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Author has written 3 stories for Final Fantasy XI, Star Fox, and Mega Man.

A long time ago, there was a boy. This boy played videogames. He loved them, and wanted, more than anything, to make them. But this boy was lazy, and he hated, more than anything, math. And to make those games he loved so much, math, as it turned out, was far more important than being able to beat Mega Man 2 without dying. Which honestly kinda blows, but live and learn, right? Who DOESN'T hire a dude who can beat Battletoads? Who doesn't respect being able to beat the original TMNT on the NES without losing a turtle? Heathens, that's who!


He, like a lot of kids in the early 90's, got a taste of some of that Anime, which meshed pretty nicely with his gaming habit, and when he finally got access to the internet, he found that there were lots of people like him, but these people did something with that interest. They may not have been making games, but they were writing about them, and about the characters within, and this blew his little mind.

This boy had something else that he possessed some degree of talent at that didn't involve owning Mavericks and beating Ace Combat 2 on the hardest difficulty, and it was writing. That was what others told him, but he was either humble, or emo, possibly emo since he did like Linkin Park a lot in high school, and he always disagreed with his friends and his family. It was honestly pretty disappointing to witness, because that boy talked himself out of so many things that he started. He was far from alone in that sort of behavior, but the effects of that cultivated sense of 'inability' linger to this day, and as you can see here, there are things that were started years ago, and abandoned, because this person thought that it didn't matter. He says sorry about that.

This boy, like boys are want to do, grew up, and grew out of the thoughts of simply making games and writing about them. He never lost his love of them, but he resigned himself to being little more than a member of the audience, and read works from the people who did see things through much farther than he ever bothered to. He continued to play videogames as much as he could, through high school, through service, through work, and through unemployment, this man played his games. Years went by, and the man sat in his apartment, reminiscing and reading older works he'd bookmarked, and remembered that he once wrote an awful lot as a kid. What harm could come from trying it again?

Hi. I occasionally write fanfiction when I am not doing other things. I, in general, like reading the good stuff as often as I can, but I'm fairly lazy. Which explains the wait times between updates. That and work. And Monster Hunter.

I should like to think I'll get something finished one of these days, heh. WHICH I DID, AHAHAHAHAHA Check out Erico's From the Sidelines, as that actually has some of my work in it, and it is going to relate to something I have slowly, agonizingly been working on.


Yeeeaaaaaaaah I got nuthin

Actually, I do have something: Thanks for reading, everyone.

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