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Hello! It's me again. And yes, I've deleted a lot of my stories. I'm really sorry if you were actually waiting for updates, but they weren't good and I don't want people to judge me by them. I want to start over and redo them. The one story I'm keeping and working on is Deadly Secrets. I'm not sure about Live, Love and Let Go. I might redo that one and try it again, but I just don't know. A Darkness so Uncommon just wasn't what I wanted out of it. Ginny was completely OoC and Draco wasn't much better. I really want to write better and earn some reviews. So, now that that's out of the way, check out the newly updated profile!

_~ My Profile~_
updated: October 28th, 2006

!All About Me!:

Name: You can call me any of the following: Tiffany, Tiffins, Tiff, Weasle (no, nothing to do with Harry Potter strangely enough), Sniffit, SuperSniffit (it's Tiffins spelled backwards :D)or Iff. :D There is also this name to be added: BearClaw Chad (don't ask :)).

Age: I'm the big 1-8 now :-D

DOB: September 13, 1988

Gender: Woo, I'm a She!

What do I like to do: Well, if you can't tell, my first love is Harry Potter, so I love doin' anything to do with HP! I love reading it, writing it, watching the movies,looking up pics, whatever! Lol, another love I have is singing and of course being with friends. I do love shopping and I sure do love to watch good movies. I love walking with my friends. I love everything to do with my friends actually:-p lol. I love Johnny Depp and I can watch a movie with him in it all day long if i've got the chance! That being said if Harry Potter's not on TV :D lol.. I also like writing. Poetry, stories, anything pretty much.That's pretty much it.. I think..

Photoshop is another favorite thing of mine. I'm getting better and better at it as the days go, but that's been put on hold for awhile so I can try and finish my story and get this new one I've been cookin' up out and ready for reviews :-D But I do love PS and I love making all sorts of graphics. I like HP most of course, and of the HP, I LOVE making DG graphics and Snape graphics as well. But I also do special ones for friends or upon request.

My absolute FAVORITE Harry Potter book and movie:

I'd have to say my favorite book so far is OotP. I love it because it's darker and shows that everything isn't okay. But it also makes me sad because Harry's portrayed as a bit of a jerk and I was a fan of Harry until book 5 came out :) My second fave is a close run though. I LOVE CoS because of the plot line and the fact that it had a lot to do with Ginny, I mean come on, who would have guessed that Ginny was the Heir of Slytherin ;) I think it also has a lot to do with my friend Amy's (HeirofHufflepuff) DG rendition of it :D Go read it. It's good.

Okay.. New favorite book.. Since I've just read it.. I LOVE, and I mean love, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It was utterly amazing.. I'm so upset that there's no more right now! And I can't wait for the 7th book to come out! I still can't believe Dumbledore's dead, and that Snape killed him! It was like my breathing stopped when I read that. But after careful consideration, I do NOT think Severus Snape is evil. Nor is Draco, who sought comfort in Myrtle ;) That Sectum Sempra spell was a doozy, scared the living daylights out of me. I thought Draco was gonna be offed right then and there! But it made me giggle too because the thought of Draco Malfoy (I mean, he's a Malfoy for crying out loud) spurting blood all over the place was a funny picture. It just doesn't seem real, ya know? Crazy crazy. Ahh, I love this book :D Haha and the You-No-Poo was a nice touch, wasn't it?

My favorite movie would probably be the second one. I loved it! Tom Felton's sexy as ever and Dan Radcliffe does, I think, his best acting job (although he DOES do a lot of stuttering in that one... aaaannnnd :-p lol inside joke with HeirOfHufflepuff ;)) I also LOVE the plotline to CoS. I think it's so awesome that there was something in the castle that no one knew about and the Lockhart thing was hilarious. Lol (member the Laugh Amy!) So yeah, CoS is my favorite movie :) OH and if YOU like CoS a lot, check out HeirofHufflepuff's story "By Twist of Fate." She did a WONDERFUL job writing a completely different version of what happened that year.. It's truly a great bit of writing. :-D

My Preferred House: The house I choose to call my own is none other than Hufflepuff! I love a good Huffle! They're so kind hearted, always truthful and loyal, you can't go wrong with one! And just because someone's loyal doesn't mean that they're a pushover or a duffer. I mean come on, seriously. Hufflepuff's are the pick of the litter. You have a little bit of everything mixed in with them, and I think that's something rare. Not a lot of people are so diverse. If you are, awesome! If you're not, awesome!

~Long Live Cedric Diggory~

About me: Wow, what to write about myself.. I've grown up and lived in a very small town in PA my entire life, so, like all other country folk, I can't wait to get out. It's peaceful, and it can be so beautiful, but the downsides way outweight the good parts. I'm a senior in highschool, which I'm not blowing off like I seriously think I should have because it sucks major, and it's been about as fun as it can be. I've got amazing friends who I can go to with anything, and I'm a great peacemaker between them. Whenever something goes wrong, I come to the rescue and sort it out. I would die for my friends because I know they'd do the same for me.

Hmm.. I'm planning on going on to a four year college and majoring in Communications Media (which is basically like film, journalism and things like that). I'm really hoping to be able to go to Fordham University, but I very well may not get in because it's a small percentage who do. If I do get in, however, and my best friend Steph doesn't, I'm not going anyways. We're going to college together because we're losers like that ;). Uhm, I'm planning on playing sports in college although I don't play any in highschool, mainly because of the people on the teams and I aren't on the best of terms, meaning we DON'T talk. :-D Don't get me wrong, I have no REAL problems with them, we just aren't on the same wavelength in a lot of areas.

I love music and movies. Movie nights are the best because you just sit there with your friends and chill, while talking and making fun of bad actors/actresses or screaming at the top of your lungs at the characters that the bad guys are right behind them. You can be so stupid when you're watching movies with your friends and it doesn't make a difference, so it's nice to have movie nights with them. I'm a big fan of country and rock music. They're two extremes, but I love them both dearly :D I love to sing, country not rock haha.

I think that's pretty much it about me, besides, of course, my deep obsession with Harry Potter and Johnny Depp ;). Harry Potter is pretty much my life, which is sad, but at least I'm not doing drugs right? Haha.

My FFLikes: I only read Harry Potter fanfiction. However, on occasion, when I'm in the right mood, I'll read a Dawson's Creek or a School of Rock or something on a movie I've just watched. I love reading novel length stories as well as one-shots. My OTP is Draco/Ginny, so I read that A LOT, but I also like to read some Snape centric things and maybe a Lucius/Narcissa here or there. I'll read stories without romance in them, so long as they have a good plot, but romance/angst/suspense fics are my favorite. When I'm reading Dawson's Creek fanfiction, I usually read a Pacey/Joey oneshot just to get a fix. They're my OTP of DC :-D.


First: I am a DG shipper to the MAX. I'll read pretty much anything with them in it, as long as it's got a good plot and it's written well! I'll argue my ship until the day that I die, and that, my friends, is a fact. Put that one in the books. DG is the one ship I can read over and over and over and never get bored. There's always something new happening :D


You can pretty much pair Ginny with any Slytherin, as long as it's not Crabbe or Goyle. They're just gross.

My Dislikes: There are certain things I do not prefer to read, however, I realize HP fanfiction is a very diverse world and everyone has their opinions! That being said, I do NOT prefer to read: Slash, incest, twincest, threesomes, complete smut filled action stories, or DHr.. They're just vile ;)

In Shipping I Hate:
ew ew ew.. They just don't fit! And don't try the whole opposites attract thing because the north and south pole are complete opposites, but if they came together, the earh would be destroyed :D Just like if DHr happened, HP would be destroyed!
Snape/Hermione umm gross.
Remus, Sirius, or James/Hermione
Any Maurder with a kid. it's weird.
I think these two just need to be friends and nothing more. Maybe not even friends because Harry was NEVER nice or payed any attention to Ginny until the 6th book came out! And that doesn't make for a good relationship, duh.
Draco/Pansy I get that they're like made for each other and whatnot, because they're slytherins and hate everyone else, but still, no one would date Pansy. She's annoying.
Harry/Luna Luna just doesn't seem like the type who would be in a relationship.
Ron/Luna see above Luna part
Neville/Ginny She went to the Yule Ball with him because that was the only way she could go.. It doesn't mean they're actually in love or anything. Besides, Ginnibean is way to spunky for Neville
Neville/Luna See aforementioned Luna bit
Harry/Cho I can not stand Cho Chang. I think she's a whiney drama queen and she needs to just put a cork in it!
Harry/Hermione (They are JUST friends! Even JK says so!)

I found a way to make the horizontal rule work. Copy and Paste my friends, copy and paste.

One Simple Ride
Ginny Weasley just wanted a few minutes alone to herself. The Quidditch Pitch is a nice place for that, unless, it's already being occupied by our favorite evil guy!
DG o'course!

Status: Complete
Reviews: 5

Live, Love, and Let Go: :
Ginny and Draco got together at the end of Ginny's seventh year, but broke it off when everyone started to suspect.
Three years later, Ginny Weasley became Ginevra Potter and Draco Malfoy married, as promised by his father, Pansy Parkinson.
They thought their lives were perfect and they'd moved on, but can they keep old feelings lost when reunited by a series of strange coincidences? We all know, trying to move on can be very difficult. Especially when some things are unfinished.

:Warning: This story isn't going to be for all the Draco/Ginny shippers out there. Yes, their the main characters, and they may very well be in love, but just consider this your warning!:

Status: In progress -6 chapters and a prologue up!
Reviews: 15


Love Lost, Love Found:

In this one shot, Ginny gets a dose of rejection and forgiveness from the two people she'd least expect it from.

That summary sucks. It's a little short and maybe even a bit not-my-style, but hey, we've got to try new things

Status: Complete
Reviews: 4

Always I Will Walk Alone:
Draco reflects back on the day before him and realizes he might have been wrong.
Note: This fic was done to the lyrics of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" but I had to delete the lyrics. The story with the lyrics can be found on harrypotterfanfiction. My screen name is the same there.

Status: Complete
Reviews: 3

Deadly Secrets:
It started out of curiosity, now I'm fighting for her life.

That is my Summary! I'm not giving you any more because if I did, it would just give up some good surprises! And we all know we love surprises!

Status: I can't remember where I left off on this, just check the information :-D
Reviews: (haven't checked recently)

Well, I've told you about myself. I've told you about my fics. I've told you about everything you need to know. Now, all you need to do is Read, Review, and Read some more:D Let me know what you think. Honesty is always welcome, but if you flame, please be considerate and have constructive critisim involved in it! I'm not appreciative of people who just review to say they hated something. That doesn't help. That hurts.

Well! Thanks! Byee!
And always remember, don't play with fire, you will get burned. Hehe.

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Antiquity's Corollary by GonnaBeFamous reviews
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I am a fool, father…" He scolded himself, leaning against the wall of the room heavily. "But…for her…I don’t think there’s any other way to be." COMPLETED! YaY!
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