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Author has written 4 stories for Final Fantasy XII, Xenosaga, Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy XIII.

News - 5/01/12

Few works being planned here and there, but when time allows, we'll see which actually takes off. Different "word of God" changes from creators have destroyed the canonical validity of my Zelda and Final Fantasy XIII stories, so I believe I am deleting them from the site and starting fresh. I have been working on original works, but I have been itching to write some stuff in the Final Fantasy XIII, Legend of Zelda, and Mass Effect fandoms over the last few months. Have an idea for recreating Final Fantasy XIII in the model of the old-school Final Fantasy games, maybe in the same style as Final Fantasy IX. Not sure if I will, just something floating in my head.

Author Profile

I started writing fan-fiction when I was really little, and honestly it's one of the things that got me into writing and reading in the first place. I always imagined little stories about different characters from random games. From Mario to Final Fantasy VII, I was constantly trying to take the characters I loved and make them do more. Well, here I am, so many years later, and I'm still into it.

But, let it be known, I look at fan-fiction as a tool, and I will treat it as such. I know that the first stuff you write is not supposed to be amazing. I have a few original stories I want to write and maybe get published one day, but I want to find my own style and trudge through my phases of "bad writing" before I get there. So, everything I do here is experimental. I'm trying to find out how I write now so I can do it later. And I can't make any guarantee as for how frequent the updates will be. It's all dependent on how much free time I have. Real life will always come first, sad as that may be at times.

Currently Working On

Nothing at the moment. I'm at the mercy of my muse. She's fickle, and she brings me across fandoms more than I'd like to admit. Who knows what will work out in the end, but here's what I can share at the moment.

I would like to focus on Forward, but I need to finish Final Fantasy XIII-2 before I jump back into it. However, I really like the characters of the first game, and the overall story/mythology. This story will be a bit darker thematically. While the games were obviously gritty in concept, it was so bright and cheerful in atmosphere, especially in the sequel. I intend it to be an alternate timeline taking place parallel to the sequel(s).

Blood and Gold is a Zelda fic that I hope turns out quite epic, but is currently on a bit of a hiatus. I have the next chapter ready to go, but I'm just not digging it like I used to. I know the general progression of the plot, including the beginning, middle, and the end, but I haven't drove myself mad with details since there's simply so much I want to put into it, from odd plot strings that really pick at the nature of what it means to be the Hero or a Triforce Bearer to the myriad of awesome characters within it. Though it will seem AU at first, I promise toward the end of the first arc (of which there is three), the relevance of the story in regard to the rest of the series will begin to make sense.

The other story I'm working on is a Final Fantasy VII novelization, though that's been cooking for years now. I finally got a decent start at it, but some days it comes easier to me than others. It's in a state of flux at the moment.

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