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Hello world. I am Nikki and I would like to place something out on the table for you to ponder. It is called the New Developments Challenge. It is going to be a K throu M rated fic challengebetween H/Dr. It will be judge and there are a few rules and guidelines.


Someone must be tricked to have sex with Goyle or Crabbe (is there really a difference?)
-A quidditch match
-A fight (verbal or physical) over Hermione between Draco and someone else, except Ron and Harry
-A game (truth or dare, have you ever, anything you like and can think of)
-Draco has to get jealous over Hermione
-Vice versa on previous
-Pansy is not annoying and fat, she is pretty ad dates a Gryfindor
-A plot altering event such a dance or something to that effect (innocent12kt)
-Someone must get drunk and make a complete fool out of themselves (Fiona McKinnon)
-There must be some drama between the two. The relationship would not be all fluff if it were real, would it? It would be complicated. Make it that way.


Hermione can not get pregnant
-No rape from a best friend
-Try not to be in seventh year, either younger or older
-Hermione's life isn't perfect, but she doesn't get beat (physically)
-No way too OC characters
-Ron can NOT be desperatly in love with Hermione (innocent12kt)


You must use five or more of the Do's. More would be better and the last one is must.

Send me an email with a summary and a name of the story. Then send me a copy of every update. I may not get on every day, but I do check my e-mail every day.

I hope many of you decide to join in and write something. I have always though having a challenge just adds fun to writing.


Hi! My name is Nikki or moderndaycinderella

Age: 15-25 (my daddy, the military man, won't let me put my exact age on the computer. Sorry.)

Location: Oklahoma, USA


I like action movies, but am also guilty of liking the occasional chick flick.(Yes, i am a chick.)

Book: I have a lot of favorite books, I could never just choose one.
Song: "Living on the Edge," by Areosmith.
Hottie: Real life-Blake Fantasy- Chad Micheal Murray (Tom Felton isnt that far behind though)
Couplings: D/H, G/B, H/P,HG/ForGW,L/J (I figured something out. I love Slytherin/Gryfindor pairings. As if it is not obvious.)

Shit list:

I hate when people think they are better then everyone else.
I hate asses! ( and not the donkey)

Completed Stories:

Freedom Hermione and Draco get together after Draco gets away from his dad. They are happy until Hermione does something that she has to do to help man kind. She marries the bad guy. This is the story of how they get from point A to point B without losing each other.

Complicated One shot songfic. Hermione and Draco.

Current stories:

Some Shall Never Know Four souls shall become one and save man kind. Who are they, what do they have in common? Will they find more then themselves, if even that?

Future Stories:

Dancing A Draco/Hermoine fic. Hermione and Draco have to open the end of year ball that was started this year and Hermine can't ballroom dance. Oh no what is she to do?

Now why did I change my name? Well I needed a change and also this really creepy guy who kept sending me email figured out that my name was dont-be-an-azz every where. Well so blame it on the creepy guy!

Also I stopped writing The Next Generation because it was really a waste of time. If you want it back tell me and if enough people do than I will put it back up.

Well there you go.

Chocolate hugs and cherry kisses.


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Trust reviews
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