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Author has written 13 stories for Godzilla, Animorphs, Dragonlance, and Left 4 Dead.

Update 17th of February 2011:

- The whole profile is under reconstruction for various reasons.

- The next chapter of Godzilla's bride is being written in Finnish(It's progressing slowly, but I'm working on it when ever I have both time and energy.) As usual, the chapter is translated to English once the Finnish version is published.

Update 11th of October 2011:

-Godzilla's bride chapter still unfinished, but making some slow progress.

-Made some progress with the profile clean-up. Got rid of some useless chunks of text, added a link to my deaviantART profile and updated the AniFinns forum link. The profile is still under construction, but has less issues to be dealt with.

-A creative writing course I'm taking in the university has given me a chance to write without guilt. It's likely that I spit out some spontaneous one-shots or prologues to future stories. Currently I have a little piece about Grimize (the DragonLance fic) in a future point of the current story's timeline. It may or may not end up being a separate story once I get to that point of the timeline, but for now I will publish the snippet as a separate entry to avoid confusion. I'll upload the snippet once I get feedback on the text from my teacher.

Update 12th of October 2011:

-Cleaned the profile a bit more, replaced the old dictionary link with something actually useable.

-Removed the old picture links, all the pictures are available in my deviantART gallery.

-Added a link to my (currently empty) FictionPress account, just in case.

Update 4th of what ever this month is called in English, 2012 (Damn I'm tired):

-Checked if I had my stuff from my creative writing course uploaded when the course ended, turns out I didn't.

Pictures of my stories/Kuvia tarinoistani:

Head to My deviantART profile

Here is a good English-Finnish-English on-line dictionary that I have used for years, for those who might be interested of the Finnish language. I have used it since year 1998, maybe even longer, and it has helped me a lot during these years:
It seems that the TraceTech dictionary has not been functional for a long time. I personally have moved on to using (multi-language dictionary for Finns), but for non-Finnish people I recommend using Google Translate and supplementing it with Wiktionary and one of the following: only, has buttons for inserting the special characters ä and ö, which is convenient if you don't have a Finnish keyboard) (the Finnish-English-Finnish section of a multi-language dictionary, has a virtual keyboard for inserting ä and ö) (the Finnish-English-Finnish section of a multi-language dictionary, nothing special but the user interface is easy on the eyes)

Some info of the Finnish grammar & language in general:

And for those wanting to learn Finnish, here's a quick start button for finding instruction videos.


“The pen might be mightier, but the sword still hurts like hell.” – Unknown, I found this somewhere on the internet…

“There are killer-bees and there is Beekiller-Johanna.” – By me, of course!

My (currently empty) FictionPress account: Beekiller-Johanna from Finland

All right, here is how I usually do these things: 1.) I write a chapter in Finnish. 2.) I check it, upload and publish it. Still in Finnish. 3.) I translate the chapter into English. 4.) I check it before uploading and publishing it. This time in English.5.) I expect getting Reviews from those who actually read my stories.

I live in Finland, more information can be found on my Homepage. After was shut down my homepage moved and it has been under reconstruction ever since. I plan to fix it during the Cristmass break.

I am a member of Animorphists of Finland. The home of Animorphists of Finland is AniFinns3, a Finnish fanforum (English allowed for foreign visitors), feel free to visit us.
Other members of Animorphists of Finland on FFN: MsTria (she's in my favorites, check the link there)

I'm one of the three members of Friday Toilet Club, a shared FFN account (the link is in my favorites) of me and my two friends, Jarkko(pen name: Finland's Ghidorah fan Jarkko, link in my favorites) and Sanna, who doesn't have a FFN account of her own (yet). The FTC group now has a new member, Lorensilver, to fill in Sanna's old spot. Dear little Sanna, or Zandelix the fairy as her pen name was supposed to be, died of a medical complication some years ago.

I am a slow writer, please forgive me and be patient.

At the moment I'm planning to write fanfiction about these things: Godzilla, Animorphs, DragonLance, Pokemon and maybe even Dragonball Z.

Thanks to my friend Jarkko, who wrote with me the first versions of some of the Godzilla-stories that I will publish here, and who was only happy to see our Godzilla stories turn into real fanfiction.
He also deserves to be thanked of pointing out the mistakes that I made in the first chapter of my/our first story Godzillan morsian (in English: Godzilla's bride), after writing it 6 years after the original version.
I will correct the mistake of making Rodan fly to the human city instead of Mecha-Godzilla, by replacing Rodan with Mecha-Godzilla. Or maybe not, the story actually functions better with Rodan doing the trip.


”Kynä saattaa olla mahtavampi, mutta miekka tekee silti helvetin kipeää.” – tuntematon, löysin tämän jostain internetistä...

”On tappajamehiläisiä ja on Mehiläisentappaja-Johanna.” – sanonut minä, tietenkin!

No niin, tässä on kuinka minä yleensä teen nämä asiat: 1.) Minä kirjoitan luvun suomeksi. 2.) Minä tarkistan sen, lataan ja julkaisen sen. Vieläkin suomeksi. 3.) Minä käännän luvun englanniksi. 4.) Minä tarkistan sen ennenkuin lataan ja julkaisen sen. Tällä kertaa englanniksi. 5.) Minä odotan saavani Arvosteluja niiltä jotka tosiaan lukevat minun tarinoitani.

Minä asun Suomessa, lisätietoja voi löytää minun Kotisivultani.

Olen Suomen Animorphistien jäsen. Suomen Animorphistien koti on AniFinns3, suomalainen fanifoorumi (englanti sallitaan ulkomaisille vieraille), tule vapaasti vierailemaan luonamme.
Muita Suomen Animorphistien jäseniä FFN:ssä: MsTria (hän on suosikeissani, etsi linkki sieltä)

Olen yksi kolmesta jäsenestä Perjantai Vessa Kerhossa (eli englanniksi Friday Toilet Club), jaetussa FFN tilissä (linkki on suosikeissani) jonka omistavat minä ja kaksi ystävääni, Jarkko(kirjailijanimi: Finland's Ghidorah fan Jarkko, linkki suosikeissani) ja Sanna, jolla ei ole omaa FFN tiliä (vielä). PVK ryhmässä on uusi jäsen, Lorensilver, täyttämässä Sannan vanhan paikan. Rakas pikku Sanna, tai Zandelix keiju kuten hänä kirjailijanimensä olisi ollut, kuoli lääketieteelliseen komplikaatioon joitain vuosia sitten.

Minä olen hidas kirjoittaja, olkaa hyvät ja antakaa minulle anteeksi ja olkaa kärsivällisiä.

Tällä hetkellä Minä suunnittelen kirjoittavani fanfictionia näistä asioista: Godzilla, Animorphs, DragonLance, Pokemon ja ehkä jopa Dragonball Z.

Kiitos ystävälleni Jarkolle, joka kirjoitti kanssani ensimmäiset versiot joistakin Godzilla-tarinoista, jotka minä tulen julkaisemaan täällä, ja joka oli vain iloinen nähdessään meidän Godzilla-tarinoiden muuttuvan oikeaksi fanfictioniksi.
Hän myös ansaitsee tulla kiitetyksi osoitettuaan virheet, jotka tein ensimmäisessä luvussa minun/meidän ensimmäisessä tarinassa Godzillan morsian (englanniksi: Godzilla's bride), sen jälkeen kun olin kirjoittanut sen kuusi (6) vuotta alkuperäisen version jälkeen.
Minä tulen korjaamaan virheen Rodanin laittamisesta lentämään ihmiskaupunkiin Mecha-Godzillan sijaan, korvaamalla Rodanin Mecha-Godzillalla. Tai sitten en, tarina oikeastaan toimii paremmin Rodanin tehdessä matkan.

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A godling's complaint, working title
A sneak peek of a possible future chapter of Godzilla's bride, written as my course assignment for Creative Writing course. Depending on how the main story flows, this could also end up being an opening to a different story set after Godzilla's bride. Sabina and Godzilla discuss the strange little creatures known as humans. World-building my Smart Monsters AU.
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The hunter captured, working title reviews
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Son of a dragon, working title
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I challenge those who have criticized my story to return and give it an open minded look. I'm not asking you to change your opinions, but to give me and this fic a chance to explain the things you disliked. And remember... It's a FANfic, not canon stuff. Smart Monsters AU.
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