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My little word on Fanfiction:

Since when did people take it at face value? That's my question to you, and them, and the whole world!

Let me elaborate:

When has anybody ever given others the idea that fanfiction is just about the stories they are based off of and how each author in their own way changes it, makes it interesting, or - in some opinions - totally fuck it up?

Because it is not about that! It's about the writing, the adventure, the romance, and each person's ability to change something and make it their own while learning some important writing skills along the way. It's about shaking hands with others characters and realizing that though the author may have written the book they in no way shape or form control the universe they wrote about.

And sometimes the readers are right and the author is wrong and that's why God created fanfiction.

(That and because some of us losers have no life except to sit in front of the computer in their bathrobe drinking their liquid of choice [mine being pepsi while thinking about, surfing the web about, and chatting about make believe stories)

But, really, isn't that just what life is all about? Staking up layers and layers of fantasies until we each precieve the world in our own unique little way and thus are able to make it through the unforgiving, harsh, randomness that is actually how the world works. God created us but we created imagination complete with bound pieces of paper, large boxes with moving people inside them, and little boxes that make weird noises when you push their buttons. (Ha, ha, aren't I hilarious...)

And another thing (and this is partially dedicated to my mom) tell me that hundreds of years ago that great painters, before they were famous, did not copy from other great painters. If you can tell me that, prove it to me, then I'll walk away from fanfiction for good. But in my mind art is simply about that: learning the rules, copying others until you think you've got the hang of it, then taking of the training wheels so you can bust up your shins a few times trying your own stuff. That's why i write fanfiction.

On a final note: the people that read fanfiction just to critisize. There seems to be like a whole cult of people that do that! (I've only ever met them in the Digimon part of fanfiction but they do exist!). And every single one of them come up to you and say things like "Your character is mary-sue" "they did it right the first time, they don't need you" and "maybe you should research the culture/place/etc that the original story contains before you start making shit like this up."

What assholes! This is what I've got to say to them!

Mary-sue? Really? Then how so? Because of course I haven't spent enough ink and blood over this character enough as it is without you stabbing me in the back with my own fucking pencil. You don't like her, good for you. Not all characters are likeable. Does she not feel like a real person? Fine tell me that. THAT'S WHY I WRITE THEM IN FANFICTION FIRST!

They did it right the first time? Pardon? Did I just hear an unjustified opinion? I mean, why do you seriously think I'm writing this fanfic just to screw with a show/book I love? No! Obviously I don't think they did it right the first time OR I WOULDN'T BE WRITING THIS DAMN THING! Shows and books we know and love CAN and WILL go down the fucking drain if not handled properly. Digimon is a perfect example of THAT! So excuse me if I don't have the complete faith in ever god damn professional writer out there scoring thousands of bucks as you do. Because, seriously, there are times when I really do believe I know better.

Research? So before I go and write the cute little spur of the moment story I thought up in my head while trying to get to sleep at 3 o'clock in the morning I'm supposed to sit down and research for fanfiction. Just so pussies like you with tighty-whities just a little too tight won't give me lip? I don't think so! I don't particularly CARE if one aspect of the original story doesn't fit into the plotline I created. I just want to try out the plotline or characters to see how much I like them. Life is not built around how solid a fanfiction is. Read it for the story and characters not the fact that I forgot a certain character died in a blazing glory back in episode 39 or whatever the fuck. See, the thing with fanfiction, people come back to life! Details change! It's all part of the great circle of life.

Deal with it dangnabit!

So, you know, yes, when you pick up a novel in the bookstore PLEASE (by god) think about those things! They are important otherwise you silly little writers like Meg Cabot running around (Well, actually, sitting around in her apartment with her cats like the lazy rich author that she is) writing sex into her young teen books. Sweet. That's what I want my little sister to read...

But in the meantime, when you're rustling through the digital library of fanfiction, give the writers just a little slack. It's not really that much easier to write a fanfic than it is to write an original work. The only real difference is that you don't have to make EVERYTHING up.

(Oh, and those little pussies that write "this is my first fanfic ever"... GROW UP! I don't WANT to read it if you don't have the self confidence to pretend like you've been writing forever. yes, my frist fanfics sucked but I did not TELL anybody it was my first so I got feedback and worked harder! Instead of those whimpering "that was really good for a first try" sort of thing. I'm not five. It sucked, tell me that! If JK Rowling turned out that sort of thing you'd be running up and down the picket line throwing tomatoes at her and telling her how much it SUCKED! I write fanfiction so I can learn something so TEACH me! So stop being little pussies and WRITE something that you can learn from not you're pitiful "this is my first time so I don't know any better" crap.)

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