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Hi everybody! My name is animedeprived. If you are wondering, that means I don't get the daily recommended dose of anime. I am a teenager who just turned 16, and, unfortunately, I go to school everyday just like everyone else. I'm working on a way to fix that. I absolutely adore all anime and I am married to Kenshin Himura, though SOME people may say otherwise. The girl who's stalking me says she's married to him, but that's a big fat lie.
"No it isn't!"-Girl who is threatening animedeprived.
"Shut your stupid face, stalker." says animedeprived. "And get out of my bio."
"Never!" Flies off like superman.
animedeprived: uses a combination of kryptonite and a giant fly swatter to crush the stalker. "AND STAY DOWN!"
@_@ "But I'm not the gingerbread man."
animedeprived: kicks stalker viciously in the head "Shut up." turns back to the camera. "Sorry about the interuption. On we go."
I love many kinds of anime. I love Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, .Hack Sign, .Hack Legend of the Twilight, Dragonball Z, and of course Rurouni Kenshin. rubs cheek against lifesize cardboard cutout of Kenshin My Kenshin... suddenly realized that people are "watching" and shoves cardboard cutout into closet Umm, just ignore the disturbingly lifelike cardboard cutout behind the closet door. It's nothing, really!
I live off of the high you get from eating or drinking too much sugar. If I don't get my sugar high, watch out!
Recently, I have devoted my life to twarting the gnomes in their attempts to take over the world. Although the average gnome is only about half an inch tall, there is an almost infinite number of the little bugs, and more every day. Right now, we have Intelligence operatives undercover in the gnomes' stronghold at the center of the earth, trying to find a way to stop them. It's not easy, but one day we will triumph! BWA HA HA!
I'm sitting here with my favorite person EVER, my cousin KITTY! Say HI!
Ello People! -Kitty
And that was my fave person ever, Kitty! Give her a big hand!
NO! i don't want a Big Hand! -Kitty
animedeprived: Yeah, I can see what you mean. Personally, I'd rather have more ice cream... or some alone time with my Kenshin! pulls cardboard cutout back out of closet, only now it's in a blue tux, and we notice that animedeprived is in a white wedding gown and is holding a bouquet. There is a minister standing nearby.
And i thought i had problems! -kitty
aminedeprived: You do, trust me. I just have worse ones. whacks minister on head with bouquet and yells at him to start the ceremony
Minister: But it's a cardboard cutout!
animedeprived: beats minister mercilessly with the bouquet IT IS NOT A CARDBOARD CUTOUT! HE IS MY KENSHIN, AND HE WILL BE MY HUSBAND AS SOON AS YOU STOP SCREWING AROUND AND MARRY US! Oh, Kitty... aren't you going to be my maid of honor? holds up blue dress with puffy sleeves and a HUGE skirt
animedeprived: Do you see why she's my favorite person ever? to Kitty hold down the minister so he doesn't try to run.
I'll try NOT to kill him..._ -kitty
animedeprived: O.o What do you mean, try NOT to? I didn't believe it was possible to try NOT to kill someone. sees minister trying to sneak away and tackles him YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE UNTIL YOU MARRY US AND GIVE ME A CERTIFICATE SO I CAN SHUT THE STUPID STALKER UP!
yeah, so stop trying to run away and GIT-R-DUN! -KITTY
Minister: crying I can't do it! IT'S AGAINST MY RELIGION!
anmimedeprived: Ah, #$#@& this. picks up cardboard cutout and walks over to a black hearse-like limo Leave him, Kitty. We're going to Vegas. SOMEONE there will marry us.
OK! Bring back a postcard and don't forget to write_-Kitty tears now forming in eyes
animedeprived: turns around and waves while starting the car. Half a mile down the road, she turns to throw the bouquet and runs into an inconvieniently placed tree.
Cardboard cutout of Kenshin: flies out of car through sunroof
animedeprived: leaps out of car and starts chasing cardboard cutout, tripping on her wedding gown and falling flat on her face NOOOOOOO! MY KENSHIN! DON'T LEAVE ME!
Kitty-now stomping on said bouquet screaming "Boys Are Icky!"
animedeprived: now crying over the loss of her Kenshin But my Kenshin is not a boy! He's a MAN!
To put it simply: ALL MALES ARE stuborn, stupid, fat, and just plain ICKY!
animedeprived: I agree with that statement completely, except for the exception of MY KENSHIN!
Kitty now deaf in both ears (screams for no apparent reason)SUGAR IS GOOD!THAT IT IS!
animedeprived: linking to Kitty's telepathic powers with her telepathic powers Where did that come from? Not that I don't totally agree. Sugar ROCKS! In fact, this entire segment is a product of us having WAY too much sugar (as if that were possible)
RANDOMNESS!JUST KEEP SWIMMING! The voice in my head that says kill KIILLLL... has just been disconnected. Please hang up and try again. My invisible friend Nobody says to remember to watch out for the vampires on helium! My parents say he's imaginary, but I keep telling them he's just invisible! Cool costume...Yeah sometimes it gives me a wedgie...and it hurts!
DOES IT TICKLE? SAY UNCLE! Aunt Mary! Cousin Bob!...MARIK WHERE'S BOB? Sailor Moon... MUST! WATCH! SAILOR! MOON! I love Sailor Saturn! She is the best! She can blow up planets! And heal people!1 I wanna be able to do that! I have a severely strong desire to rub Inuyasha's ears like Kagome did in the first episode! i wonder if they're soft and furry...
animedeprived: Okay, we're done... for now! BWA HA HA HA HA!

(A few weeks later)

Hey, everybody, guess what? I'm back! It took me a while to find my Kenshin, but now he's back here with me! cuddles with beat up cardboard cutout. It is extremely crumpled, wet, and one hand has been surgically reattached with duct tape We have a very important announcement, too. blushing I'm pregnant! That's right! My Kenshin and I are going to have a BABY! We're not sure if it's a boy or a girl just yet, but we do know it will be a bouncing baby turtle. My Kenshin is SO proud! He can barely contain his excitement.

Cardboard cutout: stands there

May 25, 2006,

To everyone who read the LoZ Sugarhigh series, good news. I have a three day weekend and I'm going to start playing Majora's Mask and writing the fic. I want to have a few chapters done before I start posting, so it'll be June sometime before I put them up. So, see you then!

Sept. 8, 2006:

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a couple...months. I have been astoundingly busy, especially since school started. I'm in my senior year at high school, and they PILE on the homework like it's supposed to hold me down in hurricane-force winds. Anyway, I'll try to get started again tomorrow, but no guarantees. 'Till next time...

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