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The apparent revival of this page seems to be reason enough to write what this is all about, so that any stray visitors wouldn’t be confused.

I write original fiction which I hope to eventually publish. In the free time I distract myself with scribbling fanfiction of all kinds for everyone to see here. Name’s Just.

How did everything begin? Everything began in the year 2013 Anno Domini, with “Sphere”, a short Nasuverse story. A certain Russian community which used to be choke full of Type-Moon fans, was unabashedly tired. Tired of cookie cutter stories dealing with various takes on one or another Holy Grail Slaughterhouse. Tired of seeing the same characters over and over to the point they hardly could elicit an emotional response. Tired of 95% Nasuverse stories having “what if X had Y as their Servant” as their premise. This segment of the audience grew somewhat disappointed by the Type-Moon production itself since it grew increasingly less capable of satisfying their tastes due to the company's way of milking the Fate franchise and making a travesty out of historical/mythical personalities for fanservice, increasing the sales or just for laughs. I, too, grew tired. That’s why I wrote “Sphere” – a Nasuverse story about dirty work of a Church executor. It was free of everything that annoyed me so much in the canon titles. I didn’t intend it to be particularly REALISTIC or Dark and Edgy, but… well, you can take a look at what we have here and judge for yourself. The story found its fans – and so it picked up steam. “Sphere” had a continuation (or, rather, a prequel) – “Blizzard” (this one has been ongoing for three years), then there came to be another stories, and our small collective (when we started, there were eight people or thereabouts, now only three are left) took to expanding the canon universe and tweaking or refining all bits and pieces of it we deemed illogical or just straight up silly. Someone went so far as to present this the result as an “original universe after changing the names” a bit, but we don’t work with people like that anymore. What happened next? Well, as for me, I grew bored and started writing new Nasuverse-based stories. Things that the original author found interesting, didn’t tickle our fancy (yes, I mean the schoolyard fights in the middle of nowhere involving mockeries of historical personalities, so my texts don’t and won’t ever deal with any kind of ado about the Grail). “Sphere” does feature some canon characters like Aozaki Touko, Ciel and others, but their presence has been steadily decreasing, and the cast mostly consists of OCs, which I think is something that’s worth mentioning. We expanded the canon with a number of organizations we came up with, like the Leningrad Club which controlled the entirety of the Soviet Union, planning to purge magic from the world, or the Red Ring, a US-based nasty bunch. With time, some people started calling the resulting setting “Just-verse”. I don’t approve of that, but can’t stop people either, though I never call these texts original fiction: thankfully, I am not entitled enough to pull anything like that. I think that my stories could be viewed as yet another facet of the Kaleidoscope: some people might consider them more “edgy”, others – “more realistic”, others still… well, to each their own: I write these only for my own amusement and polishing my skills when I have a hard time working on my original novels.

Once again, this page will mostly host translations of my “Nasuverse Expanded Universe” fanfics from Russian. Those will rarely feature any canon characters. Anyone who knows the setting will recognize it, but there will be a host of original characters and organizations, and that’s something you should be prepared for. No Fate, no Grail Wars and their hapless warriors, spinoffs like Extra, Apocrypha or GO don’t interest me whatsoever and are consequently ignored. I am not the one responsible for these translations – the one to thank for them is another member of our small group, known as Forte. All the bits and pieces in German/Spanish/Irish and other languages are also his doing; the only foreign language I speak is English. The translation is proceeding slowly and is fueled only by sheer enthusiasm, so the update schedule is “when it’s done”. Below are the links to my original texts (remove spaces in the links), so that those who are proficient in Russian could read them without waiting for updates. Ask me if you have any questions: I’ll answer them.

My stories:

1. Under the Eighth Sacrament.
A trilogy about misadventures of Katt Ascol, a Church executor. That’s how it all started.
It includes:

1.1. Sphere.
Complete, 8\12 chapters translated.


The year is 1993. Katt Ascol, a Church executor, is dishonorably discharged after the infamous Blizzard operation results in a failure, and spends next six years in a sleepy French town, with a bottle at arm's length. Yet, his days of peace and quiet are interrupted by an appearance of his former colleagues, hell-bent on returning Katt to his duties and getting some answers out of him: after all, a man behind a gruesome murder spree, targeting Vatican officials, is someone whose life Katt pretty much destroyed…

Link to the original
http: //samlib. ru/j/just_t_m/s1. shtml

Notes on the text

http:// samlib. ru/j/just_t_m/pr. shtml

1.1.1. Letter to Home.
A “Sphere” spinoff, telling the story of Kirik, the executor apprentice and his past. Reading before “Sphere” not recommended.
Complete, not yet translated.


Everyone knows that life of a magus isn't all roses and rainbows. But how notorious should one's family be to make the House of Slaughter look like a good place to live and work at by comparison? What could make a man prefer company of the Church executors to that of his kin, and render him incapable of writing a letter to home for so long?

Link to the original
http: //samlib. ru/j/just_t_m/kirik. shtml

1.2. Blizzard.
A prequel of “Sphere”, the grandest work yet, recounting a war between Church and Association on the one side and the Leningrad Club (and a force more sinister than everything the USSR in its entirety could offer) on the other, taking part after the latter confined a planetary terminal.
Ongoing, 17 chapters written, 0 transated.


Some people forget where good intentions could lead them to, but Katt Ascol is tired of even trying to see them behind his bloody work. An unassuming case revolving around arms trade turns out to be a thread, leading to the Leningrad Club - an organization that has been ruling the Soviet Union since the country's first days while pursuing a quest to rid the world of all things supernatural. Church and Association gather their forces in preparation for a new crusade to take from the Club its greatest treasure - a captured planetary terminal. Drowning in lies, blood and death once again, Katt has no choice but to move forward, hoping to understand - understand his nightmares of being begged to help by something with pupilles eyes, full of blue…
Not everything is alright on the other side, too. Leutenant Grigoriy Aleev successfully undergoes an incredibly harsh screening and gets accepted as an Atropos agent, joining the ranks of the Leningrad Club's special forces, its combat wing. He is groomed to become a supervisor of the Black Arrows - an ESP squad, accountable only to the Atropos director. Nobody has managed to keep the post for more than a year, and the majority of his predecessors was too dead to enjoy any retirement benefits: the only choice Arrows have is the one between serving the Club and dying, so they don't trust their supervisors, knowing full well that each of them might end up executing them. Having to choose all the time between his duties and a desire to treat his charges as human beings rather than monsters, Aleev wants some answers, too. For one, he’d like to know who Kai, the Directorate’s first secretary – the Club’s most mysterious figure and its leader – really is.
All the answers will be given. But will the world survive the reveal?

Link to the original

http ://samlib. ru/j/just_t_m/blizzard. shtml

Notes on the text

http ://samlib. ru/j/just_t_m/blizzardpr. shtml

1.2.1. An Unfinished Portrait.
A “Blizzard” spin-off which tells the story of Xenophon “Moth” Makarov, a young magus from the Russian family one of whose branches became the Matou family, known from the Fate series.
Complete, not translated yet.


Xenophon has been intimately familiar with betrayal since early childhood: his family turned his body into a prison for a great number of spirits and demons, in attempt to make the boy a living weapon, capable of destroying the Leningrad Club's Directorate at the cost of his life. He wasn’t supposed to survive. Yet, that was exactly what happened.
Unwilling to get conscripted as a Black Arrow, he grasped the first hand that was extended to him, that of Countess Augustine Basilevskaya, the infamous Witch of Steel. Having a reputation of one of the most intimidating personalities of the Russian magical community since the nineteenth century, Augustine isn’t the kind of person to be driven by compassion or phylanthropy. Xenothon Makarov gets a new name and becomes Moth – an apprentice and servant of the witch (and sometimes, something more important than that).
But neither harsh education in line with the old magi traditions nor having to share his body with a host of not at all benevolent demonic entities along with the fog of uncertainty, clouding his future, are capable to stifle his thirst for freedom…

Link to the original
http ://samlib. ru/j/just_t_m/motulek. shtml

Notes on the text

http ://samlib. ru/j/just_t_m/motulekpr. shtml

1.3. Price of Blood.
The final part of the trilogy, existing only as a bunch of scattered text fragments so far.

1.4. Things That Didn’t Happen.
Omakes of “Sphere” and “Blizzard”, written just for the hell of it.
Around 5-8 short scenes, gets updated from time to time. Not translated yet.

Link to the original
http ://samlib. ru/j/just_t_m/sphere-omaki. shtml

2. Mending the web.
The hero of this trilogy is Just von Weitl, a German puppet master, motivated mostly by his irrepressible commercialism… or his desire to avenge his family, whose lives were claimed by an Association plot.

2.1. No Further Claims to Be Made.
The first (and the only one, so far) Just story.
Complete. Not translated.


”Your family will not be subject to any further claims of mine” is an old dueling formula, supposedly intended to make crystal clear any boundaries of a conflict between two mages. But even mundane people don’t always keep their promises, and a magus is capable of exacting a revenge that is hundredfold more frightful than anything a normal human could come up with. Just, the twelfth head of the von Weitl dynasty, has to learn this lesson the hard way. Discovering the culprit behind his family’s murder becomes a key to his survival. And this is no hyperbole – when all the evidence points to the Association’s top tiers, escaping the clutches of death becomes much harder….

Link to the original

http ://samlib. ru/j/just_t_m/just1. shtml

Notes on the text

http: //samlib. ru/j/just_t_m/just1pr. shtml

Not belonging to the “Just-verse”:

1. And the Ship Sails On…
A short story set in the Fallen London\Sunless Sea setting.
Complete. Not translated.


It's the year 1890 Anno Domini. Twenty nine years passed since the day London had been sold by Queen Victoria in exchange for Prince Albert's life, sold and thrown to the underworld, along with all the denizens. Twenty nine sunless, hopeless years. Surviving them is possible, but can the same be said about retaining humanity?

Link to the original
http ://samlib. ru/j/just_t_m/sunlesssea. shtml

The Sphere reviews
1993. Katt Ascol, a Church executor, is discharged after the failure of infamous Blizzard operation, and spends next 6 years with a bottle. Yet, his days of peace and quiet are interrupted by his former colleagues, hell-bent on returning Katt to his duties: after all, a man behind a gruesome murder spree,targeting Vatican officials, is someone whose life Katt pretty much destroyed…
Crossover - Tsukihime & Fate/stay night - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Drama - Chapters: 11 - Words: 91,436 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 5/29/2020 - Published: 3/28/2015