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Hey, I'm Rica Reyes, a 17 year old mestiza Greater Vancouver-ite and I hope you enjoy my ff stories :) I just want to let you know in advance, that if my posting/updating/reviewing is rather sporadic, it's not because I hate you, it's because there are certain obstacles keeping me from the computer. I will try my hardest to review those who review me, although said obstacles may make this a slow process.

Contact Me: If you ever want any help, want to comment on or offer suggestions for my work, or if you just want to chat, email/IM me at Thanks!

Dedication: All these stories go out to the cast and crew of TKAI, AIW and MB, the P3 gals, the Thursday Nite Crew at RAD (EOS69 esp.!) and all the forum veterans at (Cici, Sparhawk, Dan, Beru, Rochan, Arukas, Imouto-san Hannie, Crazy, Ann and Akura, Ruby Gloom, Square and Silver Angel)- Aishiteru! But most of all to Orchid and Shadow- you guys understand fanfic better than anyone I've met! Luv you guys to death! XOXO. And of course, to my unofficial editor, Esta and my original writing partner (GRADE FIVE ROCKED!), Mia. And everyone else who believed in me! (tear tear) Oh, and of course the original authors!

Hmmm... well that's in lieu of having dedications etc. at the beginning of EVERY story. Oh, and GOOD bio and author's note still forthcoming... Aaand just so yaul know, the stories on my favorites lists are the ones that I'm in the process of reading, so they're not necessarily (no offence; in some cases they ARE) my actual FAVORITES. My favorites I will post in my C2 community! Please subscribe:) thanks!