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Author has written 26 stories for Hobbit, Supernatural, and Star Wars.

About Meysun...

“Meysun” is an Arabic name that means “Pride” - it is not my name but it might have been, which is why I wanted to use it as a pen-name.

My real name is Elise, I am 32 and... well, you won't believe it, but when I lay down my pen I'm actually something like Oin in real world...

My patients do not know I'm writing stories - yet they help me so much, with their wonderful courage and openness, to try and reach for truthful characters, with flaws, faults yet humanity...

French is the language in which my sentences come naturally, but I am Franco-German and also have Arabic roots – from both Morroco and Jordan. In my family we speak several languages, and English is often a bond with distant cousins, so I guess that is why this language is so dear to me.

About my stories...

Well, I have written stories for as long as I can remember.

I was always so happy to escape - I just love words, phrases, imagination, diving into other worlds, dream about characters. I even wrote a story of my own, in French, even though I'm not sure it will ever lead to something.

But I am a young fan-fiction author. I never even considered it before February 2015 and there is a lot I still do not know about this universe.

It was Richard Armitage’s amazing performance as Thorin in the Hobbit films that made me want to search and try to find what might have made Thorin the Dwarf he became. What drove him back to Erebor, what made him fail there and then find his way back to himself. This strong, tragic character – more powerful than any I have dealt with so far – inspired me to try to write about his life and most powerful memories, in order to learn how to deal not only with family, childhood, loss and love, but also death and war, themes I am not so familiar with in the other stories I wrote until now.

My Thorin deals with different cultures and with exile, themes that are very dear to me. He has very strong relationships with his brother Frerin and his sister Dís that give him a softer side than you can see in the movies. And of course he has his great friend Dwalin at his side. His relationship to his father is very complicated, and he is going to endure a lot of hardships that will unfortunately change him and quench some of the sweet sides I so love to imagine in him – but perhaps not forever.

Since I am no Tolkien specialist, I do not follow canons strictly. When the amazing professor Tolkien offers me writing paths that I feel strong enough to follow, I try to be faithful to them. But some of the movie’s ideas - the Arkenstone and its bane, and Azog as Thorin’s nemesis – seduced me too, so that I make up my own little mixture between canons and fantasy.

The King of Carven Stone

is the first story I ever published on the web. It tells Thorin's whole life, through his eyes and his point of view, and it's getting very, very long. So far, the parts written are:

- Chapter 1 : The Subtlest Alloy (Prologue) ; re-edited and published separately here

- Chapters 2-10 : Shades and Flames on Marble Walls (Erebor) ; re-edited and published separately here

- Chapters 11-14 : Through Ice and Fire (Exile) ; re-edited and published separately here

- Chapters 15-21 : Who Our King Truly Was (Hills of Iron) ; re-edited and published separately here

- Chapters 22-27 : A Craft in Itself (Journey to Dunland) ; re-edited and published separately here

- Chapters 28-33 : Deep Roots are not reached by the Frost (Dunland) ; re-edited and published separately here

- Chapters 34-... : A Thief's Promise (Tharbad) ... just begun... and published separately here

but of course it will go on, and on. More Dunland, war, Azanulbizar, the Ered Luin, and then the whole Quest... I'm determined to write everything, even though I do not know how long it will take me :).

'Ashur nurtu kuylê 'la murudmi (Every day of my life until I die) is another story that gives some insight into Dwalin's thoughts and feels about Thorin.

He is guarding Thorin's body after the Battle of Five Armies and tries to deal with his grief, recalling the life he led at Thorin's side and all the reasons why he always loved him, and followed him, and is still loving him so fiercely. It is not a romance, only the story of a great friendship.

It is a kind of pendant to 'The King of Carven Stone', in the way that some events I already wrote are told again from Dwalin's perspective. I have struggled with that story, was not sure it was worth to be continued, was afraid to bore my readers...

But in the end I wrote it till the end, because I got such amazing support and also several kind request of people who wanted to read more.

And I wrote a sort-of Appendix called Azughâl (Those who are warriors), set after Thorin's death.

Dashatê (My Son) is Thrain's story, starting with his death and awakening in the Halls and slowly coming back to all his life - focussing on his interactions with his father, wife and children, but also meeting new characters such as his mother.

It came like a bit of an urge - because I just love this tragic, mad character so much. He always surprises me and I never know how he'll react, even though he's taking shape in my very head... and I'm in love with his grey eyes :). So yes, even though I know I should finish other fics first, I just had to write him.

Plus, this story is about healing and I do need my characters to get fixed at some point. Otherwise writing them is just too painful. So be prepared for a lot of angst, but also sweet and durable feelings here.

Still There

is my contribution to Dworin week 2016 but is mostly a cheat, because you can totally read that as non-Dworin.

Of Chainmails and Strings

is a little one-shot focusing on little Thorin and his mother.

The Stars, the Oliphaunt and the Warrior

is a small triptych I wrote, exploring Fili's blooming relationship to Thorin just after the headcanon I have for his father's death. Kili is not born yet, and Fili struggles with loss, anger and grief, but also begins to feel closer to his previously stern and closed-off uncle.

Small ending note...

I am really aware of my stumbling sentences, and my blunders, both in English and in Middle Earth. I wish I could write as fluently as in French to make reading easier for you. But the most important thing is: I am so happy doing it and would be even happier to know what you think about it, because writing has no point in it when you do not share the words that make you dream.

Please do not be shy, and leave reviews. I’m always so happy to discuss stories, plots and characters, and to discover someone’s thoughts that always give me a new insight in my works, and I always answer reviews.

Thank you so much for reading me - may words always remain bridges, as Roäc would say...


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A not so short one-shot written for Dworin-week, that can be read as Dworin or not. Strangely enough, even though I just looked at the prompts, I think that indeed, it contains Secrets, Jokes, Training, Encounters with other races, Conflict/Reconciliation, Hurt/Comfort and probably a Treasure as well... It is mostly an experiment. I hope you will enjoy it still.
Hobbit - Rated: M - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,841 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Published: 7/23/2016 - Thorin, Dwalin - Complete
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A gift to Pericula Ludus and Dwalin fans - Dwalin's farewell to Thorin after Ravenhill, as he guards his body on that last, dark night before he is laid down in his tomb. Words that speak of loss, of anger and loneliness, but above all of friendship and love, of an oath so strong that it does not end with death.
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