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Hiya, kids! (Reviers/readers: >. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!) ' Ehheh...that's kind of a long story...

Well, to begin it all, somwhere in the middle ofOctober my computer rather...died. Quite dramatically, in fact. The power supply went bang! quite literally and smoke was everywhere and...yes. Died. ALONG WITH ALL MY WRITING FILES, IDEAS, PLOT BUNNIES, AND MY MINE SWEEPER HIGHS! -ahem- Which meant that I needed a new computer. Now, believe it or not, new computers are NOT cheap. Which meant I needed money to get a new one, which led to a six-month (or so) wait, and...well, here I am! I promise I'll work on Fullmetal Stampede soon, and I might be revamping it, cause I don't like writing in first person anymore. If I do revamp it, I'll take them all down and put them up as soon as I can 'fix' them. I'll keep everything the same, no worries, and maybe even add some stuff. I'm even over my writers block for what will be at least two meduim-sized or one super-long chapter! It's going to be great, I can tell you that much.

Oh, and the other thing I have to mention...in my extremely-long absense, my Yahoo! was deactivated, which means it DELETED ALL MY REVIEWS! Major problemo, let me tell you. I'm going to have to go through my list manually to find out who got closest to what the dream meant and send them an email, etc. etc. So as of today, April 17 of 2006, the competition is CLOSED. Thanks in advance to eveyone who guessed, and the winner as well as -some- of the true meanings will appear in whatever chapter ends up being the new one.

As always, if you have any questions/comments/critiques please either review the pertinent chapter or email me!

Ja ne,


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