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Author has written 13 stories for Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人, Super Smash Brothers, Clash Royale, Fire Emblem, Death Note, Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン, and Future Diary/未来日記.

Alias: KiraLight-san (call me Kira for short)

Ethnicity: WTF cares?

Age: I was born in 1708. figure it out.

Gender: Girl

Location: you decide

Appearance: Just assume it to be like my profile photo.

Stories that I'm currently working on now:

Fire Emblem Heroes: Change the Universe

Fire Emblem Reawakening: Tales of the Future (I'm kinda stuck here, don't know what to do especially with a sever lack of readers)

Everything Wrong With KiraLight-san (inspired by CinemaSins)

  1. English is my first language, which is why I never wrote any fanfics in my mother language
  2. From the above, is also why I have trouble reading my mother language
  3. However, I don't have any problem with speaking it
  4. I have ruined Alm's character (fire emblem) in a forum.
  5. I lost my death note quite a few times.
  6. Even though my name is KiraLight-Sen, my profile photo is fannart of Lelouch from Code Geass.
  7. I spelled my pen name incorrectly (look above)
  8. Even though I censor any swear words, I have absolutely no problem with swearing.
  9. I rank Parasyte above Tokyo Ghoul.
  10. Even though the title is Attack On Titan: High School life, Erwin is in college.
  11. Marco hasn't died in my AOT highschool story.
  12. I don't like to kill off characters I do know and that still counts as a sin.
  13. I used Willy Tybur as the War Hammer Titan even though it was actually his sis.
  14. My stories are often affected by the music that I'm currently listening to when I'm writing.
  15. I haven't even gone to Tier 20 in FE heroes.
  16. Despite getting several thousand views on my stories, I don't have too many followers.
  17. No matter how hard I try to make something very frightening, or dramatic, or suspending, there is often a comical moment that sets off the mood.
  18. Even though I have written a few romantic scenes before, I have never been in a serious relationship.
  19. I always forget to check Instagram.
  20. I unsubscribed from PewDiePie because he screamed into the mic too often. Sorry, I lied. I never subscribed to him in the first place.
  21. Despite having armor emblem and flier emblem and calvary emblem, I don't have infantry emblem.
  22. Characters are suicidal in my stories for horror effect. Seriously, can you think of something else?
  23. I have more followers on fanfic than youtube
  24. Despite hating SAO, I love SAO abridged.
  25. Even though I love Attack On Titan, I love attack on titan abridged
  26. I haven't made any song parodies of other stuff besides attack on titan
  27. I didn't record this for a video.
  28. Nobody knows my face.
  29. I don't censor myself in forums.
  30. Despite my stories not having much emphasis on sex, I still put sexual innuendoes in there.
  31. I prefer girls over boys even though I'm a girl.
  32. Making fun of anime tropes are quite common in my fanfics.
  33. I spend more time on my gmail account looking for fanfic notifications than my time spent on fanfic! Yeah, I don't know how that works either.
  34. I divorced (stopped summoner support) my Celica after I remembered she was married with Alm.
  35. I NEVER tell blatant lies.
  36. I am pissed off by the fact that many "good" anime are actually filled with plot holes and overused concepts, and forget that the writers are human.
  37. Asexuality counts as a sin.
  38. My fan fiction persona is slightly different from my real-life persona
  39. I USED to have fire emblem hair. Emphasis on used. And bonus points for having Levi Ackerman's hair right now.
  40. I forgot about my super smash bros story for a few months.
  41. I don't care about doraemon
  42. I forgot about clash royale
  43. I supported Donald Trump, despite being a teenager.
  44. I summarized Hillary Clinton's book (What happened) in two words: I LOST.
  45. I once traumatized kids by drawing Rudolph the red-nosed-reindeer's head on a Christmas tree. I found it hilarious.
  46. I don't condone child violence in my stories. I do however, find it hilarious.
  47. I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say/write.
  48. I know too much about economics for my own good (see the Donald Trump example)
  49. I contradict myself.
  50. I am a boy.
  51. I am a girl.
  52. I am thinking of making a season 2 SNK abridged, though it is kinda late.
  53. I never watched Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, Fairy Tail, or Gintama. I do know the entire storyline of the Dragon Ball universe.
  54. (minus sin) I count Fullmetal Alchemist as the greatest shonen series, mostly because I don't have to memorize any power levels. And for once, I'm right.
  55. Even though I never watched Gintama, I did watch the Gintama live action film.
  56. I watched Fate Zero so I could enjoy the abridged version.
  57. I also watched SAO so I could enjoy the abridged version.
  58. I don't enjoy any of the death note abridged.
  59. Despite loving Parasyte and ranking it above Tokyo ghoul, I never wrote a fan fiction about it. (may change.
  60. I forgot to complete my parentheses up there.
  61. I compared Neon Genesis Evangelion to Attack on Titan.
  62. I made Eren insane quite a few times and once made Reiner as weak as shit.
  63. I forgot to censor myself.
  64. Ymir and Historia aren't lovers in my SNK high school story.
  65. The previous person who owned this account was named Goku-kun, but I (Kira) killed him off.
  66. I am Goku-kun, I just changed my account name.
  67. I have written 1 lemon. So far, it has the highest growth rates.
  68. The above counts as a double sin because its about sexual stuff right at the sexual number.
  69. Just like Light Yagami, I have a god complex.
  70. None of this was true. The following was not a blatant lie, nor is this sentence a blatant lie.
  71. I have a boyfriend.
  72. I never kissed her.
  73. I enjoyed parasyte abridged.
  74. I updated this.
  75. I'll do anything to get a day off at school.
  76. I made a Dragon Ball Z reference below.

Wait! Before I go: let's see the number of people I just mindf*cked...


Number of sins: 9001.

Verdict (see overview below)

Overall overview of me: Kira. Is. Justice.

And thank you for coming here...wanna go on a date?

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