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Author has written 5 stories for X-Men: Evolution, Lord of the Rings, King Arthur, Firefly, and Twilight.

Name(s): Chantel, or Brandy,

Age:30 (Ayah! I'm an adult now...that sucks)

Nationality: Canadian(Yeah baby, and proud of it!)

Sex: female(Well duh! who's heard of a guy named "Brandy" or "Chantel")

Likes: reading, writing, movie nut and gaming nut when I find a game I like

Dislikes: people who think their better then everyone else, and bullies(people are insecure enough without others making it worse)

Chinese sign: Tiger(growls)

astrological sign: Virgo

music: Evanescence, Linkin Park, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson... (anything on the radio, really)

Books: anything by Anne MacCarffey (especially the Harper trilogy), The Warefare Redemption trilogies (by Sarah Douglass),charmed, Star wars... (Books love them. I read a LOT)

TV shows:Lately it's been Ancient Aliens, Revolutions and Face Off when I do watch TV

TV Show that are now over but still enjoy watching: Charmed, Smallville, Firefly, Tera Nova, Jackie Chan Adventures, Avatar: the last airbender (May they rest in peace)

Favorite Quotes:

-me:"what's up?" My friend tri tri: "The roof, my friend, the roof"

-me:"Ello poppet"

-Thran: "So what are you all up to?" Meatcar: 6'2". Me: "About 5'6". Yourself?"

-Sage: "Where'd it go?" looks around for the cone shaped end for her ear ring

-Me: "Did you check your boobs?"

-Sage: looks down her bra then at the floor "I would of felt it."

Me: laughing I would hope. looks on the floor for the cone shaped stopper

-Tri-san: "It is forever lost in the bowels of Sage's bosom."

Off charmed:

Piper: "Ok people, let's go! let's go!"

Piper: "Magical goods? My baby is a magical good! That is just sick and twisted!"

Leo: "Are your boobs always this sore!" Piper laughs (Piper and Leo switched powers and Leo get Piper's pregnancy symptoms)

X-men(borrowed from AthenaAlpha):

Pietro:“That’s it! I give up! There’s no talking to you people! And you wonder why I’m arrogant! If the rest of you weren’t such idiots, I might not feel so superior!”

Kitty: “Oh come ON, Rogue! You were like, totally cuddlin’ up with him!” Rogue:“I WAS UNCONSCIOUS!”

Wanda:“REAL inconspicuous, Einstein!” Pyro: “Who ever said I was inconspicuous? That’s Remys job. I’m the flashy one.”

Jean:“If just one of these shirts would look right on me, we could leave!”Kitty:“What’s wrong with that one!” Jean:“It makes my butt look big.” Kitty:“Well, some guys like big butts.” Jean:“WHAT! KITTY!” Kitty:“Haven’t you ever heard that one song? I like big…” Jean:“KITTY! IF YOU FINISH THAT SENTENCE I’LL HAVE YOU SUCKING YOUR THUMB FOR A WEEK!”

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

Lara Croft: It's a clock. ...It's ticking.
Bryce: Oh, it's one of those ticking clocks, eh?

Hilary: A lady should be modest.
Lara Croft: A lady should.

Lara Croft: But you might try to kill me.
Manfred Powell: I'm not going to kill you.
Lara Croft: I said you'd try.

Lara Croft: This is where I start to have fun.

Bryce: So, time to save the universe again then, is it?
Lara Croft: Absolutely

Bryce: Me bum's gone to sleep again, all down the left cheek.
Lara Croft: Really? That's fascinating.

Lara sees the UPS man staring at the dilapidated house
Lara Croft: I woke up this morning, and I just hated everything.

Lara Croft: The all seeing eye...

Lara Croft: Was it programmed to stop before it took my head off?

Bryce: Well...that..would be

Lara Croft: To see your world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower. To hold infinity in the palm of your hand, An eternity in an hour. William Blake.

Manfred and Alex are entering the temple.
Manfred Powell: Into the beast's mouth.
Alex West: And out the demon's ass.

Lara Croft: We have 83 rooms, why can't you live in the house?
Bryce: Well, I'm a free spirit me.

Bryce: He said my ignorance amuses me?
Lara Croft: Well your ignorance has always amused me.

Head of Illuminati: If we don't get that piece then we'll have to wait another thousand years for another alignment.
Manfred Powell: I don't know about you but I'm not planning to give that much time to this company"

Bryce: This isn't a country, it's an ice cube! (shivering)

Bryce: What's that smell?
Lara Croft: Five AM

Sometimes I hate my brain...

ME: Oh I think I should go to bed*heads to bed gets all comfy*

Brain:OH WAIT I just got a idea!!! It's brilliant and funny!!!

ME: But need to SLEEEEEPP*whines*Can't it wait tell morning???

Brain: Noooope did that once before and lost it before you woke up. You need to write it down quick!!! Like a bunny!!!

ME: *groans*

Body: *ain't movin'*

Eyes : well you can get up if you want but like hell your gonna make us focus enough to see and be able to understand what you wrote down in the morning .

Bladder: I've gotta pee too

Me:...Damn it* gets up*

Balance: Hope you didn't need those toes and your shins!! *walks into a door*

Me: *get to computer and draws a blank* what the hell was I gonna write????*squints at computer*

Re-post if this has happened to you cuz it has to me lol!!! By way of Brandy_Lebeau


Me: * lying in bed with the flu* If this is what morning sickness feels like I don't EVER wanna have kids...@_@ *sister who happened to walk past bursts out laughing*


Children of the Elements: They have been here since the first beings appeared on this earth. They have long since forgotten their true origin and have watched the world change before their eyes. They have watched kingdoms and Empires rise and fall but never interfered until now... A King Arthur fanfic ((ON HIATUS UNTIL I FEEL THE URGE TO GO BACK TO IT. POSSIBLY RE WRITE IT SINCE HAVING READ IN RECENTLY I REALIZE IT IS NO LONGER UP TO MY PRESENT STANDERS AND I INTEND TO FIX IT))

In progress:

The Lady of the Wolf (sequel to Children of the Elements): Lovers not meant to love but did. One is like the moon, ever dark and mysterious. The other like the sun, fiery and loyal. Never to love but did, now both left to roam the world together, but be forever apart... A King Arthur fanfic POST-PONIED UNTIL THE ORIGINAL IS FINISHED( May post if I get enough reviews for "Children of the Elements" and if my fans want a sequel)

The Cat and the Dog: an transfer student from Egypt comes to Hogwarts and has a family secret that could rival Remus’s. What happens when Sirius finds out about this secret. Will he keep it? What happens when another Were-being shows up on a ... new moon? When a student goes missing and is found in the forest unconscious, will the Marauders be able to resist a mystery? Harry Potter fic POST-PONIED UNTIL I FINISH MY TWILIGHT FIC

21st-Century Elf! REVISED!: 1st of Elf Chronicles (POST-PONIED UNTIL I FINISH MY TWILIGHT FIC)

Brandy has always had a little trouble with her powers. And they bring her to the most odds times, places and worlds.But when Mutant hate riots break out in America, Brandy is sent to Australia to lie low for a while. But that doesn't stop her from taking an unexpected detour after saving a child from getting hit by a car to... Middle-Earth.(Set about twenty years before the War of the Ring. An X-men/Lotr)

PERSONAL NOTE: I know I had to most seemed like I disappeared off the face of the planet but I come back to tell you I AM ALIVE and fairly well. I have been just caught up with other things such as having to deal with a pesky thing called "Life" that seems so hell bent I participate in it and having to work to pay the rent and such... I know to most it seems like an excuse but alas it plagues us all at one time or another. I have not stopped writing and will always continue to do so and like the rest of you have been working on purely working of my own making. I am trying to write something worthy enough to get published some day. A pipe dream to some but a dream to me none the less. SO I just ask for a helping of patience with a dash of luck I may be posting soon but life is a stalker serial killer and you never know when the bugger is going to strike. So I say good bye and I don my cameo and head off into the bush in hopes to elude my stalker and occasionally toss a chapter or two online if I can.

PS: I am in desperate need of a beta for my stories and over all sound board if that sounds like you plz PM or add me to MSN at rouge under score 218 at hotmail dot com.

good for elvish pronunciation:

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Family by EusYram reviews
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