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Hello members of! My name is Keiko, and my first fanfic entitled, "I promise." Remember, its my first so be nice!!! Lol. Well, this fic is going to be a sad one, but its going to have a happy ending don't worry!!!! Ahaha. I love happy endings, I can't stand it when two people are split apart. Well, this is more of Romance, than anything else, so if you people don't like mushy gushy lovey stuff, then I suggest you don't read it. Lol. But for those who do, please R&R!!! Thanks soooo much!

I Love Inuyasha! The storyline is great! I can't help but wonder why Inuyasha can't decide between:
-A dead, empty, sorrowfilled woman who wants him to die and go to hell(literally).
-An alive, full of life, cheerful, caring, loving, and pretty young girl who loves him so much, she would die for him! And she is willing to give up everything and anything for him! Inuyasha is such a nutcase!

Inuyasha is my favourite Anime of ALL TIME! IT ROCKS!!

My first one shot fic is called, "until my very last breath." Hope ya liked it!!
Second one shot fic: Dreaming Of You (songfic)

My next fic, "I'll remember you forever"

Summary: Inuyasha and Miroku are best friends in high school. After blowing up the chemistry lab, Headmistress Kaede forces them to work at a mental instuition. There they meet Sango who is the only nurse there. And of course, Kagome. After leaving her room and coming back, she forgets who they are...[RomanceAngst]{InuKag SanMir} First chapter will probably be posted on Tuesday November 9?

The Sound of Her Voice by Sarah Haywood reviews
When Inuyasha, the deaf son of a multimillionare, finds an ad for a clinic that will cure his deafness, he meets the mute daughter of his doctor, Kagome. [Inukag]
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