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Author has written 9 stories for Star Trek Online, Star Wars, Maximum Ride, Stargate: SG-1, Gravity Falls, Star Trek: 2009, and RWBY.

So. Hello. I'm a Star Wars fan. A big one. I describe starships if someone mentions them. To top that, I'm a Trekkie. STO player. I'm just a big Sci-fi fan in general. I only recently started writing. I write ideas that come in my head. So there will be crossovers. Stories only come out when I finish them or I think I can work them into chapters. The hardest part is coming up with original names for my stories. I like good artwork and SFM videos. Yes, I changed my name from Starkiller to Redemption's Avenger. Please leave reviews.

I have done (so far):

Star Trek Online

STO/Star Wars crossover! (Shall be rewritten... Eventually)

STO/Maximum Ride crossover

STO/Stargate SG-1 crossover

A Gravity Falls thingy

STO/RWBY crossover

STO/Star Trek 2009 crossover

Star Trek Odyssey URE

Crossover URE 2

Possibility of:

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knight or Agent stories

Team Fortress 2 (Check out Lonewolfhbs' work on Youtube. A TF2 series called Cult of Personality and a L4D series called White Lie. Very moving, quite awesome.)

Maximum Ride adaptation. (Main character is an OC. Max and flock are honorable mentions.)

More Star Trek Online crossovers!

A STO/ Battlestar Galactica crossover, with Ron the True Fan.

Anything that I think I could make work or would be cool; stuff I watch.


Theme: Fallout 4/ Star Trek Crossover!

So, rules of engagement.

This can be set, ST time, with the TNG Enterprise, STO, or, if you can find some way of getting DS9 to an alternate reality Earth, WITHOUT using the Bajoran wormhole specifically, great for you! (Because the Prophets wouldn't give a damn for a Earth in another reality.)

As for Fallout 4, I'd say around the time the Minutemen are getting reestablished, say, the assault to retake the Castle.

After establishing orbit, the crew you have chosen gets boarded by the Institute, thanks to the Molecular Relay. Of course, the Synths don't stand a chance against the Superior weapons of Star Trek. They do, however, manage to steal some tech, and capture some crewmen.

The Institute is shielded from the sensors, however, so the ship would not be able to detect the facility.

Ship sensors should be able to detect the Quantum RNA signature of the universe they are in, therefore telling the crew this is an alternate reality.


The crew must contact the Sole Survivor and, with his help, get their crew back.

Past that point, it's up to you, writer!

Oh, and talk about the morals of human synths being, well, sentient beings.

PM me if you do make a story.

Challenge 2!

Theme: RWBY/Gundam UC

Now, I'm not very versed with the Universal Century, but I do know, that later on, they develop this Mobile suit device called a Psycoframe, and it improves on the abilities of a Newtyp and allows them to manifest in reality more easily.

So, the idea that's been floating around in my head for a while is: can a Psycoframe enhance a persons aura to MS levels?

That's right, I'm going there. I want to see how much ass a Remnant native can kick with a psycoframe in their MS, allowing their aura and Semblance to manifest to that level.

Now, you can bring a character to the Universal century from Remnant. I don't necessarily want someone to adapt the UC timeline to RWBY, but if you want to, go ahead.

What happens, is that one of the protagonists arrives in the Universal Century when psycoframe tech is around or is about to be introduced (so Char's Counterattack onwards.) They start off with a suit that has the psycoframe in it, then get one suited to their fighting style built.

Once that is established, go ahead and do what you want, just let me know if you do something like it.

Good luck.

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