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HIYA People! Superducki here.

Im a really smart kid wholikes to be challenged and has the attention spanof a flea.My friends have told me I have a severe case of paranoia and I'm Coulrophobic.Thatmeans Im scared of clowns. I also hate them with the very bottom of my soul that burns with intensity ofa thousandsuns.I also am told I'm crazy. But I think that being normal is overated anyway.Because being noraml means those little interesting things like blowing up the kitchen while making Jell-o don't happen.I absolutly live off of Twinkies ,cookies, brownies and chocolate.I enjoy hanging out with friends and eating junkfood in mass quanities.

My Favorite Quotes:

What do socks do for a job-Me

I have a brain,I just don't use it.-Beast Boy

DUDE!Your Making my brain hurt- Beast Boy

Why do they call it the Milky Way if there ain't no milk-Me

Where'd you learn history? A cereal box-Raven

I am Nosyarg Kcid-Larry

When and where will we ever use the stuff we learn in school-Me_"I dunno, never I guess" Me, answering my own question.

I'd really rather just stay here and drown.-Raven

Why can't browies and cows team up to give me choclate milk everyday-Me

and the last one..."If pro is the opposite of con, is congress the opposite of progress?-my friend,(did you really think Id mention names?)

Favorite Couples:

Robin-Starfire:DUH! Just watch the TV.

RaeBB: Watch the tv again.How hard is it people?

CY-Jinx/BumbleBee-Watch the TV people. Ain't it obvious?

Things I like


Fanfiction stories.

If you actually read my quotes, and LIKED THEM, you are best buddie material.


PS- If you don't like anything I wrote. Please be aware that you will end up...I dunno, but it probably ain't any good. So enjoy hating me while you can, because I might be the next famous person who needs a driver...Then I could torment you allll day. That's fun...Trust me.

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