ( As in I will not pair them up ever!)

Orochimaru/Sasuke ( @.@ ewwwwwww )

Itachi/ Sasuke ( O.o just no.)

Sasuke/Hinata ( -.- they don't even know each other)

Neji/Hinata ( T.T they know each other too well )

I don't know why the last two don't go well with me might be that I see them as bad pairings. well I don't know what else you would want to know about me I'm not that fascinating...I have a pet rock!...wait that's not that fascinating damn.

Quick announcement! For those that ever wondered how Hinata and Naruto ended up bonding wonder no more! I bring to you their story in a brand new story by the name of “Ivory Moon.” Ivory Moon will be dealing with the past so some character you came to know in Night of Ebony won’t be there but rejoice for new characters will be introduced. This story won’t be all that long so you won’t have to wait so long for updates on chapters. This is my first Naruto/Hinata fanfiction since I do mostly Susake/Sakura so wish me luck! :) So please check out my new story and don’t forget to review I like hearing what you have to say :)


-Black wings of the night.

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