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DevaintART Page:

I bet half of you come here just to find out why the hell my pen name is DJ Baka-chan. Well, I'm going to tell you why my pen name is DJ Baka-chan. Because I'm a little idiot and I love music. Music is my life, my insperation, and my passion. There, that's why my pen name is DJ Baka-chan.


chocolate or vanilla ice cream: chocolate
summer/winter: winter
scary movies or comedies: Both
silver or gold: sliver

Music: Here are my favorite bands:

System of a Down

Avenge Sevenfold


The Offspring



The Gorillaz

Any random dance music

My Chemical Romance

The Killers

That Intermizzo song from the Goodbye sence in Kenshin. I LOVE THAT SONG!

Green Day

And a helluva lot more

Fav. Manga/anime: Rurouni Kenshin, Fullmetal Alchemist, Detective Conan, Hot Gimick, DearS, Chobits, One Piece (manga only), Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Ranma 1/2, Witch Hunter Robin, Wolfs Rain, and much, much more... (I don't think this list would fit...)

Game/s: Zelda's awsome, I love SC 2, but DDR's the best freaking game out there! Dance 'till you drop!


I'm fourteen and female (DUH). My hair is dark brown with occassional red streaks (custom done by MOI), I also have natural red highlights and my hair's naturaly curly but I straighten it cause I'm an evil little girl. >:) My eyes are dark brown also. I like black, that color gets to my head. I'm one of those artistic people. I play guitar, write poetry and storys, listen to music, and draw. I'm smart but lazy. I'm sorta athletic. I'm TRYING desperatly to get a band together. Still scouting for two more members. I'm phycopathic (by my friends standerds) and laugh at anything horribly random (like the reviews, but I still love them oh so much!). I really hate pop quizs and the periododic table of elements. School is just as easy as ever. I doodle on my science papers (it's always in Science or SS, I dunno why...) but it's the only way I get better at drawing. I love guitar and singing (though my singing voice needs a little work, it's good for the rock genre.) and I play rythem guitar and am lead singer in my band. And if you couldn't tell already, I can't spell in the English language. My favorite anime is Rurouni Kenshin and my favorite pairings are Kenshin X Kaoru and Enishi X Kaoru. I know, the 2nd one is unusual but I like it for some reason. If Enishi wasn't so crazy, he'd be an awsome guy, and a hot one too...Oh wait, he's already hot. Heh... (BIG ENISHI FAN! BIG ENISHI FAN!)

Random Crap

Read more books, they're good for you ya' know...Oh wait, you're reading already...sorry!

"If the world weren't so complicated, there'd be no idiots." -Me

"Step by step, heart to heart, left right left, we all fall down like toy soldiers. Bit by bit, torn apart, we never win but the battle wages on for toy soldiers."- Like Toy Soldiers, by Eminem

“A sword is a weapon. Whatever pretty names you give it, swordsmanship is a way to kill. She speaks as one who has never bloodied her hands. Kaoru-Dono maintains a sweet naïve lie…but in the face of such an awful truth…the naïve lie she tells is so much better. If this one had a wish…it would be that her lie would become the truth of this world.” - Kenshin, RK book 1

Brother: "Yum, french fries."

Me: "Still boycoting McDonalds."

Brother: "McDonalds; the food emporium."

Me: "...You know, that was completly random" -My brother and I

"You know, we talk about the randomest crap." -The drummer from my band

"Defile, defile, difile, dum-dum-dum, defile! I am defiling your scared space, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!" -Foamy

"DON'T CUSS! IT'S RUDE!" - One of my friends

"You know, I'd sit in there for hours playing the Mockingbird if they had an amp set up."

"And that is why they don't have an amp set up." -Random conversation

"Hot Topic is about the size of your car! Put 12 peopel in there plus the 3 people working there and it's crowded as hell!"- Me on how small Hot Topic is.

"To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered." -Voltaire

"Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings." -Ed Gardner

"I will call him squshiy and he shall be mine. He shall be my squishy!" -Dorey, Finding Nemo

The problem w/ the world is that there is 2 many stupid ppl, and no one 2 eat them!

Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege

"FUNKY FRESH." - Another of my friends

"I feel so unloved!" - about everyoneI know, including me

"I stopped correcting people a long time ago cause they kinda got mad..." My LA obbsessed friend on how she used to grammticaly correct people

"The reason they don't let people keep their keys is so some senile 74 year-old lady doesn't come back to try and get in to her old Duke dorm room." - My friend on why they wouldn't let us keep our dorm keys.

"And steal your pizza." - a teacher of mine adding on to above quote.

Story Ideas - For the people that actually visit this place, things in mind.

To Know Another: (Rurouni Kenshin) Oneshot. It's basicly a little short placed after Jinchuu about one sleepless night and two people's emotions. In the works.

The Lure of Deception: (Rurouni Kenshin) When a young Battosai sets free a tanuki caught in a trap, he gets much more than he bargined for. Still a brewing idea, very original in my opinion.

Neko Noir: (Rurouni Kenshin) Kaoru wishes that she could have Kenshin stop worrying about her and it's granted in the most bizzare way. Pure KxK fluff. Inspired by "Keneko".

Under the Night: (Rurouni Kenshin) Alone. A feeling she hadn't felt since Kenshin's arrivel. Now with the new war, he's off to Kyoto, leaving her in danger's midsts. And this, is where we begin. KxK, ExK, Manga Cannon

Silence of the Stars: (Rurouni Kenshin) Washington DC, 1987. Kenshin was forgotten by the world years ago after returning from the war ('Nam). The government had other plans for him since he had no one left. That was, until now. AU

Real-life phone conversation:

"Mom, the house is on fire."

"Okay honey, don't bother me now, Mommy's busy. I'll be home in a few minutes."

:Hangs up:

Five minutes later...


In my World:

Kaoru dances on tables drunk in a Hooters tee to Song 2 by Blur, Come Out and Play, & Hit That by The Offspring.

Kenshin runs around with no shirt on, his hair down, and he has amber eyes. Forgot to mention he’s a bubble obsessed psycho too.

Kagome has her brain half eaten.

Miroku’s ponytail (Tiny, as he was dubbed by my friends) is the supreme ruler of the world.

Tomoe burns in Hell.

Sorry if In my World offends anyone. It's not intended to. And I don't really hate Tomoe, I just don't like her.

Kaoru: Kenshin?

Kenshin:Yes Kaoru-dono? (Please let it be the you undyingly love me...)

Kaoru: What did you say Kensihn?

Kenshin (like the cutie he is): Nothin'...

Kaoru: Kay'... :She drinks lots a sake: WOO-HOO:she starts dancing on tabels:

Kenshin: Oro... This is scary, but strangly attractive...

This is a bit invented by a friend and I. My friend had a dream once where Kenshin was a selfconsuious sushi chef, Kaoru was a flirtly Hooters girl, Yahiko was a host that was dressed up as a samurai and he bowed and went "HAI!" all the time and they all worked in a Japanese Hooters.


This is some random thing my friend and I wrote in class. Shows you how borde people can get.

Minon: Tiny, the evil ponytail.

Tiny: Tiny, Supreme Ruler!

Minon: Excuse me, Mr. Ruler of the Universe?

Tiny: What?

M: The crazy vampire is sucking peoples blood again.

T: Tell her to leave the brains alone so I can feast.

M: Yes, almighty one

T: Anything else?

M: Um, 20 peopel died in the last werewolf attack, but sadly, the bodies have already been buried.

T: $@#!

M: Sorry Mr. Master of the Universe.

T: I suppose it's not your fault, but next time take the brains out first.

M: Yes almighty one.

T: Cool! What's for dinner?

M: The brains of the village crazy person.

T: Remember to take out the stupidity. Remember what happened when we didn't for Kagome?

M: Oh boy, that was Hell. You went on a killing rampage.

T: Personally, I enjoyed it because I had 100 brains for supper. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This was completly random. Tiny is Miroku's ponytail and he's just having a random coversation with a minon of his.

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