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Cue mono tone quick speech

Welcome to my page. My name is Shadowfire44 previously known as GamertheHedgehog. I tried writing a fanfic once. But I was young and really bad at writing, which meant it was just speech really. I decided to start reading fanfics a lot lately. I took down my only story, but I saved it on my computer. I think I might just start re-doing it, pretty much just adding all the detail text and stuff I left out. I'm also going to down on the swearing, cause back than I thought swearing a lot was cool. Now I'm older and have better judgment and can spell correctly, which to say, reading some peoples stories although good plot and such is there, some grammatical errors stand. I am very punctual now and hardly ever make a mistake.

End mono tone speech

Well there you go, that's a quick history lesson among other things, now onto a real bio.

Name: ShadowFire44, that is how you will address me unless said that you can otherwise (Come up with a nickname if you want. I'm open to suggestions(BTW This is the otherwise available to everyone))

Age: Well let's say I'm not as young and stupidly simple minded as I used to be, okay.

Sex: Well take a guess if you still can't figure it out send me a message of where you live and I'll personally visit you to smack you on the head. Of which by then you still haven't figured it out, Ill smack you again and again until you get it. Unless your a lady, I don't hit ladies. (That should help a lot)

Favorite Anime/Manga: Well let's just stick with a lot unless you want to be reading this for the next hour.

Since the history lesson is pretty much taken care of up top, let me just say a few extra things. Such as... Well okay, I don't really have anything else to add so I guess that's it.

Symbols I may use in my stories (Just wait, I'll be writing soon and such)

"Speech" (Well duh)

Thought (I feel it's easier to realize than using 'Thought')

(In story AN or something like that)

Used to state change in setting or time skip and perhaps to enter a character's personal thoughts (Which parts like that will be Italicized also)

I think that covers it, if I missed something it will be added when I think of it.

Looking forward to writing soon and getting reviews. Hopefully good ones.

WARNING: I use parenthesis a lot. And I'll use parenthesis in parenthesis a lot. Example: That last chapter took me a while (I had school projects(Like four of them(One due tomorrow(Which I haven't even started(I'm screwed huh)))))

BTW The avatar picture isn't in full, but it is a picture of a wolf that says ShadowFire44 in the top-right hand corner. It was done for me from a friend of a friend, because I had made about 5 or 6 photoshop images for my friend and he thought it would be nice to get something for me.

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